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Originally Posted by NEastMomma View Post
But the question that is my biggest pet peeve is the STTN questions. Why? Why o why must people ask that? It really, really bugs me. I think it bothers me so b/c I'm waiting to be told to let DS CIO, which I will never do, but I don't feel like getting in to it with anyone.
Oh my gosh, yes!! I hate that one too. There should be a whole thread on this topic. I get so.stinking.tired of people wondering if my baby sleeps through the night. My oldest sister has asked me this every time I've been in her presence since my baby was born 5 1/2 months ago. Why on earth does it matter? and what do they care if they don't have the baby in their home on a day to day basis? How my baby sleeps at night is not something I worry about as far as parenting is concerned. I have a teenager in the house. Believe me, a baby STTN or not STTN is the least of my concerns in my parenting adventures.
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Originally Posted by KimL View Post
as the mom of one that was a high needs infant i HATED that question. I simply started answering them "well, all babies are good. if you mean is he easy? the answer is no. He doesn't sleep for 48 hours at a time. no one else can hold him, i've not pooped alone since he was born, he doesn't let me put him down, i've not showered alone since i had him and I am losing my mind". that usually shut them up and had them running.
Oh my goodness, our children must have been separated at birth! EVERYONE blamed it on the fact that I wore him all the time, co-slept, and nursed on demand (and man, was he ever demanding!). Now that little sister has come along, and I'm doing the exact same things, it's so funny that she'll be content watching the ceiling fan for five minutes so I can go to the bathroom alone, and she's actually starting to put herself on a napping schedule (at six months). My son still requires more time in the rocking chair - at least now he's old enough to say that he just needs to be rocked for awhile. And the funny thing was that I had been all prepared for another high-needs baby. After this experience, maybe we aren't done having children afterall!
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A friend of mine is a first time mom to twins. One twin is mellow, content, sleeps loooong stretches at night, is rather chubby. He outweighs his twin sis by 5lbs! Her other twin long and lean, constantly in motion, very vocal, needs lots of night attention... basically seems "high need," although my friend isn't familiar w/ the term (though she meets the baby's needs like you'd think she'd be - she's a great mom).

I love hearing her stories of their differences because it just really proves to me how DIFFERENT babies are! She is the same first-time mom to both of them, but they are as different as night and day.

It's funny - we both had our babies at the same time and seeing how different hers are from each other helps me to feel confident in my parenting- that babies are individuals and have individual needs.
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Originally Posted by aidanraynesmom View Post
I usually answer with something like,

"No, he's bad."
"Well, we like him."

It shuts em up pretty quick.
LMAO that's hilarious
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Originally Posted by frontierpsych View Post
I just say "No! I caught him with two hookers in his room last night, and when I told him it was time for his friends to go home he shot me in the kneecaps!"
LMAO. Oh, goodness, I think that is the best one I have heard so far!

I actually wrote a post on my blog with this exact same title and it is also published on babyOhm.com

Hang in there, but I think I am gonna use the one above from now on!
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I used to answer that questions with "No, but she's better than the dog so we're keeping her". Our dog is a handful and the baby was actually easier, even with waking up a bazillion times a night.
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This is so weird, today at the store I saw the CUTEST little boy ever with his mom shopping, he was maybe 8 months old? huge cheeks, big smile.

An older lady came up to the mother and waved at the baby then asked the mom if the baby was a good baby. I had to bite my tongue, but the mother (i love her and don't even know her) said "ugh no hes really mean, I don't think I like him very much", and walked away. I walked by her a couple minutes later and told her nice work!

I thought it was funny!
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Yes, I'm another one that absolutely hates this question.

Several people have asked me this about my DD. I respond with (quite honestly), "I don't know what you mean by that. What is a good baby and what is a bad baby?" and I usually get a response like, "Oh, you know what I mean... does DD sleep well? Is she fussy?"

And I usually answer honestly, "I don't know what to compare it to. I think she's perfect. I just hope that I am meeting her needs effectively."

Or something to that effect.
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"He's the anti-christ, but we manage!"

I have a few of these. It bugged me enough that I generally just gave sarcastic responses instead of an honest one.
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Yeah, it's a dumb question, but I don't let it get to me. I think it's just people's way of making conversation. I mean, what does it really mean? Do they really want you to get into it? I think it's kinda like asking someone you barely know "how are you?" - you don't really expect them to tell you all their woes. I usually just smile and say, "of course he's good!" and move the conversation elsewhere.
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This question drives me nuts. Most of the time it comes from well meaning people without a lot of experience with babies...but I had a woman who has 10 children ask me!! I usually try to explain to them that all babies are "good", they are just doing what they need to do to grow/learn/etc. What I really want to say is "no, she isn't good, she is an evil, evil child"....a stupid question deserves a stupid answer
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