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Our DDC!

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I know all the action is over on facebook but I am still so sad about our DDC closing over here I needed to post just one more time here and I hope most if not all our active posters are on facebook But Shake you need to sign up!!!!!
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Bye! I was afraid our DDC had already slipped quietly away. See you on FB!
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I came over here to see if it was gone I think that I will tear up when it is gone! to the mama's not on facebook I hope all of you have a wonderful happy loving time watching your babies grow! all the others who are on FB I love all our pictures and that we can still be there for each other during our journey I think there is something special about all our beautiful November 09 babies
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I didn't know we could still reply!
Hope everyone else joins fb too.
Love to all our Mamas and babies!
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I'm so glad I made it back one last time before our DDC closed! I really, truly can't thank you ladies enough for helping me make the transition to motherhood. Really! I'm getting all teary-eyed just thinking about everything you went through with me.

All the best to each of you and your families. See you on FB!
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This just made me cry! Already having a rather emotional day, but this did it. I can't believe our time here has ended already. What a crazy beautiful trip it's been. Love to the mamas and babies of November 2009!!!
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