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thanks for keeping this goup going, so nice to hear from others with same aged dc.

Originally Posted by boigrrrlwonder View Post
Also: can a bad latch cause excessive spit up? My son spits up a lot. The latch is comfortable, but I definitely hear a clicking sound when he nurses, so I know the suction is breaking. Maybe he's swallowing too much air?
my lo went through a bad phase of spitting up that has only just begin to stop at 8w

[QUOTE=Mulvah;15163938]I love reading about everyone and your babies!

My DS is doing well. He is gaining well, smiling a lot, and cooing a good bit, which I .

I realized this yesterday, but I'm not having him sleep enough. It seems, since I'm not scheduling him, he's getting overtired. By the time I realize he's tired, he is inconsolable, yawning between wails, and rubbing his eyes. So, when you don't schedule a baby, when exactly do you put them down for a nap and how do I know how often he should sleep? (I'm waiting for No Cry Sleep Solution at the library.)

I just carry my lo around and often notice she's asleep. so no schedule for her and it's seeming that big sis dictates the schedule more (having to wake her up for school, drive to school - no bus service yet)

Originally Posted by geo_girl View Post
I *REALLY* wish we lived closer to family. DH is gone from 6am to 10pm, so I feel like a single mom right now. I thought that I would have had a groove by now.


I just keep thinking that all I have to do is make it through to 4mos, and then things will start to get a bit better.

my dh also works crazy hours and has a long commute on top of that. i know i ask alot from dd1. dh was several states away from week 2-5. luckily lo has been easier than expected. with dd1 i actually marked my calendar for 6w and 12 (periods i heard when things got easier)

Originally Posted by nummies View Post
Just wanted to tell everyone hi! I haven't had time to get online much but I am thinking about you all.

Basically life is very hard right now. My twins nurse all the time and don't sleep. They won't nap anywhere but on me and everything is kinda just falling apart because of it.
oh dear, the lack of sleep is a killer

the move is finally over and we are still buried in boxes
found a local ap group, but it is much smaller and not as active as my old one
dh is beyond stressed about his job and never around

lo is growing like a weed - an 8w old with 6m legs!
all in all going well. still have questions about lo large tongue, maybe the next gene simmons? chromosome test have came back normal, but still unsure of what the future holds for speaking and eating. she nurses wonderfully and is starting all that cooing you guys are talking about.
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Sharla - good luck to you!!

Rebekah - are you going for it? Does that mean you will stay in CR?

Mandie - I hope things settle down soon. Twin life sounds exhausting.

Chel - you need to change your siggie!
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Originally Posted by AfricanQueen99 View Post
Sharla - good luck to you!!

Rebekah - are you going for it? Does that mean you will stay in CR?

Mandie - I hope things settle down soon. Twin life sounds exhausting.

Chel - you need to change your siggie!
I am! We are leaving Costa Rica and going to COLOMBIA! Yikes! But such a good job...and I did the math...it's a 27% increase in pay and about 40% less work.
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Originally Posted by Mulvah View Post

Congrats! Your life, from what I've read here, fascinates me!
Thanks! I'm really nervous about telling my boss today. I love her and working for the school, but...I'm also wary of the changes happening and just so excited for this new challenge!
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Originally Posted by hakeber View Post
I am! We are leaving Costa Rica and going to COLOMBIA! Yikes! But such a good job...and I did the math...it's a 27% increase in pay and about 40% less work.

Are you all American citizens?
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I am and ds (naturalized Argentine with us/uk citizenship), we have to register dd (Costa Rican by birth) at the US and UK embassies in a few weeks. DH is scottish.
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Originally Posted by hakeber View Post
I am! We are leaving Costa Rica and going to COLOMBIA! Yikes! But such a good job...and I did the math...it's a 27% increase in pay and about 40% less work.
Sounds like a run adventure and a good deal.
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Originally Posted by nola79 View Post
nummies- hangin there. the 1st year with multiples is soo hard!

sharlla- Good Luck, I hope you are pg. Emma is also drooling all over the place, and if I didn't now better, I'd swear she was teething,real fussy and chewing her hands or my shoulder and not hungry.
LOL seth started doing that at 2 months and he didn't get any teeth until 7 months LOL
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Rebekah, that's great news. How exciting.

