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I'm rooting for Raina at this point; she is absolutely stunning & seems like an unfailingly cheerful, optimistic person. I do like Krista, too, though... she's so different looking & takes really intriguing photos.
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Oh Mylanta!
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Originally Posted by Monarchgrrl View Post
Oh Mylanta!
That makes me laugh every time she says it!
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had she ever said it before? it was so weird that they suddenly showed her saying it over and over again this week....
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I hadn't heard it before this week. I thought it was weird too. It just shows the poor editing just to show Krista's annoyance. But, seriously, I would be like Krista too, if I had to live with someone like that. I can't stand the constant rainbows and cheeriness. I think she's a great model, but by the end of the episode I wanted to scream. It's only funny the first time.
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Raina? Really?? AFter the critiques the judges gave, and the "linebacker" airplane walk, it made no sense to keep Raina! I totally thought Angelea should have been in the finals; she did great the entire time, and so-so the last few weeks. Really perplexing! Krista should win it!
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