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Stay at Home Dad's?

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My Dh is considering staying at home with our kids. We have one almost 3 year old and another one due in August. We just financially won't be able to afford childcare. He has been unemployed since August and we have no prospects right now so between that and being hesitant to put a new baby in daycare it may be best if he stays at home not only financially but for the kids.
Anyway, he is ex-Navy and this is TOTALLY out of his element. He was an officer and was used to a fast-paced in-charge type of life-style. He is great with our DD but has never stayed at home before. Can anyone share some experiences and tips for him?
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Sorry that you didn't get many replies. Both my wife and I work.

I'd try a similar question in Working and Student Parents, since most people on this board are mothers. Some of the Working Mamas will have SAHPs.
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It's a Real Job

Tell your hubby that it's a real job. A real satisfying, Joyful, important job. I left a great job 2 years ago to become a SAHD and have never looked back - the best 2 years of my life. It's not a sign of lack of ability to do a more mainstream career job, it's a decision to commit to my children in a new, exciting way. If he approaches it as a positive choice rather than a consolation option, it could be the happiest time of his life, and his children's.

I've been blogging about my experience for the whole time at: http://RicksTurningPoint.blogspot.com, and there's lots of other great SAHD blog spots out there too to encourage and support him. good luck.
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More power to you, Rick. I admire guys who can do this. You're bucking society and making social change, which is a great thing.

It must be intimidating to leave a career, because of the difficulty of re-entering after the years absent.
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I'm a full-time-dad, have been since my first daughter was 6 months. She's now almost six. I'd be happy to talk to your husband about life, if he's interested.
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