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Welcome V!! Never too late -- come join us!

Shed ---> here I come.
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Prudence, you must be north of me...did spring hit you sooner than it hit us? Impossible! Spring hit us today. The doors and windows are actually OPEN and it's supposed to be hot this weekend, like 70s!

(BTW, Mama_Love, this is one of the most amusing threads I have read in a long time. Thanks for the borks.)

So here is where I am at, after three weeks of a nasty virus that knocked me out and just left....

DH just left today for 10 days of his own kind of fun. My friend is coming to help me get the walls prepped for painting, holding my hand while I make a plan, trips to the hardware store, etc.

She is late. So I made a trip to the swap shop to drop off some donations, put some stuff out in the trash that couldn't be salvaged, emptied all the recycling/compost/trash, vacuumed all the floors, moved everything out of the hallways, and cleaned the living room and dining room carpets.

Yesterday and the day before, in between napping to get over the stupid virus, I decluttered and tidied the playroom and hallways in preparation for painting, got the kids started on washing the upstairs walls, got caught up on laundry, decluttered the office.

I'm doing things in the yard here and there. I Freecycled a ton of stuff last week. I talked with the plumber who has to fix our showers before we can put the half-demolished downstairs bathroom back together. (Baby steps.)

Next up: Friend comes, make plans, start prepping the walls, finalize paint colors, shop for materials, paint hallway and playroom. Also this week I need to plant my peas.

The kids are dying for spring/summer clothes, but I won't do it until I am sure I can actually pack the cold-weather stuff away. We're not at that point yet. I don't want to have to deal with clothes and bins twice, so I'm waiting.
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Updating to say my friend M has been here for a few days and we have completely prepped and painted the front entryway, with the upstairs and downstairs hallways not far behind, and she has significantly helped me get some momentum going on the painting and some other small fixit projects that need doing.

We hit the hardware store... 3 times... and I have everything I need to keep going for awhile after she leaves. Eventually I will need more paint, but that is probably all.

I have been freely freecycling and just got rid of two other large items yesterday (a sewing machine table and a doghouse).

DH is gone for over a week and when he gets back, the plumber is coming to make one or both of our showers useable.
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I've been trying to do some spring cleaning. It looks a lot like regular cleaning around here.
I did put the winter hats/mittens/scarves/boots up and got out the kids' shorts.
I vacuumed, swept and steam-mopped, and scrubbed the bathroom. I cleaned the kids' room pretty thoroughly. I put the space heaters away.
We're moving at the end of May so the big cleaning will come then. I'm hoping it'll be pretty easy since our stuff is already pretty organized.
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I'm in! We've been cleaning all week. In addition to regular annual cleaning, we are paring down for a big move sometimes this summer!

So far we've cleaned out:
~front closet
~master bedroom closet
~garage (well, most of it!)
~girls' dresser
~everyone's off-season clothing storage
~medicine cabinet

Still to do:
~drop off bagged up clothes (some to charity, some to several families with littler peops)
~big hall closet
~yard (plastic toys)
~clean out/pare down purses and jewelry
~go through toiletries
~basement storage----so much stuff to get rid of!
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All Done!!!! Thank you support thread ladies! I'm ~ready~ for summer.

1. Our Room -- done
2. Girls' Room -- done
3. Upstairs Bathroom -- done
4. Baby's Room -- done
5. Hall Closet -- done
6. Playroom -- done
7. Living Room -- done
8. Kitchen -- done
9. Downstairs Bedroom -- done
10. Filing Cabinet -- done
11. Garage -- done
12. Outside Shed -- done
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Wow, C*VT*M, you really kicked clutter's butt! Congrats on a job well done!!
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Count me in! Its spring break, I'm off all week, and no plans other than purging. Its coinciding with me also purging some less tangible things from my life... so here goes!!!
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Well the worst of the painting is almost done. My hallway and entryway are a lovely buttercream color, and my playroom is a sunny yellow with white trim. It's amazing how little dings and marks on the walls make a house feel cluttered - and fresh paint helps tidy up the whole feel of the house.

It's not all done yet, and there are a number of other rooms needing painting in the coming weeks and months, but this was the biggest part of it. The worst of the ugly is gone. And I love the sunshiney yellow - feels very warm and springy, even on a rainy day like today.

These house projects sure do take time and energy, though. I am exhausted and my other work is piling up. But it is worth it.
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Wow - everyone is doing such a great job with their spring cleaning!!

My newest lil guy is only 15 days old...but I've made some progress too! I packed away all the 'girl clothes', got some bags ready for the consignment shop, packed up my maternity clothes (well...most of them) and organized the storage space at my moms house. I need to tackle my storage space here at home next. I did some major decluttering before Christmas, so a quick sweep of each room will do fine.

I've hit quite a snag in my decluttering. DP has his own house - it's huge. And for years he's allowed his family to basically fill the place with their stuff - stored stuff. He's been clearing it out, sometimes it's great. I got TONS of great clothes for DS#1, but other times it's like he's bringing me junk I don't really want or need. I love the ikea wall sconces...hate the rooster electric stove burner covers.
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