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All is well

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Glad to hear things are better today. Was it today that was your birthday or tomorrow? Either way, hope it's a good one.
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Still praying for you, Katie.
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Hey! Happy birthday, Katie!
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please keep us updated!! Ignore your family, the docs, this is about you, your dh, and your precious baby... not anyone else. You can do this, you are so well prepared and will do just fine. Just believe in yourself and don't let the naysayers get in your head Seriously, I think Birth is 90% mental.
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We're all on pins and needles for you, Katie! Just thinking of you and hoping you have everything worked-out the way you need it. Have you tried journaling? Sometimes, especially if you spent any time TTC, you may discover you do have some unaddressed concerns that lose their grip when they are brought to the light. May be something not even related to all the recent hubbub! ~ELV!~
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feeling great
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I'm happy that you're still feeling good! I had "early labor" type contractions with this pregnancy from about 35 weeks on for about an hour or so a few times a week, and daily for about 2 hours total for the last week until I actually lost my mucous plug and it picked up. Mucous plug to water breaking was about 90 minutes and he was born about two hours after my water broke.

You are making progress if you're feeling something and you're getting closer to meeting this little one!
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Katie...I SO hear what you're saying...we labored for 50+ hours at the hospital...contractions were regular, it just was taking SO long for me to open...I kept wondering if I was wrong and should just "give in" to the suggestions of a c-section...I went back and forth, struggled with the concept of hind-waters vs. fore-waters, almost just went home a few times...its tough to know what to do...we're not God and can't possibly know what would be best as we don't know what the future holds. I know you're praying...and that's all you can do! I'll be praying for God to guide you and help you to know what is best without pride, without regrets, and for the end result of a healthy baby and Mom. You're definitely at some stage of labor...keep the faith, girl!
BTW...we contemplated the name "Faith" for our little one...that's what it takes to get through a LONG pregnancy and labor! HUGS.
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Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
feeling great
Glad to hear, mama!!
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Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
of course that feeling great post was last night when the contractions were picking up and I thought- finally, all is good- going into actual labor. Now a day later I feel- like maybe Ishould just go to the darn hospital. I just don't know what to do anymore
I'm not telling you what you SHOULD do, but just ONE thing that you COULD do... Your labor is fitting the description of prodromal, and what I always say for prodromal is: find the feelings. Journal! Especially if you are feeling better while you post, and especially-especially if you don't *want* to journal -- to me that sounds like more subconscious avoidance!

Fill up at least one piece of paper with your thoughts, and either save it for the baby book if that motivates you to write, or burn it afterward if that feels better!

But also: YOU CAN DO IT!

And the hospital can't MAKE you stay for an induction if you go in for the NST. Are you afraid you'll WANT to stay? Just make up a story that you have to go home to 'get my stuff' or something and that you'll 'be back this evening' if there is no emergency and they give you a hard time about leaving. And remember that if they want to 'schedule' an induction/c-sec, it's likely not a true emergency.

PS. Laughter might help, also!
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Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
sorry to be such a drama queen over here
Trying to think about things that could be holding me back- I mean, yes I am scared of the pain of birth, but I think most women about to give birth are! I know all those contractions I had last night, while exciting as somehting was happening, certainly were not fun! Other than that I think every fear I could categorize would be a pretty common one. Mostly we are just really excited to have our baby and be on the other side of all of this.
All righty then, some other suggestions could be... making-out with your husband (the further you go, the better ); spending lots of time on hands & knees if baby might be OP; walking; walking stairs; distractions, like movies (especially comedies). And sleep, sleep, sleep. Do you think more contrax come at night b/c you are more relaxed then?

But...what would be your Real due date if not going by the standard 28-day cycle?

Ok, I'd say I'm shutting-up now, but I think it would be a lie.
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nak... 1-handed tying!

cycle day 24 conception indicates to me a hormone issue with you... thyroid quite possibly? thyroid and adrenal? possible pituitary?

i just had my 5th child and she was the first born "on-time" bc i had seen a naturopath prior to her conception to help me cleanse/nourish a drained hypothyroid and pituitary. your situation sounds similar. i always - except with this pregnancy - had TONS, WEEKS, of prodromal labor. the thyroid and pituitary affect the body in many ways. but my point is that if your body took 24 days to ov and conceive, it will likely take more than 38 weeks to make a baby. so, i think 1) your due date was not accurate, 2) you should be taking selenium, vit c, kelp to help nourish your thyroid, and 3) you need to get a lot of sleep to help the labor hormones pump in the body without active-hormones getting in the way. avoid ANYTHING that stresses you out. find a nest and stay there until you are in labor. stop reading birth stories, even posting here. i had your exact situation with 2 of my 4 previous pregnancies... my 4th baby was almost 4 weeks late after 6 weeks of prodromal labor. she was a healthy uc at the end of that.
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