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sunfairy~ cute pics! Cute daughter and cute belly

One of my good friends is pg with her 1st due about the same time I am. What luck!
And there is another pregnant mom in my playgorup due in early June, and one who gave birth in Feb. So, I feel pretty well connected to other pg moms.

Arrrgh! Leg cramps hit! I had them with ds and yikes!

And, suddenly after 20 weeks of admiring how calm I was, the weepies hit. Ugh. Everything is making me feel insecure or sad. I much prefer irritated :LOL

I didn't do the AFP, but did do the u/s because my cervix seemed short and ds was bron at 34 weeks after 3 weeks on bedrest for preterm labor. I really wanted to check out the cervix to make sure we're doing all we can go full term this time! So, of course we checked the baby out to.
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SPring is in the air!

Stacey, I loved your pictures - you are talented with a sewing machine and your diaper stash was so cute! I am still learnign about CD since this our first and have placed my first order of 6 diapers to try out. Hopefully DH will feel as comfortable with them too - I am trying to AIO first since they are just like the disposables, then perhaps we can branch out from there.

I can't believe I'm not yet in the my third trimester and I'm already so eager to give birth. I just can't wait to meet our little girl and I keep having these great dreams about the day I go into labor. In my dreams I am remarkably calm, and tell DH to go do his workout, to pick up some fresh fruit at the store, to take a nap. I bake muffins and make up a fruit and cheese tray for my MW and her assistants and just go for short walks and fold the laundry in between contractions. Then when they get really intense my MW is there and helps me pace and sit on the toilet.
Then after this incredible burning and feeling like I just had the biggest BM ever, there's suddenly a little girl on my chest.

I have this dream 1-2 times a week. It's really encouraging since this is my first PG - and rejuvenating. I'm going to throw myself a little party when I enter my third trimester on March 30th. Another milestone on this journey.

Is anyone else gaining weight in their thighs and butt? All of a sudden it seems my weight is going there and I noticed some cellulite in my butt too. I told DH he couldn't put my PG pants in the dryer anymore because they were shrinking - and then I realized it was me! I mostly eat healthy choices but the last 2-3 weeks I have had an intense sugar craving and have been eating more ice cream and girl scout cookies. Up until then, I'd had almost no sucrose in my PG diet. I'm trying to be more careful again but Yikes!
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I'm at 24 weeks now! so that means that I'm 6 months along, right? I always get confused with those date markers.

I wish I could post some pictures here too. But I don't have a digital camera, scanner, or webcam.:
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I have a girl at work that is due about 10 days after me. She goes along with what all of her doctors are telling her to do. I know her sister and she just had twins. She tried very hard for a natural birth with them but wound up with a c-section with the second. I'm hoping that she will have a good influence on her and make her question what everyone is telling her.

Congrats on making it to 24 weeks mamajaza. I only have a few more days to go to get there. That would be 6 months on the lunar calender. I can't believe that my due date is less than 4 months away. This is going so quick.

I hope everyone is feeling well. I'm having a lot of digestive problems. I've been throwing up almost daily. I can really only keep down rice and steamed veggies right now.
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Generally, 26 weeks is considered the end of the second trimester. From a clinician's perspective it breaks down like this:

1st trimester - 13 weeks
2nd trimester - 13 weeks
3rd trimester 13-14 weeks

March 30th is the end of my 26th week of pregnancy and that's when I'm celebrating the transition to third trimester.

Can anyone tell me how to get to the trading post? I can't find it on Mothering...
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aww..thank you mamas for all your kind words

things are good....gained 20 pounds so far....I washed down this mornings prenatal with chocolate chip cookies and gatorade...(at least the vitamin was from the health food store...LOL *cough*)

sarlynn~ the TP is..well if you click the 'mothering.com forums' link at the top of this page then scroll all the way down...its about the 2nd 3rd to last catagory from the bottom... HTH
the bumpkins aio's are the easiest and most like sposies IMO~but they are a bit pricey...just get a dozen prefolds and some covers...chances are after you hang them on the line that first time..you'll be in love with it!

the_dalai_mama~ I am DREADING the leg cramps..with preg #1, I woke up in the middle of the night SCREAMING it hurt so bad!! I hear calcium supplements will help.

I met some mamas through the yahoo group in my town...not many though..mostly just from hanging out at the park, and her dance class.

NAMES~ i need help... I think we've decided on Avery for a girl, but since I've heard like 3 boys with that name...and personally, I don't want it for a boy... I also like Natalie... boys..I am lost..clueless...possibly Nicholas or Matthew..but I'm really not in love with those....
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I just realized that it is late night on 3/14, so I will start a new thread.
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