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I go to my class tomorrow and pick up my supplies. I feel like I'm pigging out knowing I won't be able to eat this stuff after today. Not good, I know.
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My pre-preg fastings were usually in the mid-high 70's. Last time I had them done was January and I got an 80 fasting and 5.9 A1C. A1C was ok, could be better. I definitely want to work on that. I have a family history (both sides) of type II, so I really want to work hard on prevention. Having this glucose meter has certainly been helpful and since I have no copays on the supplies, I intend to refill until all my refills are gone so I can periodically test after baby is born. I have Kaiser and I'm being told they will want to test me at 6 weeks PP and then yearly after that. I have about 100 lbs to lose, but since I haven't gained any during this pregnancy, I am hoping to have a decent jump on the weight loss. Of course, with my DS, I got kind of carried away with how much extra you can eat when EBF and all the weight I lost right after birth ended up being regained. Trying to avoid that this time!
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Is anyone using homepathic or other natural remedies to successfully keep their blood sugars in check? I need to stay off Glyburide this time or the clinic I'm w/will switch me to the Drs and that equals no waterbirth, and lots of medical monitoring. I think I'd rather UC than have the same birth I've had w/all my others.

Also I talked last time w/my MW about skipping the GTT and it would automatically label me w/GD even if my numbers stay low the whole time. I've been testing basically since I found out I was PG and the only time I have had a high result is after eating leftover takeout Chow Mein for breakfast- and that was a 128 @ 2 hrs. Things this time around just feel a little different for me- like I had symptoms last time by this time (almost 16 wks and did the GTT @ 20 wks)and am not yet (fingers crossed). I want to talk to the MW at my next appt about alts to the gluclose drink- like maybe OJ or another high carb breakfast. I don't want to cheat at the test and would skip it and take the DX but if there's another way of doing it then I would much rather try that!
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Fairymom- I don't have anything for ya. If you think you are NOT gd this time, why not take the 1 hour test to prove them wrong and get the birth that YOU want? Or do the jellybean test for it.
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fairymom - the only advice I have is eat the GD diet even before you get it. This helped my numbers stay more stable for longer. Also, exercise!! All the stuff you already know about your self just keep at it. Good luck to you and hopefully you'll get the birth that you want.
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Well this is day 2 of me on this diet and testing my blood sugars and they are still high. How long does it take for the numbers to level off?
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southernmommie - I found that it took me a week to two weeks to figure out what worked for me and to get the proper numbers. Keep at it! It will take some time as every one is different and need slightly different things in their diet. I've found that the diabetic counselors formula did not work well for me at all. I had to play around with the carb, protein, fat distributions a little to get better results.
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southernmommie - I agree with nixnux - it takes a little while to find your balance. I can get away with more carbs in the morning and evening than I can at lunch or before bed. Making sure that I get a good bit of protein with every meal is also really important. Snacks are the hardest for me.

AFM - Just need to vent. My fasting numbers aren't responding to the 1/2 2.5 of glyburide I'm taking with my bedtime snack. I've been hovering around 100 for the past week. I forgot how hard it gets at the end.

Last night I tried a protein filled snack with little carbs and woke up starving at 1:30 am. Had a small glass of milk and a handful of almonds. Fasting this morning was 105 - my highest reading yet. I put a call in to my naturopath this morning trying to find out what the max amount of chromium I can do in a day is (though I can't really tell if it is doing anything). I guess the next step is to talk to my Dr. about increasing the glyburide to the full 2.5.

Has anyone tried acupuncture? I'm tempted, but it's SO expensive! I know she would want to see me at least 2 times a week at $60 a visit. Ugh.
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prettyuglybefore - Hang in there you are almost done!! Are you getting any kind of exercise? If you aren't it would be worth a try. Can't give much advise on the fasting levels because I've been lucky to never have a problem them. Just wanted to say you are doing great and it is sooooo hard at the end. Not just cause they get harder to control but you also get so tired of the diet and routine. I bought so much cereal before my daughter was born cause it's all I wanted to eat in the morning. Now that I'm two weeks postpartum I think I've had cereal 2 times.
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I had just bought a bunch of cereal also the day or two before I got diagnosed. I haven't had any cereal since. It sucks. I LOVE cereal!

