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Both my babies bathed with me most of the time as babies. My second son stopped sooner because he liked taking baths with his big brother once he was able to sit up and play. I plan to bathe with #3, too, at least until she's old enough to hop in with a big brother or two.
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement and stories. I guess it's unanimous here 20 thumbs up or so and no thumbs down :-)
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i will add another thumbs up for bathing together. my DH is always at work when i want to shower. lol. so i always just took her in with me. as a NB she would sit in a seat outside and watch. then when DD1 was big enough to move her face away etc she joined me by sitting in a little bath seat. loves to shower with me. it is the only way i can get DD1's head wet. our tub isnt big enough for us both, but the shower now accomodates me, DD1 sitting and DD2 in a little seat. i plug the drain so it fills up enough to keep them warm. i get out first to get a towel. then DD1, then DD2. then we all go to our room to dry off and get dressed. it seems like alot of work but i love doing it together. i really wish we had a bigger bathtub lol.
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DH showered with DD almost exclusively until she was 14 months or so. She started taking baths at that time for the play with toys factor. Suddenly at almost 4 she wants to shower with us again.

I was never comfortable with it as an infant, she was too slippery for me, but DH has lots of chest hair that makes him more "grippy" I think.
He'd line her bouncy seat with a towel and put her in that (in just her diaper), bathe himself, pick her up, bathe her, put her back in the bouncy and wrap her up and then get out and dry himself off. Then they both got dressed.
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This is the only way we do it. dd1 is old enough to be in the bath by herself now (with us in the bathroom), but dd2, not so much. So I get in with both of them. I can bathe them, bathe myself, wash my face and my hair. We have lots of fun.
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my then dh and 4 week old dd have taken baths together. or rather showers. she is 7 now and she and i still take showers together. her dad now has a v. small shower so they cant.

not once has she slipped or have we dropped her.

if you feel confident go ahead and do it.

i still love cobathing with dd.
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We have always showered with our DD. When she was a newborn, I would take a shower then DH would pass her off to me to get her a little wet. I do No Poo so we don't use soap or shampoo on her- and at that age it was just about getting her a little wet. As she got bigger and could sit up, she sat in the tub while we showered. She is 23 months and still sits and plays in the tub when one of us is showering. DH is comfortable with it as long as she's still too short to "bump into him". When she gains those few extra inches, she'll probably just stick to showering with me.
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Since the night his cord stump fell off! I couldn't wait for it to go so we could hop in!

Ds is 5 now and I think he's bathed twice alone. I loved that time. Being a military wife I needed to to get a bath myself. I eventually learned, at around 4 months, how to hold him on my lap with my knees up to wash my hair. I plan on doing the same with number 2.

We've never had a baby tub, and sometimes forget that other people do it any other way.

I always just laid him on a towel, dried myself and then dried and dressed him. Or, while at my parents' my mom would come in and lay him on a towel and dress and diaper him. Dh when home would come take him from me. We would stay in there for hours!
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Not only have we both co-bathed with our sons, but we both co-shower as well. Sometimes, its the only way mama can get one if its a weekend and Dada had to work overtime. Jump in with both kids and they think its a party.
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it's safe if you feel safe. if something feels off, it probably is. like the way you mentioned handing the baby to someone else. good thinking. i did this when i had a new baby too. it was pretty much the most helpful thing my dh did to help with the newborn, really.

i still have to bathe with my son. he is in a bath time protest at 11 months though, and even this isnt helping much now. he wants to stand up and cling on. ugh.
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We bathed and showered with DD from birth. Now at 22months she usually prefers to bathe alone (more room to splash, our tub is small) but still likes to shower with us, and gets kinda offended if someone tries to shower without inviting her.

As a newborn I'd wrap her in a towel and place her on a second towel on the floor when I was done, then dry myself, if I didn't have an assistant.
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Oh yes, we never did it any other way! I loved taking baths with my baby, and it felt so much safer than having her sitting in the tub un-supported.

If we had a bigger tub I think we would still be taking baths together. It is fun.
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on weekdays, ds gets a shower with me or dh to save time. In his infant tub, he always ends up soaking us anyways, so it's impossible to bathe him like that on a rushed morning.

Just a tip, i don't trust myself to get out of the tub while holding him, but there have been a few occasions where I've had to do it alone. (got pooped on)

After the bath, I drain the tub as well as I can, and put a towel down on the floor of the tub. Put DS on the towel (making sure that there is no water pooling around him, get up, and then get out, and then lift him out.

the downside to this is that you don't get any time alone in the tub to get clean.
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DP and I started to shower with DS when he was about 4 weeks old. It was easier then getting the tub out and filling it with water and trying to bathe him. The only thing that was hard at first was feeling comfortable holding the slippery baby. DS is almost three and he will shower with us and wash everything but his hair independently. He LIKES to stand under the water (we have a rain showerhead).
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Yep, I still bathe with my DS, although now we shower together . When he was a few months old, I put him in the Bumbo (no flames please) and put him in the tub with me, it worked out great. We used that only a while until he could sit firmly. Then when he could stand on his own we did the shower thing. He loves his showers !
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We share baths and showers all the time. It just seems so much easier in the long run, and if I want to shower, although it takes more time, I don't have to wait for the kids to nap or go to bed. We'll just all hop in together. DH has baths with them more often than I now that they are a little older. I prefer to have baths to relax - not play with boats and rubber ducks
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Not really a safety issue, but I got pooped on in the shower today. Just something to keep in mind....
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i love bathing with my baby! she hated her first bath which i tried to do with a couple of inches of water. but she loves the big tub, filled up nice and full. babies float really well, so they don't require much holding up. I just hold her head, and she kicks her legs and arms around and coos at me. i usually clean myself first, then have my husband pass her in to me. i've gotten pooped on once, but that was my own fault for not paying attention to her cues. i don't really need anyone to help us get out... i have her towel laid out on the bath mat beside me. plus, she nurses SO well after a bath.
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For the majority of my son's infanthood, my hubby washed him by taking him into the shower. I would undress him, hand him off, take him back out once he was clean and then dry and dress him.

When my hubby was not available, I would frequently fill up the bathtub a bit and sit in the tub with my son to wash him up. I tried the leaning-over-the-side technique but it made me too nervous. Better to have an sturdier grip on a slippery child.

Now that our son is older, we feel more secure letting him get into the bathtub by himself. Showering is still a quick and easy way to get him clean but with his size, we just let him walk around the shower stall rather than hold him.
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I think DS's first few baths were actually in our kitchen sink, but once his cord fell off, we bathed with him in the tub. We used something called the Safer Bather, and really liked it. I could ley DS on it and place it on my legs, and had hands free for a minute to wash my hair, grab bath products, etc. DS really enjoyed bathing with us, and it is the primary means of washing him still. No bending over a tub to wash him, since he is just in with either myself or DH.
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