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I'm just finding this!! I'm totally subbing.

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So sorry to miss this the first time around< but so happy to have found it now!

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Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post

Last September, the older preschoolers and I made a Wheel of the Year calendar, which involved writing practice, circle geometry, lots of learning. Here is a closeup

This is the Wheel calendar after 6 months (faded, now!). I am already planning to add more for next year -- photos of seasonal changes in our garden, more tags for religious holidays of other faiths, and definitely the moon phases and cross-quarter Pagan holidays. I think the children will learn a lot where holidays cluster, such as on Feb 2, which has Pagan, Catholic, and secular meaning (Groundhog's Day).


i think is is a really good idea. i have never used a curriculum with my son. (he is 9) but my daughter will be five next year (she goes to a morning program right now), and she needs planning planning planning to keep her happy and not burning the house down. i have run a "pixie path" for LOs several times and so i have lots of ideas, but this will keep me organized! (i'm a fly by the seat of your pants kinda mom) i am glad i revisited this thread. 


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TOTALLY Subbing!!!  I love that there are so many different kinds of Parents on MDC!!! Thanks so much for all the links and ideas!

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Originally Posted by saphire View Post

Thank you Aeress and Aubergine for your input and dedication to this topic. I think a resource such as this for Pagan parents is really needed. And maybe there is enough for a website? There are so many great hs'ing ideas on the web, it would be neat to have a site to share on.

I'd like to see lessons organized by season instead of dates too, in order to make more sense globally, that was a fantastic idea Aubergine.

Now that my girls are past the early stuff ( ages 8 and 10) it is getting a lot harder for me to pick through the mountain of information and create a curriculum. I'd like something of a scope and sequence that I could refer to year to year. I created one back in 2005, but the advanced years need to be fleshed out more. That is one thing I could contribute to either this thread or a website. Make it kind of a jumping off point we could tweak and add to.
I just searched for that file on this computer and it seems dh didn't keep it. I suppose it was several years ago. At least I have a printed copy, all is not lost.

Weather tree- I drew a tree with 31 leaves on it, so each month had it's own tree. Then the girls colored a leaf for each day's weather. Grey for rain, green for sunny, etc. That's something else I could share too, provided I get the scanner to work.

YES to organized by season :D     As I've said about Oak Meadow, it was a pita to use down here because I had to reorganize the whole thing to make it make sense in our upside down world ROTFLMAO.gifAnd I totally agree, my son is turning 10 just before we start our new school year... things are much more in depth at this age than they were when he was 7 and I used Magic school bus books to write my own science for the boys LOL.   I think doing that NOW would be rather hard!

Originally Posted by Spookygirl View Post

I am subbing! This is a great thread

I noticed as I was skimming someone mentioned SpiralScouts I am a Circle leader for, wow, 3 years now, and am happy to help anyone out who's getting started

I am sure that the books Pagan Homeschooling and Raising Witches have been mentioned? I didn't get a change to read in depth, my kids are calling me to come and watch Ponyo

SIGH  there are no spiral scouts groups down here in Australia greensad.gif  I just do not have the time with working evenings, home schooling days and keeping up with what the other kids are doing at school to start & run a group... but oh I would love to help if someone else wanted to start one lol.

Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
I really like your idea, wombatclay. I know there is Goddess Moon Circles (?) Academy but I don't know much about them. I know my dh would probably laugh if he saw me ordering the kids curriculum from them (he's atheist). But I'm pagan and the kids are pagan/agnostic/atheist and very into nature and mythology and such. I would love a more neutral pagan/earth-spirituality source. Right now we are Waldorfy CM-y almost unschoolers and it's hard to find sources that aren't either "there is no god/goddess" or "the bible is always right".


Originally Posted by onyxravnos View Post

cant really post but \quick note

if you search Goddess Moon Circle Academy you will find there are lots of iffy issues wuth them

NOD I think I alluded to this earlier in the thread... They may still have a website up but I would not touch them with a 10ft pole!  There have been many complaints of no records of studies, no communication (I tried to get info from them and they were horrible), and not even providing the links to curriculum after it was paid for.  