I'm trying to shake off the blues and feel good about forthcoming spring. Some friends are visiting today with their little boys who are the same age as our girls... that will be fun.

Holly is doing some growing, I think -- eating a little more at night, and long hard naps during the day. She also has a pretty predictable "witching hour" right around 8:30 where she just fusses like crazy for 15-30 minutes. It's frustrating but a lot shorter/easier than our older daughter's evening crankiness was, so I'm trying to keep it in perspective. I think she'd really prefer to go to bed around then, but she's not quite big enough to where I can put her down for bed without being with her.
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Originally Posted by paxye View Post
EC is going great... we have been going diaper free more and using training underwear more in the house... we catch all poos and most pees... at night it is the easiest... I just offer the potty when she wakes and then nurse her and she stays dry all night...
I'm so jealous. I've found EC this time around to be a lot harder. My attention is just so divided that I miss the cues.. I mostly do it based on timing and really obvious cues, but we miss a lot.
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Max is 5 1/2 weeks. He was 11 pounds at his 4 week appointment and already moving into 3-6 month clothes. I'd imagine he's close to 12 or 12 1/2 now. The 3-6 month outfits are a perfect fit right now, so we'll probably be moving up again in a few weeks. He is a big eater!

Our biggest challenge is sleep. He does best when he's on someone and wakes up pretty quickly when he's in his bouncy chair or crib. We're going to try to get a swing at our local resale this weekend and see if that is more his style. I need to carve out some time when I can be persistent about putting him down for some part of nap time. We get one 3-hour block at the beginning of each night, but have had a run of nights with only an hour or ninety minutes at a time after that.

I've booked a few substitute teaching gigs starting tomorrow--either partial days or at our older son's elementary school so I can do drop off and pick up (and maybe even feed the baby at lunchtime). I'm ecstatic that Max will take a bottle since his older brother was never a fan.

Some of my family is coming to visit next week and I need to finish planning our older son's birthday party for right after that. But there's a sleeping baby on my lap right now, so I'm mostly just sitting.
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I am NOT wearing underwear to bed tonight! Woo hoo! I swear it's been driving me crazy to have to wear underwear and pads for this long.
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Originally Posted by Catubodua View Post
I am NOT wearing underwear to bed tonight! Woo hoo!

sorry, I think that comment is hilarious!

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Hi Everyone, we're almost at 11 weeks now and Sasha is growing fast. He's now firmly into 0-3 clothes (he was tiny and swimming in newborn clothes at birth) and gained over 4 pounds. He is a great eater and a good napper so we're coping ok. (if I wasn't stressed about my job hunt and defending it would be just great)
The latest exciting thing - he found his hands yesterday. Yay! He spent about 15 minutes in the carseat moving and studying them. He did the same thing today again. And as I was writing this he was on DH's stomach touching him and learning to get his hand into his mouth. We managed to get a little video of it. Yay! It is so much fun to see him change and grow up but I'll miss the little soft newborn.
We had our first nursing on the go experience today as we went for a walk with the doggies and he insisted on eating in the ergo. It worked, so I'll be able to do it again. That would make some feedings more fun.
Ok. gotta go put the little one to sleep for the night. Hugs everyone!
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Originally Posted by geo_girl View Post

sorry, I think that comment is hilarious!


glad i was able to make you smile! hehe

and, seriously, oh, it was wonderful!
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We are doing okay here. Liam is going to be 6 weeks on Wednesday & getting big! I think he is close to 9 pounds now...it seems like he is 15 after holding him all day. We are doing well in the wrap, but the pouch sling isn't working yet. He is just too little & his head isn't supported well enough to use it.

