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separation anxiety with CLW?

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I think ds (5 years, 4 months) has weaned. The last time he nursed was 2 or 3 weeks ago, after a very gradual reduction over the years.

He had been nursing once in the morning without missing a day ever until November or December, when he started skipping days here and there. Eventually he started skipping more often than he was nursing.

For a while, when he would skip he wouldn't even look for the breast but now when he wakes up in the morning he holds them and nuzzles for a bit when he used to nurse. I'm quite happy with the whole process and I think he is too.

I'm also pregnant and while I don't think that really brought about weaning, I think it reinforced it, especially more recently when he told me the milkies tasted yucky.

Anyway, he has had separation anxiety (pretty acutely at times) through the years and it tends to ebb and flow without any noticeable pattern or triggers, but it has been a while (6 months? more?) since he had an episode of it. For the last two weeks or so though, it has been significant. Do you think this may have to do with his weaning or perhaps just the normal cycle of what we've seen before?

Oh, and his separation anxiety is only ever due to separation from me. Ds has never been left with anyone besides me or dh, so I know he is in good hands when I go to work (for ds, second only to mine).

Did anyone else's older child experience separation anxiety along with CLWing?
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I'd still love to hear if anyone else has experienced this. I still don't know if it really had to do with weaning, though I kind of suspect so - along with a bit more tendency to melt down over the 2 - 3 weeks after weaning, but it all seems pretty settled now. Not completely back to normal, but close.
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