My fasting numbers are still above 95. The other day was 99 (the first morning since diagnosed), yesterday was 115, and this morning was 108. I called L&D this morning, as per my log sheets instructions, and they said I'm still within the normal parameters of 70-110 for fasting. So she said I'm still doing okay since I'm still so close to the normal parameters. Just to call my midwife come Monday and see what she says.
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Thanks for the words of encouragement, nixnux. It's so hard to feel defeated when you feel like you are trying really hard. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying!

southernmommie - Hang in there - it's tough in the beginning. Just stick with it and try the best you can.
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Well, after a week and a half on the glyburide, I am back off of it. My numbers were going too low during the night, regardless of how late or what I ate. I had a 49 when I woke at 4:00am Friday morning! It was very scary. DH helped feed me and bring my numbers up...I could barely talk at that point. OB had me try a half dose after that, but I still ended up dipping to the 50's. So for a few days, I am not taking it and I am watching numbers with diet and exercise again, but doing better than before. I'm supposed to email my numbers to my OB Thursday morning. If numbers are good, stay off meds. If numbers are not so good, then she wants me to try 1.25mg taken with dinner instead of at bedtime snack.

Those 2 nights of dropping so low really scared me, though. I really do not want to go back on it at all. Yuck. And, so far, so good. All my numbers today have been good. What I have finally figured out for me is that I just have to eat lots of small "meals." If I ever leave the table feeling slightly stuffed, then it's quite likely my numbers will be high. I don't find it too hard to eat smaller, though, because I'm finding that I can always eat again in an hour (retesting is showing numbers to stay in a good area) and eating smaller has very much reduced the amount of heartburn I was having.

Today's numbers with no meds: 86 fasting, 122 after breakfast, 133 after lunch.
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Failed 1 hour

So this is my 3rd pregnancy and I failed my one-hour test. This is the first pregnancy that I have failed. My number is 148. I don't know what that means, except the cutoff is 140. I don't know if 148 is considered super high or not, but now I'm a nervous wreck. I am trying to act as if I have GD and watch my carbs and eliminated my sugar intake and increase physical activity. How bad is 148? I'm freaking out! help!
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Originally Posted by stephm2002 View Post
So this is my 3rd pregnancy and I failed my one-hour test. This is the first pregnancy that I have failed. My number is 148. I don't know what that means, except the cutoff is 140. I don't know if 148 is considered super high or not, but now I'm a nervous wreck. I am trying to act as if I have GD and watch my carbs and eliminated my sugar intake and increase physical activity. How bad is 148? I'm freaking out! help!
I failed my one-hour with a score of 147. My birth center also uses a cutoff of 140. 148 isn't considered that high, but many practicitioners use a cutoff of 130 so my midwife explained to me it wasn't totally negligible. Also, in my last pregnancy my # was 92 so I was confused as to the difference.

I chose not to take the 3-hour test and have been monitoring my blood sugar at home. I did get a little pushback on that but for the most part the midwives have been fine. I just didn't want to (1) put my body through the ordeal of the 3-hour test, (2) take 5 hours out of my day and find childcare while I drove to the birth center, took the test, etc. (3) pay the extra expense for another test, (4) since my 1-hour was so much higher than my 1st pregnancy I wanted to test my sugars at home anyway to see what was going on.

Chances are, though, I would have passed the 3-hour test, and you probably will too if you take it. If you do decide to take it, you actually may *not* want to start limiting your carbs right now, which I understand can cause your numbers to go higher on the tests. Google or someone else here may have some more insight into this. I am actually convinced that my much-healthier (and much lower-carb) diet with this baby than with DD is one reason I reacted so strongly to the glucose drink compared to my last pregnancy.
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Originally Posted by stephm2002 View Post
So this is my 3rd pregnancy and I failed my one-hour test. This is the first pregnancy that I have failed. My number is 148. I don't know what that means, except the cutoff is 140. I don't know if 148 is considered super high or not, but now I'm a nervous wreck. I am trying to act as if I have GD and watch my carbs and eliminated my sugar intake and increase physical activity. How bad is 148? I'm freaking out! help!

