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morning sickness help!

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i'm currently 8 weeks prego with baby #2...I;m BFing my 14m old DS...

I hate complaining about this morning sickness, but it's terrible!!!!!! I'm always in tears crying because I feel so awful and can't function and do the things I should/need to be.

I've tried sooooooo many different remedies and what not and nothing has worked or helped at all. such as: B6, ginger supplements, candied ginger, acupuncture and homeopathic pulsatilla (spelling) when i take the ginger i feel worse!

I can barely eat much except bland boring foods: bread, crackers, eggs, bananas, rice. smells make me sick too, i gag on my extra salvia and puke.

I'm thinking of asking for some prescribed meds....I need some relief from this....it's all day and worst at night...so i never get much sleep and i don't anyways with DS and that of course on top of feeling sooo sick puts me in a terrible mood. I have the shakes, am dizzy, get headaches and whatnot. It's awful. This sickness took me by surprise since I never felt this bad with DS, occasional queasiness but not like this. I feel like I have a permanent stomach flu! It's been 3 weeks now with no let up, feels like it's only gotten worse and worse.

And I've been noticing that when DS, BF's it makes me feel worse or makes it kick in again. Which isn't cool.

So I don't know what to do! I guess I'm asking you for a recommendation....what would you do in my shoes??
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I'm using Queasy Drops

They're made by the same people who make Preggie Pops. They're like cough drops. They come in ginger, sour raspberry and cinnamon, all in the same box. They're like 12 to a box for about $6 with tax.

the ginger ones blow my sox off. The other two work, but not quite as well. I wasn't vomiting, but really, really unhappy.

I'd call to make sure that wherever you go carries em. CVS is supposed to have them, but didn't when I dropped in. I think I got mine at Pea in the Pod...
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I feel your pain... been there... and am STILL there at 34 weeks. I kid you NOT. Hopefully yours will go away long before mine does.

I am on diclectin... apparently not available in the US. Zofran maybe then? Definitely ask your doctor if you are suffering.
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Check out Helpher.org and see if this sounds like you. I had HG through 2 of my pregnancies and it was literally like having a stomach flu for 8+ months ( I was sick for two weeks after birth too). Not to scare you but it can happen, for me I was on prescriptions for most of the pregnancy.
But if it is really really bad morning sickness Hylands Motion Sickness Tabs worked pretty good.
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Oh that stinks so bad! I'm sorry you're so miserable. I just read about dandelion root (in small quantities), milk thistle or slippery elm as remedies to help with morning sickness. I can't vouch for them, but maybe one will help.

here's a link to a mothering article:http://www.mothering.com/pregnancy-b...-for-pregnancy
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Originally Posted by MaryLang View Post
Check out Helpher.org and see if this sounds like you. I had HG through 2 of my pregnancies and it was literally like having a stomach flu for 8+ months ( I was sick for two weeks after birth too). Not to scare you but it can happen, for me I was on prescriptions for most of the pregnancy.
But if it is really really bad morning sickness Hylands Motion Sickness Tabs worked pretty good.
I fall into most of those categories....
I'm peeing like every hour, not vomting all the time, no dry furry tongue, (not sure about my blood pressure or definicencies haven't seen my MW yet)- those are the main ones that are different.
Would this mean I have HG?
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I'm sorry your having a difficult time momma, I was just there and I am just now feeling better (18 weeks). The only intervention I had was receiving two separate sessions of IV fluid therapy (2 liters of fluids that took about 3-4 hours). After each session, I had immediate relief and an appetite appeared. Wow, an appetite. The benefit lasted about a week, in which, I was able to keep most food down. Beyond that, I really did try many remedies and didn't find any effective treatments.

Yet, I did discover that dehydration was the key to the extreme incidences of HG (days of keeping nothing down). So, I am thinking that BF is aggravating your nausea because of the great demand for fluids from BF and being pregnant. I found a way to keep some fluids down through making smoothies (bought a protein/vitamin shake powder) and eating juicy fruits. I hope the best for you!
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I agree about the dehydration. Unfortunately, from about week 6 until 12 or so, I couldn't drink water. It made me so nauseas. I could stomach about 1/2 can of ginger ale a day, and a small glass of cold apple juice. Not enough to hydrate me.
I am able to drink water now, and do think it's helped.

I took prescription Zofran from week 7 until a couple of weeks ago, maybe 14. It helped after about week 12, but didn't touch my ms before then.

2 weeks ago, a new nurse gave me a miracle aid. B6, which I had tried, but not combined with Unisom. I take 25 mg of B6 at each meal, then a Unisom before bed. After my first day, I was worlds better.

Get the regular Unisom, though, not the gel. Apparently it has different ingredients and won't work?
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I feel you. I'm not BFing, but I do have a 19 MO who wakes up EARLY and doesn't sleep through the night. I had all day sickness from about 7 weeks to still occasionally now (15 weeks). I did the ginger, the peppermint, the papaya, acupressure bands, acupuncture, high protien, bland food, eat often, eat small, I had the same saliva excess stuff, so I had a "spit cup" it's wasn't so weird as my hubby occasionally dips, so he was quite accepting of the disgust.

I got on Zofran at about 10 weeks and what a difference. I was still kinda pukey, but it was limited to empty stomach and mornings (when my stomach was most empty). I took it last pregnancy too. I'm assuming if it's fine for pregnancy, it's fine for BFing.

You do what you have to do to get by. It's survival at the beginning till your body decided it doesn't want to throw up the baby
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I'm 9 weeks and breastfeeding a 29 month old. I was taking Unisom and B6 initially (and it was helping) until I found out that it's contraindicated for breastfeeding A week ago I began taking Zofran and it has made a ton of difference. I "toughed it out" to a greater extent with my last pregnancy (and lost 12 lbs), but I want to breastfeed my daughter as long as possible and I figure I have better odds of keeping up my milk supply if I'm not dehydrated and losing weight.

For the curious:
Unisom is pregnancy category A and (as far as I can tell) lactation level L4
Zofran is pregnancy category B and lactation level L2

(My husband is a pediatrician and he couldn't tell me why Unisom is contraindicated while breastfeeding but his two best guesses were that a) if passed through the milk could cause apnea in a newborn, but unlikely in a toddler and b) it may dry up your milk. My daughter did seem more dissatisfied with my supply during the week or so I took Unisom, but that may have been a coincidence.)
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Thanks ladies!
DH and I discussed it and decided it was time I call the GP....and he prescribed me Metoclopramide (Reglan). We're in the UK which is what they use here instead of Zofran. (Ironically Reglan is used to help increase milk supply....we'll see if it does that and helps this m/s ease up so I can sleep and function)
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Good luck!
Yeah, HG can come in varying levels. I was on Zofran and Phenergan around the clock. I was in and out of the hospital every few weeks for a while because of dehydration. Throwing up multiple times a day. Getting IV's of fluid and I think it was Zofran in the IV's too. I was allergic to Reglan. And the dry mouth went hand in hand with the dehydration and like pp mentioned, those IV's we're heavenly. And that wasn't even as bad as it can get for some woman, after reading on helpher.org, I actually felt pretty grateful it wasn't worse
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I get that way too - horrible morning sickness (all around the clock sickness) for the first 3 or so months - so I feel your pain! I didn't take anything, but if I get PG again, I will probably try something. Instead of meds, you can give yourself B12 shots, or get them if you have any place locally that does them (1 health food store does them on Saturdays here). Also, Mothering had an article a few yrs back about marijuana for severe morning sickness. I'd guess its side-effects are better/less severe than whatever the prescription drugs' side effects are.
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