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Favorite Diaper

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I use prefolds with snappis and very nice homemade covers (yay gramma!) or second/third hand white bummis wraps. The only thing that are new are the homemade diapers. This is at least the third child using the bummis/prefolds- the family we got them from just had baby number five, and they were used when they got them (They were cleaned thoroughly and they were free to me, and have held up great). Naturally, they are starting to show signs of wear- like several of my snaps have come off the wrap! I am eying up the "fancy" diapers all the kids seem to be talking about these days. I don't have a lot to spend but I'm open to trying something else for special occasions like going out or maybe the babysitter (my MIL who buys her own sposies).

So short story long.... what is your favorite diaper and why? I'd love to be able to buy from my local WAHM, but I'm ok with buying online. I trust this community. DD is 16 months old, and CD for16-20 hours a day. She is 20.5 lbs, and wears 12-18mth clothing
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If I was starting over from scratch, I would look at the AI2 systems. The Grobabies look very smart. But since you've already got a bunch of prefolds, I would advise pocket diapers. They require a little more washing, but you could pre-stuff them for MIL to use. You could buy a few of different types with minimal investment to see how they work for you.
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I love AI2's, but did order a couple BG's 3.0 because I was pocket curious, not sure what I will think of them.

I used Gro-Baby for a bit, but my son is really sensitive to feeling wet, even if it's just damp he gets mad. So we switched to Flip Stay Dry and I LOVE it! Easy to use, thin, and very absorbent. I can get away with just 1 insert at night but use 2 to feel safe.
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I'm a prefold/cover fan on the whole, but for out and about I really like BumGenius 3.0's. I think that they're very easy for babysitters and such (except my MIL--velcro is apparently far too overwhelming for her). I love that they come with two inserts at no additional expense (for overnights and longer car trips). I also think that they fit very trimly and very nicely under clothes, especially for the slightly older babies. I probably only have about 8 BG's, but that's been more than enough for us so far. I've also been very fortunate that I've gotten most of mine as seconds, so they've been extremely affordable.

There are a few others I'd really like to try, like the FB One Size and the GroBaby, but I'm not in a hurry, maybe if I find something on sale.
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I'm also on the hunt for the "perfect" diaper for my son. We had bumGenius 3.0s, but he developed a sensitivity to polyester and they don't quite fit him right anymore. They don't quite work for skinny babies with ginormous thighs.

Giggle Britches (http://www.giggle-britches.com) has a risk-free cloth diaper trial pack with several different types for you to try; send back the ones you don't want for a refund, and get a 10% discount on the ones you do keep. LeAnn, the owner, has been great about working with me to find diapers that work for Sam.
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With a toddler who is presumably fairly close to PL, I'd go with a OS dipe. My two fave OS dipes are the Disana tie nappy, but they definitely have a learning curve, and still need to be stuffed with a flat or prefold... or the Sustainable Babyish pin dipe. If you need snaps, then Bububebe and BSRB are both really nice also.
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