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ANTM cycle 14

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what did you guys think?
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i forgot that it was starting last night; off to find the link.
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I dvr'd it and will watch tonight. Thanks for starting this one Andrea!
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I'm really liking Naduah.

not impressed with the plugs for Tyra website. Blech...but, not shocking.
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you know me well Beth LOL

I like Naduah too
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there are some interesting girls... at first look, i like naduah also.
on the whole, i feel like a lot of girls were selected for the drama that they might bring to the house/cast. i realize that might be wise in terms of ratings, but that doesn't make me take the show as seriously as tyra wants it to be. (i think that made sense!) it'll be interesting to see how this season shapes up.
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I agree - there were some pretty girls in the rejected photos - one with curly hair and major freckles that caught my eye & we never even saw her ....
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Originally Posted by flminivanmama View Post
I agree - there were some pretty girls in the rejected photos - one with curly hair and major freckles that caught my eye & we never even saw her ....
I know! They showed a couple of girls crying when they didn't get chosen and I kept thinking, "Who are you??"
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I think the one with the blonde shaved head will go far, she has "the look" that Tyra likes. I personally think the really young mom from Arkansas (Jessica?) is absolutely gorgeous, but I don't think she'll go far -- the really classically pretty ones rarely do. I guess those are the only ones that really stood out to me a in a good way.
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Ah, I see now that you all like the shaved head girl, too I didn't remember her name.

One more thing -- I really, really, really can't stand the girl who was made it to the finals a couple cycles ago, the troublemaker. I can't remember her name, but she's so obnoxious and so NOT pretty to me.
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The shaved head girl is Naduah. She's my favorite so far. She seems nice AND she can model (so far). And what a story she has! I hope someone pays attention and helps her write a book about it. I would read it.

I agree about the rejected ones. I really wanted to see more of that red head with the freckles. I don't get why the two made the finals that were talking about how they are the two mixed race girls. The troublemaker and the really curly haired one. Neither are pretty. I think the plus size girls are gorgeous this season!! I hope they can model. (one said Megan Fox was a supermodel. )
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Ohh we didn't even know that it had started... I know what I will be doing tonight. Is it on CW's page yet? I hope so. I am also glad to see that I am not the only one that is addicted to this show
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I like Naduah. She seems nice and is pretty.
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I really liked Nadua and Gabrielle. Really dislike Angelea (and did the last time she was on as well).
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What did you all think about last night? I won't spoil it but I was surprised at one of the girls to be kicked off. They sure showed more of her attitude, though. Quite cocky. That made me sad because I liked her. Oh, and I felt SO BAD for the girl that fell twice. Poor thing!

I really think Raina (sp?) will go all the way and probably win if she keeps up what she's doing. Those eyes are amazing!!!
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I'm glad she went. I kept thinking, "If you have such a lucrative career why are you here???"
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agreeing with both of you. also agreeing with whichever girl it was that said she was probably a pathological liar....
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oh I was laughing when the new judge said "dreck" and then defined it as "a wreck" - did he not know the real meaning? or not want to say...??

(It's Sh!t or dirt in Yiddish (& German...))
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Oh I forget his name but the Vogue judge is hilarious! I think they show his opinion too much compared to the other judges but he's a hoot! Much better than Twiggy or Paulina.
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yes - he is great!

also looking forward to more runway stuff with Miss Jay - yesterday was awesome with the crossing the street challenge
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