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Just looking for some outside support here...

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Ok, so I have custody of my 5 year old nephew (have since he was a baby) and 6 months ago we were told he had 4 cavities in two locations between his molars (so two spots between the teeth where there was a cavity on the side of each tooth...). This wasn't terribly shocking because both of his parents had AWFUL crowding issues and his teeth were crammed together so tight that flossing was probably not being done properly until this wake up call

They made an appointment to have them filled under GA 4 months later. The thought made me ill but I was assured that he was too young to leave them and too scared to do it without GA. When the appointment came around I ended up having to reschedule due to my pregnancy going waaaaaaay overdue, and the closest available was two months later, which is next week.

Well, in the meantime he just had his 6 month check up and not only did he not have any new cavities, but his existing ones were "no worse than they were 6 months ago" in the words of the dentist. That, combined with the fact that my nephew has started losing baby teeth early (he has lost several and he isn't turning 6 until the end of July) has made me think I really REALLY do NOT need to have these molars filled right now. If they get worse, then we can revisit the issue, but they aren't bothering him and are likely to fall out in a few years...plus they didn't progress for 6 months.

The problem, is that I need to make TOTALLY SURE that this is the right thing to do because of our delicate custody situation. I did call my sister and she didn't really seem to care one way or another, but I know that a court might see refusing to get fillings as medical neglect if we go to court someday. I am not willing to have him put under IV sedation for no reason though and am just going to make sure I have all my reasoning put into the dental records.

Am I doing the right thing? The dental office seemed pretty annoyed with me.
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IMHO he's old enough to have them filled without any sort of sedation. My dd had a total of 6 cavities filled right before she turned five and due to a history of asthma, she didn't even have the nitrous oxide. It took about 4 tries to find the right ped. dentist but it was do-able. She didn't even feel the novacaine shots.

So knowing that, I'd probably opt to fill them, after getting a second opinion that they *need* to be filled. If they are just spots to watch and not actually decaying through the enamel, you may be "safe" with having them monitored.
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A second opinion is a great idea...no idea why I didn't think of that. Unfortunately I already asked if they can do it without GA and they said that because they are betweeen the teeth and so far back they aren't willing. It doesn't help that he freaked out at his initial appointment with them when he was 4 because of some traumatic memories of medical procedures in the hospital a year earlier. He was fine at the last appointment, but they don't want to risk that reaction being "triggered" again during the fillings.

Now I'm wondering if they are just spots. They told me they aren't "deep enough to really bother him". Whatever that means.
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IMO, if they aren't bothering or hurting him, I would just leave them alone. You said that they haven't gotten any worse in 6 months, so whatever you are doing, it's helping. Keep it up! They are baby teeth and will eventually fall out. You can save him a traumatic experience, too.

I agree with getting a second opinion, too. Unfortunately, I have experience with custody issues (I'm raising my sister's dd), so my suggestion to you is to make sure that you get everything you do approved by the dentist and in writing. That way you have a record of what you did and why.

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