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depends by what you mean by public; DS was 2 or 3 days old at his bili check and I had to nurse him right after to calm him down. We were in a private office, but in front of his ped. I had on a nursing top, but I have found, with as big of hooters as I've got, being discrete is really not possible without a cover. so I just kind of popped it out there

the first time really in public was just around 2 weeks though - we had to make an emergency run to the car dealership to fix DH's toyota, and I nursed there, with a cover. I just feel more comfortable with one, than without. I have only seen one person here nurse without one, with boob just plopped out there. Nothing wrong with it, and if I lost or misplaced my cover, that would be me! We have since NIP just about everywhere, the mall, sam's (this was the MOST uncomfortable! those cold metal benches are awful!) stores, restaurants, the car - I hate nursing in the car. I'd rather go in somewhere and find a comfy chair.

I'll admit, those first few weeks, I was pumping anyway to draw out my nipples and relieve some engorgement (which might have led to a slight oversupply, but I am not good at manual expression) so we took bottles of expressed milk with us everywhere. Now, DS only gets bottles when I'm not available, and when we've tried recently to do give a bottle of expressed milk, he is not happy about it! LOL I don't mind though!

Just relax, and focus on the baby and smile at people. betcha they'll smile back!
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Same here as PP, if the hospital counts! We had to take DS in for his bili levels to be checked as well at 3 days old, and I nursed him while they did the heel prick, poor little guy.

The first time really out in public, was the grocery store when he was about 2 weeks old. I was wearing him in his wrap, but I still didnt have the trick of nursing him like that, so I had to take him out, and hold him to nurse, making it very obvious. No one gave us a second glance, and I felt like super-mom!

I have NIP all over the place since then, and each time, I feel so proud of myself for it.

Funny side note, DH was visably uncomfortable that first time at the hospital. He didn't say anything, but he didn't need to either, I could *see* how upset he was that the (male) Dr saw my breast. I just ignored it. Fast forward to now, and DH is almost vehemently protective about my right to NIP anywhere! Yeah DH!!
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