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Not sure how to title this, but I am an only child myself and have no idea how to handle this situation.

My three boys are 8,6 and 3. The older two are currently like oil and water with each other and do far more fighting than playing. However, they both adore their baby brother. What has started happening recently is a competition for the youngest's affection and extreme jealousy over the one who gets to play/sit next to the 3yo. For his part, he loves both his brothers, but is starting to (understandably) play more with the 6 yo, who is closest in age to him. He shares a room with the oldest, but middle DS will get him in the morning and take him to his room to play.

This morning there was an all-out brawl about who got to sit next to the youngest at breakfast.

This is not a toy I can enourage them to work out a fair schedule with, kwim? The youngest has a right to his own preferences, too. Anyone BTDT?