Originally Posted by gun View Post

So sorry to miss this the first time around< but so happy to have found it now!

joy.gif    SO,  my two boys were in a b&m school this year... but about 2weeks ago I withdrew Lucas (almost 10) due to severe socialization issues, bullying (by kids and the principal sadly) added to the fact that he has adhd /possibly aspergers and just was NOT coping well.   He has been temporarily using time4learning to finish the last few weeks of the year and then will have a much deserved break!   I have his studies planned for next year and while I haven't gone for specifically pagan content, when we go through ancient history (pandia press history odyssey lvl2.. pardon lack of caps, I don't have a ton of time and am being lazy lol)   we will spend a goodly amount of time discussing their religions/dieties/beliefs as we go from culture to culture treehugger.gif  


I hadn't popped by this thread in a LONG time, because coming to the homeschooling board was a bit greensad.gif  after we stopped home schooling.  My 7yo is staying in school, because he is thriving there!  and the 5yo wants to go to prep as well, so I figure I will let him and see how he does with it.  If he dislikes it or reacts badly, we'll bring him home as well... but at least for the start of the year I really want to give Lucas as much individual time as I can.. he had a really bad year greensad.gif  So we'll be a split homeschooling family, but since we'll be doing what's best for each one of our children, I am ok with that!    I'm looking forward to being part of the homeschooling board/community again!


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Cari - we did T4L for a while and MathXL too and they were OK, but we are taking a break.  I think that there should not be such a strong division w/ HS or PS.  Lots of folks do PS AND also some part-time HS too.  It is all about what works for each unique child.  I think my youngest would love school, I think she would do very well when it comes time for that.  DD1 would be in Kindy this coming Sept and I just don't see her adjusting as well.  Additionally they only do full day kindy here, and i just cannot get behind that at all.


What I have hopes for are an all hands on craft CENTERED curriculum that is if not pagan focused, how 'bout Pagan friendly?!  Not asking for much here am I?!

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Glad to see this thread back! I'll be following along <3
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Glad to see this thread up and running.

 We are a UU/Pagan homeschooling family, with bits of Regio/Montessori thrown in. We celebrate the sabbats, and do a lot of nature themed lessons.


Gotta run, but will add more later

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Did the MDC mama from this thread ever finish writing her Pagan Homeschooling curriculum? I'd love to read more about that...


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Here's another wheel , and one you and your child can make . Upon each smooth river stone

is drawn a symbol . Thirty symbols make a primal language that's not too big not too small .

The wheel is a language toy , and children do love it . This is our natural way of language -

in the spin and of the wild .


You can try it out now . I have a wheel next to me and can harmoniously spin

for you in playing the Game of Questions .


Think of what you want to know  (perhaps to note it on paper) , then reply to me

with an ok , tikoo , i got my question . I'll spin the wheel for you and we'll see what

word it makes . Each symbol has one meaning , thus is a word .


O A circle is one of the symbols . It's meaning is space , of a place . This of

            course is a common symbol through-out the world . So is it's sound .




You may receive a free magical spin . or two . because twice is

nice for knowing something new and true .

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I started a pagan curriculum for kids, but it is not anywhere near done. I am still working on  it.


I believe WombatClay was working on a curric as well.

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Anyone adapted Ambleside for a Pagan household?

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I am so glad to see that the pagan homeschool thread is alive and well.  :)

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Is this still the active thread? I'm subbing. joy.gif
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I consider myself spiritual and relate to and celebrate nature... But otherwise do not label myself smile.gif I am Jewish by birth and still enjoy aspects of that, but I am choosy.

We're just starting our home education adventure as my little one is 2, but I'm working to incorporate more rhythm, and to celebrate and learn around the seasons! I'm very interested in a few of the programs brought up as things to pull from. The little acorns and seasons of joy I'm saving and planning to read more on then probably purchase.

I am also starting learning French with my little one smile.gif

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah and a June baby otw.
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I am starting the process of forming our pagan-friendly curriculum for my five year old.  You can share in my process here:  http://wildwoodnaturals.blogspot.com/


I will have certain elements of it available for download, once I figure out how to do that, but will be sharing most everything we do on the blog.  I taught 7th grade in a PS for about a year an a half, and my sister is helping me with doing some of the formulating.  Otherwise, it will be a blend of Waldorf, Shamanic/Pagan, self-discovery for children, obviously with appropriate academic materials.  If you are interested in early learning/Kindergarten materials with Earth-based themes, come by and check it out.  And please don't hesitate to let me know if you have read the materials-- feedback will be helpful for me while figuring out what my Little One's needs are!

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Just bumping this back up again:) 

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My DD is only 10 months but I'm pagan and wanting to raise her as a little Witchling. smile.gif DH supports and is more pagan than he'll like to admit, he was raised Native American. I'm considering homeschooling. Loved reading through this thread!
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