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Sleep apnea is no fun... but I had it through two pregnancies (without realizing it) and it luckily did not effect the baby as much as it effected me.

Just try your hardest not to sleep on your back anymore!

You are in the home stretch!
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Today's MW Check Up

Well all is good. Aside from dehydration. Yeah, that's a problem. The heartburn left me with red blood cells, +1 protein, and leukoyctes. Have to force myself to drink more liquids regardless of the pain, as nothing works for the heartburn. Not causing contrax though.


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looks like I dont get a 38 week appointment. Oh well.
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39 week appointment

measured 38 weeks (proof positive of the drop we saw in the picture... because I measured almost 38 weeks 2 weeks ago!)

blood pressure was back down, so was told to keep up what Im doing (looks like dandelion and nettles are working)

heartbeat was loud and clear and super easy to find, confirming a very obvious LOA (which I had been starting to suspect over the past few days as she has been sticking her butt out under my left ribs instead of my right ones) She had been ROA since she stopped being transverse

They reassured me that Im doing everything right (contractions = go to sleep. If I cant sleep, call the midwives because its real... keep being, as I consider it, lazy... or as they call it, keep taking it easy!... keep up the fluid intake)

Reassured me that I will NOT be pregnant in 3 weeks and 2 days. That my baby will be here before then. That this prodromal does NOT mean my body does not know what its doing and that when it comes time it will probably happen fast... but you never know.
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Well I was checked today (39 weeks 6 days). Not dilated. At all. I'm still high and though I've thinned out a bit, he's not in a good position to encourage labor any time soon.

I made it to the van before bawling. I know it means nothing but I was at a 1 at this point with both other kids and still had to be induced. I feel like I should start prepping the induction mentality now.
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38 week check up

Just got back from the doc. Everything looks good, except I gained 5 pounds this week... (total weight gain 52 lbs!) He said it was most likely water retention and reassured us that there were no signs of toxemia or preeclampsia. Blood pressure 90/62, babies heartbeat 142, fundal height 38. Still just 50% effaced, high and tilted... I was hoping Sundays little excercise would have done something. Guess we'll see him again in 6 days.

Huge s for you mommy2chloerae.
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We had a growth check u/s today at the Diabetes Doc. Baby has gained approx 28oz from 3 wks ago. (24 would be 1/2 lb per week) so we're right on track. That track looks like an 8lb 10oz baby right now... We're now making tenative appts, with "I hope you don't have to come in next week!" being our goodbye.

Doc called the diabetes "well controlled" YAY!
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Great news BBM and Amanda!!

40 Week Appt
Weight: +2lbs/+30lbs total
BP: 106/72
FHR: 120s with a neato acceleration into the 150s with movement
FH: 38.5cm

She checked me, and I'm still really high and posterior but definitely thinner than last week, and she can feel his head, so that is good news. I set my first NST/BPP appointment for next Monday. I'll go for another NST next Thursday if need be, and we'll talk about evicting him at the FOLLOWING week's appointment (42w). Otherwise, I'm healthy, he's healthy, so we wait!
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38 weeks 5 days today. My own midwife is out of town, so I saw her partner today. BP was 122/76, a little higher than usual but still fine.
Weight was -1 pound. 11 pounds total weight gain.
She measured my fundal height at 38 cm. I have been measuring 2 weeks ahead for the last several weeks, so this was a change. I'm not sure if it's because of a different person measuring, or if maybe baby has descended some. It still feels to me like she's up in my ribcage.
My cervix is 3 cm. dilated, 3 cm. long, posterior, and baby is at -3 station. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm very excited that at least SOMETHING is happening.
Baby sounded great. FHR was 130's with an acceleration to 150 with movement.
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Forgot to post about my appointment the other day. I was too heartbroken after the attempt to strip membranes produced the knowledge that my cervix is nowhere near ready to have a baby.

my blood pressure was up again (122/85) but again, not the highest its been so far so not worrying. Especially since my swellings gone (its not so hot out either so that helps) and still not spilling protein.

took FOREVER to find Maes heart but when we did it was a nice healthy 140. I think my midwives were getting a little worried... but I was laying there with a smile the whole time, confident it would be found. She was trying to push herself out of me not 10 minutes before... I knew she was fine!

My next appointment is scheduled for a day that the kids get out of school early. Im not rescheduling unless Mae isnt here by Sunday.
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Had my 40 week appointment this morning. I'm ready to not have these anymore! At first we thought baby had moved to LOA or OA, but then after being squished around a bit baby was back to ROA. Midwife commented that I looked "birthy" today. I hope so! My blood pressure was up a bit, but not too high, and baby's HB was good. Quick and simple appointment, and I'm hoping it's my last prenatal!
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