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Originally Posted by ArtsyMomma View Post
Yikes! And what will baby think if my carpets aren't shamppooed???
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I started some spring cleaning too
Spent about 3 hours on the living room Friday night. I dusted places that I rarely visit, swept cobwebs from the ceiling. Completely washed down all the walls and baseboards. Took everything off the shelves and cleaned! The room smells so fresh and totally needed an overhaul! Now the rest of the house....lol!
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Timely thread! I have been working on spring-cleaning and decluttering our whole house.
I cleaned out our garage on Saturday and it looks amazing. It was a total wreck before (stuff everywhere just thrown around!), so the before/after is incredible!
And DH keeps going in there just to look at it, so that makes me feel good It was a beautiful day outside, so I opened the garage, let the kids play in the driveway and I got to watch them play *and* I was productive, so it was a win-win. We all slept really well on Saturday night
I sorted all of the baby clothes, hand-me-downs, etc. and we now have one small bin for each size, labeled, and stacked neatly on shelves in the corner of the garage. I got rid of a lot but I think I really could pare it down even more at some point.
I also tackled my laundry room, which was ridiculous. I put some nice hand-me-downs in a box for my nephew and gathered a few trash bags *full* of clothes for donation.
I'm on a roll, but I need to put it on hold, since I have class and clinical coming up over the next few days (nursing school) and then some studying for an upcoming exam, so I won't get to finish this project for another two weeks or so. Ugh. I just want to finish the house, it's really starting to look so good!
I still have to:
-finish the last corner of my laundry room (sorting, putting away)
-pack away the winter coats
-start to pull out the spring/summer things and make a list of what the kids still need to round out their warm-weather wardrobes
-drop off the bags at Goodwill/or another such place
-shampoo all the carpets
-clean out the fridge
-plant my flower garden with dd
-wash all of the bedding in the house & pack away winter quilts
-get the kids to sort through their toy boxes to see if there is anything we can send to Goodwill. The toyboxes are looking a little full.
-go through *my* closet and see if there is anything that I can get rid of. If I don't love it or it's not flattering, it's GONE.
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I found out the kids are on Spring Break next week from school, so that will be our Spring Cleaning Week. Can't wait to get it done!
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I am not doing well.. I have pretty bad morning sickness right now (7 weeks along) and I cant seem to get anything extra done.. i am really hoping it passes quickly! Ii have much to do...outside things seem to be much easier, so we have been gardening at the community garden quite a bit... kind of spring cleaning i guess..
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This is the first spring in three years that I have not been pregnant and I'm finally back in my pre-preg clothes, so we went through our closets. Between the five of us we gathered up 15 grocery bags of clothes to donate! So, that's our spring cleaning for the year!!!! Now, to not get pregnant again....
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I'm in!

Here's where I'm at:

1. Our Room -- done
2. Girls' Room -- done
3. Upstairs Bathroom -- done
4. Baby's Room -- done
5. Hall Closet -- done
6. Playroom -- done
7. Kitchen --
8. Living Room --
9. Downstairs Bedroom --
10. Filing Cabinet --
11. Garage --
12. Outside Shed --

I have five places to take things this afternoon: return books to school, take book donations to the library, Goodwill, and drop three things off that belong to friends at their houses.

My plan is to take things away from our home as soon as I can so the bags of cleaned out items aren't languishing in our garage.
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1. Our Room -- done
2. Girls' Room -- done
3. Upstairs Bathroom -- done
4. Baby's Room -- done
5. Hall Closet -- done
6. Playroom -- done
7. Living Room -- done
8. Kitchen --
9. Downstairs Bedroom -- done
10. Filing Cabinet --
11. Garage --
12. Outside Shed --

My goal for today: Do the Kitchen. Once I'm done with that, I'm moving on to the garage.
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Love your list C*V*M!! I will start mine & update it as well!!
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Spring Cleaning

1. My clothes - DONE
2. Kids' clothes
3. My closet - DONE
4. Girls' closet
5. Lower kitchen cupboards
6. Pantry - DONE
7. Toys
8. Master bathroom - DONE
9. Walls - DONE
10. Windows - DONE
11. Floors - DONE
12. Dusting ceiling fans & pictures - DONE

And the boys will take care of their closets and rooms. I'm so lucky to have such awesome, helpful kids!! Shouldn't take too long to get it all done!
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Okay, I need a nap.