I am going to be the classroom aide on Friday (in my 2nd child's class) and I hope Liam does well! He'll be with me & I essentially will be holding him, nursing & chasing after 7 other 2-3 year olds! AGGHHH!!! I have a bottle of wine in my fridge for that night's treat
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Originally Posted by mamakims View Post
SI'm feeling 100% recovered but am having some body image issues. Doesn't help that nothing I own fits so I wear the same few pairs of stretchy pants that are just not very flattering.
I hear you. I was SO hoping that I'd be one of those women who dropped 20+ lbs right after birth, but no dice. I have also been hoping that I'll be one of those women for whome breastfeeding causes weightloss, but again tough cookies for me. (Mmm, cookies) It's been almost 7 weeks since the birth and after the initial 15lb loss I've plateaued. Thankfully DH has told me to start taking an hour or so twice or three times a week to hit the gym while he minds Ela, so tomorrow will be my first day back in the gym. I just can't wait to feel that endorphin rush from intense physical exercise. And hoping it'll help me start shedding these 20 extra pounds.

Originally Posted by devasma View Post

Has anyone else gotten interesting parenting advice since the birth?
I haven't gotten any advice from relatives, but complete strangers on the street seem to think it's their business to tell me how to take care of my daughter. I swear every time we leave the house some old biddy makes a comment. The latest was on the way to Ela's dr appointment the other day. It was sunny and warm--in the 80's for sure--and we had her in a front carrier on DH with a sunhat on and a onsie but no pants or socks, because hello? it was ridiculously hot.

We take the bus so we encounter lots of people along the way, and the first comment was from a woman who yelled "put sunscreen on that baby!" at us as we were walking past her. Now, usually people take the time to go through small talk first--omg how cute, what's her name, how old is she, etc--before they dole out their unsolicited advice, but this woman just yelled it at us as we passed on by. And MAN it infuriated me. How does she know if we put sunscreen on the baby? For all she knows we slathered the baby in it before leaving the house (we didn't, because it's not recommended for infants under 6 months. But we had a blanket along for shade, and the sunhat.) GRRR.

The next comment was from a woman on the bus who had her baby in a sling and covered up with a big fuzzy blanket. She asked why we didn't have socks on the baby, and I just told her that Ela is prone to heatrash (true, she's an oven like her father) I could tell she wanted to say more, but thankfully she held her tongue. But what makes people think it's their place to comment on these things? It's not just the comments, it's the TONE, you know?

Other than that things are going well. Ela loves being in her sling or carrier and LOVES being outside the house. We go on walks pretty frequently during the week, but I've had a hard time getting out of the house when I'm alone with her on weekends. I think it's a psychological thing, because she's an easy baby, but I feel like it's so tough to get everything situated and get out of the house when I don't have DH to help.

She'll be 7 weeks on Tuesday and she already weighs 12lbs 4 oz and is gurgling and smiling a bunch.

Here's a photo of her in her sling and a video of her on her mini boppy.


Tummy time
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I'm glad to read I'm not the only one continually hearing about "bundling them up"

yesterday it was beautiful, sunny, light breeze, and Andrew was dressed appropriately and was not cold - in fact his hands and neck were slightly warm.

but, don't you know, no less than three people (we were at a birthday party) asked why i didn't have a blanket for him. seriously? because it's not january in siberia! it's 74-ish and sunny and he's fine.

and kitteh - i am one of those women who lost 20+ pounds right away and i am still having problems. i have a huge gut now that is not going away. so while i am back at a good weight according to the scale, i look 5 months pregnant and none of my normal pants even come close to fitting. i think i'm doomed to wear maternity or stretchy pants the rest of my life.
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we are in Iowa () and the most I put Holly in is a cardigan and hat (socks of her outfit doesn't cover feet). In the car I cover her with a blanket, and in the sling I wrap her in my coat. She gets too hot if she's dressed more than that. Plus carseats aren't as safe if your LO is in big coats.
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I'm back

Dropped off of the face of the earth again--sorry.

I had Laura Ann on 1/25. She was 7.2 and about 19 inches long. So much shorter/smaller than her brother. We did have the home birth which was wonderful and my husband took the whole birthing thing much better than he did when we had our son in the hospital.

Big brother adores her now which is great.

The three of us (hubby stayed home) are in Fl now visiting my mother before I have to go back to work next week--Yech!!

Life is good and she sleeps with us and well.
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