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Originally Posted by babyproject View Post
I have been really worried about how I would be able to shop with newborn twins and a 2-year-old. I figured I would put one baby in a sling, one in the carseat in the basket of the cart and the toddler in the seat of the cart. But where would I put the groceries? I hadn't thought about pulling a second cart behind me. I guess I am already going to look like I escaped from the zoo, so I may as well pull a second cart around to add to the sight.
If you've got three, you could always take a double stroller with a good basket underneath, and hang some bags from the handle, then carry a baby. you probably wouldn't be able to do a full grocery, though. pulling the second cart behind sounds really overwhelming to me!

For my first 8 months of so, I did a lot of shopping online from a store that would deliver. There might also be a service in your town that would shop for you as a service (free or otherwise).
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I used to bring mine to Trader Joe's in the double stroller (this is when they were a bit bigger - 18 months or so) and just jam the basket and sunshades full of stuff. Then I'd put stuff in the girls' laps resting against the snack tray (milk, box of cereal - nothing they could mess with too badly) if I needed to and they were willing. The cashiers would die laughing at my grocery version of the "clown car." They always offered to send someone out to the car with me, groceries in a cart, and I always accepted. I think I did much the same at Target, except couldn't buy so much big or heavy stuff because I had to get it out of there myself always. I never did the push the stroller/drag the cart thing.

When we shop at TJ's now (4 years old) Lilly likes to walk and Kate likes to sit in the back of the cart and have groceries piled all around her. When she hits about chest-deep, we're finished.
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Oh that's a good idea...I have taken my twins and my 2 year old to the store before (my POTTY training 2 year old btw! NOT the best idea). I take the snap and go...put my 2 year old on a toddler harness and shove things down in the basket while shopping. Not ideal, and I usually come back REALLY frazzled, but I have done that when I had to
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