But after the nap, I'm making myself a martini and tackling that kitchen again.
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It was too ambitious to think I could do the kitchen AND the garage in one day. But I did get the kitchen finished.

I'm on to the garage this afternoon...and I'm guessing that will be a two day job. So my goal is to START the garage today.

1. Our Room -- done
2. Girls' Room -- done
3. Upstairs Bathroom -- done
4. Baby's Room -- done
5. Hall Closet -- done
6. Playroom -- done
7. Living Room -- done
8. Kitchen -- done
9. Downstairs Bedroom -- done
10. Filing Cabinet --
11. Garage --
12. Outside Shed --
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i'd like to join!

i'm in the middle of purging EVERYTHING since not only are we planning to move out of our rental at the end of april, but we will be moving into a tiny travel trailer and are expecting #3 at the beginning of july!

i have gotten SO much done in the past couple months, but this week and next it's my goal to get all of our furniture cleared out, cleaned up and ready for a yard sale on 4/1 and 4/2. the only furniture we're keeping at this point is 1 bookcase, our mattress and hemp rugs.

I'm simultaneously working on cleaning and getting the house ready for inspection so we can get our full $1500 deposit back (i've never not gotten my full deposit back).


1. Clear out furniture
2. Get rid of more clothes
3. Clear out garage
4. Clean and organize all potting supplies
5. Return all milk bottles to whole foods
6. Clean carpet
7. Detail all windows
8. Detail all vents
9. Detail all light fixtures/fans
10. Take down all curtain rods and patch holes
11. Cull fabric/finish sewing projects
12. Pull up fence in backyard
13. Edit, print and put in photo albums pictures from the last 6 years
14. Cull more kitchen stuff
15. Sort, cull, organize linen/game closet
16. Organize pedestal drawers under washer/dryer
17. Organize under kitchen and bathroom sinks.......again
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Derailed today.

I have a sick baby at home and the temperatures in Vermont ~plummeted~

Our garage is heated so technically I could have worked out there, but I want to clean that thing out on a day when it is warm enough to leave the door open.

So today I spent most of my day reading books to and rocking a very cranky little girl.

But I'll be back to tackle cleaning again on Monday.

Good luck with your move ScarletB!
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I think I'm the only one left on this thread ~~ anyone out there still cleaning with me??

Today = Filing Cabinet.

That big grey beast will be tamed today.
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I'm here! We're cleaning today & tomorrow!! I got my clothes purged yesterday!!
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ugh. Filing cabinet.

Could anything be more boring? I've been going strong on that thing all morning.

One drawer down, three to go.
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I need to clean our enclosed front porch, which is also the playroom/toy storage central. I'm scared.
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Inside the house is done.

I still have our outside storage shed to clean out. We're supposed to have warm temps on Thursday and Friday so I'm going to tackle that then.

My goal is to be DONE with Spring Cleaning by this weekend because we're getting 80 degree weather in Vermont.

1. Our Room -- done
2. Girls' Room -- done
3. Upstairs Bathroom -- done
4. Baby's Room -- done
5. Hall Closet -- done
6. Playroom -- done
7. Living Room -- done
8. Kitchen -- done
9. Downstairs Bedroom -- done
10. Filing Cabinet -- done
11. Garage -- done
12. Outside Shed --
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hope I'm not joining too late, but I had AWESOME results with a thread here earlier in the year and I'm embarrassed to say I've fallen off the awesome clear, un-clutterd house wagon.

I need the accountability!
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