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Checklist for mamas

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I posed this question in the main forum also.

Hi mamas,

Im curious there is so much stuff people are quick to tell you what to buy for baby, I have read many different checklists which include things like number of diapers, outfits, crib, multiple sheets, receiving blankets etc...

What I have not found is an idea of what a mama should make sure she has for herself in the weeks after having a baby... Seems like its possible for mamas to get lost in the birthing of her baby and not attend to her needs too. I'm a new mother and really dont have a good idea of what I should have for me. Im guessing things like nursing pads, nursing bras, nursing pad/pillow, sanitary napkins and ugly undies!

Any suggestions, ways you prepared or items that you found helped you in the beginning?


~New mama
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That is true, but a lot depends on your birth and personal needs.....After my first birth (c-section) it seemed like I needed a lot more specific stuff since I couldn't stand unaided for a week. A lot depends on how much blood you lose and how often you are able to shower that first week or two. After my second birth (HBAC) I needed less and already knew what I liked for me. I prefer a nursing stool over a nursing pillow and I already had some throw away undies if things got out of hand. The first day or two I had some heavy-ish bleeding that I liked to wear the throw away underwear for, but generally I don't think people need THAT much. Some people LOVE nipple creams but I don't like them. Most of what you might need personally can be easily sent for if it comes up. People seem so eagar to help that first day or two that unless you really live in the middle of nowhere I wouldn't worry about it. Buy yourself some chocolate or other treat to stash away for yourself!
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It depends on where you are giving birth. I think hospitals will give you loads of stuff for post partum use. But if you are birthing at home or at a birth center it will be useful to have:

1. Tucks pads
2. Witch Hazel cream
3. take around 10-12 highly absorbant sanitary napkins and pour around 1/3 glass of clean water and stack them one on top of the other. Place them in a ziploc bag and stash it away in your frezer. These can be used to provide relief for the swollen and sore pernieal tissues after birth. Make sure you line the napkin with Tucks pads before using it (so that you dont get a frost bite!)

These are a few things I can think of which will come in really handy. Apart from that I think a new mommy needs a loads of emotional and moral support.

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I really, really prefer Depends for the first day or so post partum because otherwise I wreck underwear.

Definitely a Mommy Treat Stash. I think I'm going to get mine during my non-existent 38th week. Before that, it'll just be a list. Heavy on the salt water taffy.

Movies and books are good, too. And I'd try to have some nice smelling body lotion on hand.
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Just curious, what is witch hazel cream for?
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Originally Posted by LenaC View Post
Just curious, what is witch hazel cream for?
I used it for hemorrhoids.

I like to have Tucks and the witch hazel cream on hand. Lots of heavy pads. My boppy pillow. Books, movies, snacks. I didn't really feel like I needed too much in terms of material items. Emotional support and the chance to sleep as needed were the two biggest things I needed.
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Extra sheets for YOUR bed. In the event of a diaper overflow, or a uh, a Depends overflow.
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5 or 6 water bottles stashed in any and every comfy place where you're likely to sit down to nurse. You will get so thirsty.
Non-refrigerated snacky foods that are somewhat good for you- Luna Bars, Lara Bars, Trail Mix, etc. Keep some near the bed and every place you put water bottles.
Yoga pants with the fold-down waistband and no elastic.
Warm cozy socks (I have a hard time keeping my toes warm when I'm losing blood).
Cute kerchiefs so you have something fun that you can tie over your messy hair if/when people come to visit, and if/when you leave the house.
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