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Hugs mama. I hope you are on the path to healing very very soon.
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Originally Posted by Llyra View Post
I am so sorry you're going through this. It's hard to have to admit that the "natural" methods aren't working. But it feels so GOOD to feel WELL again. I fought a flare for a whole year, trying to stay off the 6-mp (like immuran) because I was worried about my nurslings, and finally I had to admit that it wasn't working. I was so sick and wasted that I couldn't walk from my front door to my back door without having to sit down twice, and it was so clearly time to give in and do the meds. (I have UC-- at the time I was on Asacol, and it wasn't helping. I first got sick after a round of broad-spectrum antibiotics I was given after my second c-section. But I also blame my crappy diet up to that point, especially the way I was fed as a child.)

So we did 6 weeks of pred, then eased onto the 6-mp, and I was well again. It was awesome. I put on twenty pounds and looked human again and had a ton of energy, and I was so glad I did it, even though I did have to wean the twins soon after because DD2 had a lowered white count for a few weeks in a row.

As it happens, I was able to get off the 6-mp a year later, and I've been maintaining remission for 9 months with nothing but the SCD, probiotics, and the Asacol. I can live with the mesalamine, KWIM? And even with that I've been able to reduce the dose.

Good luck! It sounds like you're happy with your decision, and are ready to move forward. I wish you the best.
This makes me feel a little more a positive, which is hard to do with a head full of prednisone. Maybe it was a good thing that DD decided to wean herself the other week, now I can focus on myself for a bit. I know if I can just get into remission I can maintain it again and wean myself off all the drugs. I just know it. I have been reading a lot of remicade success stories which is helping ease my fear. My doctor says even if I cant get off the remicade, that he has seen plenty of healthy babies born to remicade mamas and some go on to breastfeed while their babies are closely monitored.
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