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When is it safe to TTC after repeat c-section? (stillbirth mentioned)

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Hi Mamas,

Our second daughter Zéjah Grace, was born sleeping a day before her due date, 5 weeks ago. Since then I have been deeply grieving, searching for answers and longing to hold a living child in my arms.

Because I had Zéjah via repeat c-section, I'm wondering when we can start TTC again? I've heard various answers, from as soon as my cycles are regular, to 9 months, to 2 years.

I don't want to put myself or another child at risk of complications if I don't wait long enough, however, I know that for myself, part of the way I will heal will be to bring another child into this world. We still don't know, and will probably never know, what caused Zéjah's death.

Does anyone have any positive stories of TTC so soon after a c-section?
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First off....sending you tons and tons and tons of gentle hugs. I'm so sorry to hear that your sweet Zejah has gone to heaven. (and I'm sorry I don't know how to add the accent over the e, because I know that too is a part of her name).

As for safety of getting pregnant again, I too have heard so many different stories and answers. But, I will tell you that I have 2 friends that had a c/s and had another child 14 months later. So, they were conceiving approximately 5 months after their c/s.

I'm assuming you will have a follow up regarding your c/s...and I'd explain to your OB that you want to conceive again when you know it will be safe...and hopefully you can get an honest answer that is on the side of sooner rather than later since you are so longing to bring another child into this world on Earth.

Again, sending you many hugs and prayers for your sweet daughter.
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Just want to send you some hugs and love your way. I am so very very sorry for your loss

(I clicked on your link because I have the same question... had my second c-section three weeks ago.)
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Has anyone gotten pregnant again shortly after a c-section and had a successful pregnancy and birth? I'm just looking for some hope that I don't necessarily have to wait the 9-12 months, that our next baby and I both will be okay. I know there's no way to be 100% sure, as with anything in life, but hearing other people's stories helps.
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Hi mama. First off, big (((hugs))) coming your way!!! Second, today is the anniversary of my DD birth and death, Kamryn passed away March 11th, 2006. Now I did not have a C/S with her and it took 21 months to conceive after her death (for various reasons not because of us). I did how ever have a C/S with our son that was born in 2008, and I was told to wait 24 months before we conceived again. I got pregnant right at 12 months and was scolded for it. Oh well!!! My cousin however had 2 children via C/S 13 months apart. her next C/S was very difficult recovery wise, but she did it, was pregnant 4 months after her 1st C/S.

I also understand the longing to conceive again and deliver a living baby. I think you to do what feels right to you and your body. that's the best advice I can give you in this fragile time mama. I think your body will be fine if you conceive again quickly. The pregnancy will be a scary journey, but one that will be hard no matter when you get pregnant, now or in 2 years. Bless your heart mama, and bless your baby girl!!!
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