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So I know it's not very exciting without before pics but I didn't think to grab my camera as the toilette was pouring gallons of water onto my floor.But here are a few after pics.Here's all that's under the sink.At one point this cabinet was stuffed.Here's the over the toilette cabinet.This was so full that stuff would fall out when the door was opened.And the linen closet.My bathroom is so small that I couldn't really get a good pic of it but you get the idea.There will be more towels in there but after the flood of 2010 I'm still working on getting them all cleaned and put away.
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I need to take some before pics and post them...that's going on tomorrow's To Do List.
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Ok I'm posting a before shot to motivate me to create an after shot.Coat closet.
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Ok here is the after.I removed a speaker flight case,car seat,toy stroller and a toy shopping cart.I would like to go down to the basement now to clear out another storage area but I can't turn my head because my neck is hurting so much.So,I'm not sure moving heavy stuff around is a good idea.
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Originally Posted by rere View Post
Ok I'm posting a before shot to motivate me to create an after shot.Coat closet.
What a wonderful closet ! ! !
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no point in taking pictures of what i've been doing. LOL

this weekend, even though i took a lot of time off, we got a lot of things done.

first, the manual is completed and in it's editing cycle. we also re-did the budget to set when various bills will get paid and how (not a problem really, just setting it up that this bill gets paid on this day, that one on that one, and so on. basically, each monday of the month we pay a given bill. we only have four, so that keeps it simple.

i got a hold of the on-site business, and have submitted that to the practitioners who do it for them to edit it accordingly. it's missing a lot of information and they are the most informed an able to answer it.

also started to work on re-organizing the use of space in the practice, as well as scheduling, getting the yoga space up and running as a studio, and figuring out how the rental rates were (originally) determined. it seems like there was no real thought given to that process, because it gives 70% discounts to some, 20% to others, and 5% to others. it's bizarre. we aren't going to increase any rents unless taxes go up, but eventually it will have to be standardized.

DH took care of getting the personal finances organized. it's work he hates so he dilly-dallies, but i'm helping him out because i told him it was to help prep for taxes next year, and since i do that, he is happy to help me out with organizing it all now and getting it ready to go.

we also have to get our kiwi taxes together. their tax year is april 1 to mar 31, and we bought the business in this tax year (mar 5) and have all of the expenses that were in relation to that as part of the tax reporting, plus whatever comes in between 5 mar and 31 mar to report. it's not much, but we still have to organize it. Luckily, i see our kiwi accountant on Mar 23, and so i'll be able to get it all sorted properly for her.

so, we are moving along nicely.
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Originally Posted by bluebirdiemama View Post
What a wonderful closet ! ! !
Yeah,we live in a small old house so it's amazing to have big closets.Although there is no closet in my daughter's bedroom.But the one in my bedroom more than makes up for that.
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This is a great idea! I will join!

I made a list of all places I am going to clean out and organize. I just went thru a "seasonal" cleaning up of things, so this should be easy since I am still in that mode.

We are pretty good about getting rid of things or passing on as we say but here is my list. Its mainly to pull out, clean storage area, discard and put back. Next Jan, we plan on doing Elfa in our dds' closets when its on it amazing sale. We did it in our closet and it gave us 4 times the amount of room and ours is not a walk in.

So here is my Original list, I might add more to it along the ride:

Linen closet upstairs: take out all linens, refold and put back.

Dressers. We own four. Take stuff out, declutter things, refold etc and put back away

TV room closet. This used to be a bedroom and we took the wall out but the closet is still there. Empty, organize etc

4th bedroom closet. This is a guest room/office plus the closet has our coats in it. Its more of a "staging area" So clean out the coats, weed out out grown etc

Winter gear box. This is a late April job. Go thru match up mittens, etc and fold up and clean items. Put away until November.

CD area. We still use our CDs but they pile up.

Shed. More of a DH job, but its pretty organized so he can do this in less than an hour. Also in May, we start up the snow blower and let it run to run off the gas. Judging from the snow piles, this winter, it should be a short project!

Garage: its heated and DH's man cave. He has his wood shop in there so its pretty tidy. But going thru things, sweeping etc is always needed. This will be a spring day job.

File cabinet. Go thru, take out, shred.