Personally, Just cause the cutoff is 140 and you got 148 really doesn't mean a whole lot. You won't get the full picture until you take the three hour test. It may have been 148 but you don't know at that point if the numbers are still going up or if they have peaked and are going down. I took the the one hour and my number was 180 and didn't peak out until about 200 about an hour and half later. PP has good reasons for not taking three hour but if you can do the three hour it will put your mind at ease. Personally, I declined to take it this pregnancy cause I've had sugar issues with all three of my pregnancies and didn't have the time to sit there for three hours and feel horrible knowing I'd keep testing the rest of the pregnancy anyways. I wouldn't worry to much about it right now you have plenty of time to change your eating habits without harming baby.
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Had an ultrasound to help size up the baby this afternoon (because I'm measuring ahead with the stupid tape measure, just like last time) and the tech confirmed that this is a VERY AVERAGE SIZED baby! Yay! I know there is a +/- 1lb but just hearing that baby looks very average in size was awesome! I told my OB that I didn't care what the tape measure said. I started this pregnancy out very fluffy, there is no way that I should be on track with someone who weighs 100+ less than me. Ridiculous!

With DS, I measured 6 cm ahead and the OB would not listen to me. Kept insisting that baby would be at least 12 lbs and kept trying to schedule me for a c-section (I have Kaiser, so the OB you see isn't who will deliver, so I just blew him off). This time, maybe it's good that I actually got the GD diagnosis so that I was able to get this u/s and now my OB won't be freaking out on me. It's very hard to truly believe in yourself after a while of your doc freaking out on you.

So yeah... head down and average size! Woot!
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Got diagnosed today

So I just heard that I have GD after having taken the 3 hour GTT last week.

My numbers are:
fasting = 86
hour 1 = 199
hour 2 = 157
hour 3 = 134

According to the lady who read my results to me over the phone, I'm high on hour 1 and just slightly high on hour 2. Do the "passing" numbers vary with what week of pregnancy you are? I think I'm a week farther along that my doctor does (He's using first day of LMP and I'm using conception date)...

I'm wondering if these numbers mean I'll be able to control with diet? Does anyone have any opinion or input for me as I start dealing with this? I have an appt. with an endo in an hour, so we'll see what he has to say. I'm just looking for input from those of you who have been through this before.

FWIW, this is my fourth pregnancy (no GD before this) and I'm about 30 weeks along...which means I took the test at the end of my 29 weeks or end of 28 weeks depending on conception date vs. LMP date. Could that have a negative effect on the test results?

Thanks for any help in advance. Sorry this is so rambling, I'm a little freaked out and trying to get my 3 year old out the door to this appt with me
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Thank you!

Thank you to your replies regarding my one hour test. Praise God I passed my 3 hour test. However, I want to thank you all for all the wonderful information you have posted on here. I have spent the last week reading and rereading this thread. I have learned a lot about gestational diabetes. I am taking the one hour as a wake up to make sure I am chosing healthier options and getting more exercise into my day. I pray that you each have healthy pregnancies and babies! Thanks again!
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Anyone on here facing induction due to GD? I just want to double check that I'm not crazy for telling my dr. I don't want to be induced till 41 weeks. She wanted to induce ON MY EDD. I understand she wants whats best, but I don't think 7 days is going to make the risks skyrocket. I'd rather give my body a few more days to do what it is going to on its own.

She gave me a hard time about the risk of stillbirth going up, but I haven't seen much to support that the risk rises much in a week (or that the risk for moderate GD is even that high). What do you think?
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sk8boarder15 - My first was 6 days over due and was perfect, but...my diabetes was completely controlled with diet. My midwife said she didn't look overdue at all as she had quite a bit of vernix and was only 7 pound. My doctor believes that if your sugars are totally under control than your pregnancy should be considered normal and not high risk. He supported my decision to birth at home and go past due with out pressuring me to induce.

Good luck with your OB but I think your probably fine.
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