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Like you all, I grew up before there was a cp vaccine. I had plenty of friends & classmates who came down w/ cp & I still never caught it. The vax was out by the time I was 18 & entering college, so I did get it then. This was before they knew you needed boosters. When I got pg w/ dd, they pulled my titres as part of my bloodwork & I am not immune. No surprise since I never had boosters. I did get dd the first shot b/c I was going to get pg again & I had no real opinion on it either way since I never had cp. I am not sure about finishing the course. I will probably leave that up to dh since he has had the pox & is her father; it should be up to him, too. Left to me, I don't think I would get her the boosters at this time. Since I am turning 30 this year and will have two v small children, I will be finishing my own course of the cp vaccine. I do not feel the need to become ill w/ the chicken pox at this stage of life!

OP, since your daughter is only 10, I would not be worrying about the vax right now. Lots and lots of kids we all grew up w/ got the pox past age 10, some badly, some not. When she is in her teens, if she still has not had cp, I would discuss it w/ her. I would discuss all of the vaccines, really, and let HER make the decision of whether or not she wants to get it/them. Once she turns 18 she can go get whatever she wants anyway, so I'd rather be the one to discuss the pros and cons w/ her before she decided. Heck, like I said, I'll be 30 by the time I get it & that is okay, it is MY decision
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I'm almost 28 and was exposed to CP multiple times as a child and never got it. I'm not immune to it.

My son isn't vaxed so there is a chance he could get CP.

I'm honestly not worried if i get it as a adult.

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Have you tried contacting your health department and asking if they have anything on teens and adults with chicken pox.

I have another anecdote for you Chicken Pox Vaccine and Stevens-Johnson syndrome...

My MIL is over 50; despite having 3 children who had chicken pox (and growing up way before the vax), she has never had a clinical case of chicken pox.
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I was just going to post on this too! My dd is 11 and my ds is 7(soon 8) and no VPD's yet for either of them.

I had always thought I would consider vaccines at this age if they had not gotten certain VPDs,but I just can not do it.I recall the young girl who got the cp vaccine and ended up in ICU.Last I had checked she was in rehab to relearn all basic skills.She was 12 at the time.

Proving a vaccine injury is still an expensive and almost impossible feat.Yes,I know....few if any people experience issues....but what if my kid is that one?!?!?

I am not sure what we will do later.For now I am still postponing.It has never been an issue for school.I would never allow vaccines for a mandate anyway.Best wishes whatever you decide.
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