This is a good accountable thread.
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Okay, I'm going to do pics this weekend so I'm accountable
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i haven't updated in a bit, have i?

i made some decisions about expenses that i'm cutting from the business--the PO BOX and the security system. that saves about $60 per month or more. the prior owners are angry about it because they have to pay the disconnection fees--which is about $250. but, they never itemized the bills for me before we purchased (i asked on numerous occasions), and then they just keep going "oh, and this bill too!" and some of the things are just things that don't seem that important but they do because it's the way that they've always done it.

for example, they have a PO Box because when they were in their previous location, they had to have one. and, the PO Box was just downstairs, so they would check mail on their way in or out. When they moved to the current location, they didn't need one, but they kept it anyway. And when they tried to convince us that it was a "good idea because you get a nice walk" we were like--what are you talking about? it's an extra, needless errand for us, it takes us away from the business, and makes our lives difficult."

the other thing that they did is that they paid for the year in advance--knowing that they were selling the business to us in a matter of weeks. lol and they want us to pay them back for the year and pay the fees to close the box! and i'm like "i didn't tell you to reup for a year, and i didn't know you had a box anyway because you never told me, and so why should i have to pay?"

it's so dumb!

but, that's some clutter that i got rid of with the business. I'm in the process of reorganizing the practitioner "office" space because it is a mess.

today, reno has started on the business, and in the next few days, we will be putting things up on NZ's "craig's list" to get some "junk" out of the place. that will help clear out a lot of things. there are also some dead plants in there that need to be removed (why the person who moved out didn't remove them when she moved out is beyond me).

so, that's where we are right now.

also, should i keep the water filter? The thing looks tacky and regular water doesn't taste bad. it's also a monthly expense when they come in to change the filters ($45). i don't think that it needs to be that filtered water, and i'd rather spend $50 on reno or marketing.

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My goal for today is to organize some basement storage so I can clean out the bedroom closet.But first I have to wait for my husband to wake up(he works nights).Maybe I should tackle the pantry while I'm waiting?
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love this idea. i'm in, or i should say WE are in. talked with dh and he's on board! we live in a house built in 1919 and we have ZERO storage. and we are pack-rats. yikes!!!

so our first necessity is getting our son's clothing storage figured out. he lives in our 1/2 story upstairs and there are no walls dividing rooms up there. he's currently still in a crib (at 2.5) because we don't want him coming down the stairs at night. so, making this relevant here, we need to build a wall to divide his room and he desperately needs clothing storage space. so we are making built-ins for his room.

i could add a thousand other project ideas/needs, but i think one at a time here.
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I'm jumping on board!

I have a two (possibly three) week break from school and am taking this time to get rid of everything except the bare essentials. I realize how much 'stuff' causes me nothing but stress.

My plan is to purge everything I absolutely don't need right now. Once that's done I will get to work on storage and beautify my house! I'm not going to make any to-do lists as those make me crazy. I'm just going to use this thread to post everything I've done that day.

My rewards will be:
~ quality of life --> focus on having fun with my daughter, kicking butt at school, and socializing/friendships.
~ I'm going to finally throw a housewarming party... 16 months after I've moved in! ...And continue with monthly get togethers

I'm taking it easy this weekend but today I:

1) organized my receipts (I was working from home last year) to take in to the tax man on Monday;
2) cleaned round one of the toys I'm getting rid of
3) filled one ginormous bag to go to the thrift store and put it straight into the trunk of my car
4) played some chords on the piano...
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Originally Posted by Kinguk View Post
My rewards will be:
~ quality of life --> focus on having fun with my daughter, kicking butt at school, and socializing/friendships.
~ I'm going to finally throw a housewarming party... 16 months after I've moved in! ...And continue with monthly get togethers
Really nice!
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Got down to the basement this evening!So here is the before and after.I still have some work to do but I made good progress.
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Got some work done on the bedroom closet this morning.The before and after.Still working on putting my bedroom back together after pulling all that junk out though.
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big difference in the basement for sure! closet was harder for me to tell, but it looks good!
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Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
big difference in the basement for sure! closet was harder for me to tell, but it looks good!
HA!That's funny because the closet was more work.I see that it's hard to tell though.But before you could only get in about 2 feet and now there is a clear path almost to the back(there is some furniture that can't leave the closet yet).And I went through everything on that long top shelf.I still need to go through the clothes.

How is everyone else doing?
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Things are slow going but I'm not stressing over it. Yesterday was spent on running errands and Sunday, all I managed to get done was cook/freeze some soup! My freezer's going to be [I]packed[I] by the time I have to go back to school!

I felt sick for the last couple days but now have my energy back. Today is the day I get to start making some major dents! I feel like tackling my bedroom. I'll be sure to post pics on here later!

Rere; I think that's funny you have a refridgerator stuck in your basement
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i was at the accountant yesterday for 2 hrs, learning the accounting system, how to do the invoicing, and figuring out our own finances in light of that.

actually, we are doing quite well overall.
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