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Holy freaking

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LEG cramp!!!!! Man my leg is still sore for two nights ago. Yesterday I went out and got some cal-mag. I hope they help. Have any you had this going on. I am 24wks 5days. Any other tips for leg cramps?
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I had a terrible time with my last pregnancy but I have been really good with vitamins and the cal-mag has done the trick for me this time.
Good luck!
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Potassium. If you're getting enough magnesium, you may also need some potassium. It's the mineral that is most abundant in the body and baby takes a lot of it out of you.
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It also helps if you flex your toes/feet when stretching instead of pointing your toes. i have found, since I flex and not point (even in the middle of the night) I don't get leg cramps like I did with some of the others. Just a thought.
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Take the Cal/Mag at bedtime for best absorbsion. Even if you have to take 3 tabs, take them all together. Also I always remember Toes to your Nose. Point your toes up and strech your calf muscle. I feel your pain (HUGS)
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I've had those too, they are horrible. I wake up screaming in pain. I am taking some calcium magnesium but I forget sometimes. I find it helps with the soreness the next day if I take the time to massage it really hard right when it happens.
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Yep, cal/mag. I take three every night before bed. Helps as well because the mag can make you a bit sleepy (so nice). I've yet to have any leg cramps this pregnancy.

Otherwise, I have heard to stand up as soon as you get the cramp. Yep, stand up! It helps it go away sooner vs. later.
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I never knew about the cal/mag connection but I've been taking it for my blood pressure and I've only gotten one minor leg cramp so far....crazy! I also remember to flex rather than point, that helps a lot.
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Yes, flex, I agree. I can recognize it coming on now and immediately stop the motion I was doing and stand firmly on my feet. The worst ones are the ones that come in the night and wake you up in agonizing pain. Unless you were practicing point ballet in your sleep, I don't know how to avoid those ones!
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Two other things to try is eating celery before bed, or tonic (as in gin and tonic but without the gin), the quinine is great for cramping.
Hope this helps x
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Thanks for all the great advice. I have been taking the cal/mag and have not had any leg cramps. I am going to take both pills at night. I was doing one in the morning and one at night.
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Magnesium is also a natural sudative, so it will help you sleep better.
(I manage a GNC gtw...)
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Eat bananas! (that's for potassium) Now that I am swimming every week (pre-natal swim class, so great!) I have been boosting my banana intake because I remember getting a lot of nighttime cramps during my first 2 pregnancies, especially after an "exercise" day. So far, I've only had one cramp this time around. I'm doing more proactive gentle stretching too, as a pp mentioned, but definitely bananas!
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I'm so trying some of these tips... I have been getting the worst cramps in my feet. Never, ever had this happen before but the other night my hubby walked into the bathroom while I was watching my little man as he was taking a bath. There we both were bent over, clutching our feet, saying "owwwww" (little guy was imitating me cause he tought I was SO FUNNY!)
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I've gotten 2 bad leg cramps so far.. I checked with my OB and she is fine with me taking 50 mg of Cal-Mag. The only problem is that I can't find it in that low of a dose. How much are you all taking?? And is it true that too much calcium can lead to kidney stones?
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Originally Posted by icy02 View Post
And is it true that too much calcium can lead to kidney stones?
Yes, it is. Most, if not all, stones that show up in the body are partly calcium, from what I've read.

I take more magnesium and potassium than I do calcium. I found out I was deficient a few years ago, and continue to take those two daily. I honestly believe that most cal-mag supplements are backwards because they have twice as much cal as they do mag. For me to feel well on a daily basis, I have to take a lot more mag than cal, and plenty of potassium. Sometimes I slack on the potassium, and then I get leg cramps at night. But I'm a weird case because I've had such issues in the past while non-pregnant.
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