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Originally Posted by tinybutterfly View Post
Thank you for posting that link!
It's an amazing site!! Click the link at the top for the sister Eclipse movie site! She always has lots of good info up!
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:: running around with my hands over my ears going "LALALALALALALA"::

...because I can't get to the links at work and don't have internet at home yet.

We've hit the century mark....


days left and furiously counting.....
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Here's the full sneak preview of Eclipse!

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I repeat...


days left and counting DOWN!!!

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I'm out of control. I've watched it three times now! And I downloaded the New Moon audiobook to listen to on our drive Saturday. I wanted to download Eclipse but it was checked out at the library. I'm hoping it becomes available before Saturday. I can't wait for the movie!!
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LOL I already had the collectors editions ( the ones that are available so far ) and the ebooks and was debating getting the audobooks. Oh did I mention the soundtrack. And I'm so glad my husband is out of the loop with what is cool and what isn't. He liked the movies, wants to go see eclipse with me and will have discussions with me over the differences between the books and the movies LOL ( he hasn't read the books) I do try and leave out spoilers.

Ironically my 20 year daughter is not even interested. I think she was infected by the it's too popular to be cool anymore thing. But she has never been into vampires like I have, I tried to get her to watch Bram Stokers Dracula ( I love it) and she left the room before he even arrived in London. sigh. The best part.

LOL have you guys seen the New Moon: Beauty and The Beast on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG80a4zKEIc
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Thanks Arduinna for the Beauty and the Beast preview! I have seen it before but love it and loved the excuse to see it again. I'm so impressed with how well it's done. My only beef is that as a hardcore Team Edward girl, I'm a little frustrated that Edward is Garcon! But it works so well, I'll accept it. Of course it makes me want to watch New Moon NOW. I've gotten it but it is supposed to be for my Easter basket so I haven't opened it yet. In an attempt to keep the full extent of my obsession from dh I am showing AMAZING restraint! Unfortunately, since I'm trying to be nonchalant, I'm getting NO credit for it. Dh acts fine with my Twilight obsession but in a recent argument, he did apologize for not being magic, so I think there is some underlying insecurity there. I was surprised because I had been very low key of late. Apparently we have different ideas of low key!
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Guuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeessss Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt?!?!?!?!?!

No. Not Chicken Butt.

Only 94 days and counting!!!!!!
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WOOHOO I can't wait to read about Bree (online, for free!) just a few weeks before Eclipse comes out! I'm so excited!!
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Originally Posted by Monarchgrrl View Post
WOOHOO I can't wait to read about Bree (online, for free!) just a few weeks before Eclipse comes out! I'm so excited!!
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Yayayayay!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!
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For those who want to go to Forks, GO!! I was actually there a few weeks ago (I took a solo mommy vacation) and it was really worth it. Stay at the Cullen house! There wasn't much there, but I still had a great time just looking around. And for all that is good and holy, go to La Push and First Beach. I have never seen such a beautiful beach (but I've only ever seen the gulf ). And take some hiking boots or athletic shoes and go to Second Beach. You won't regret it!
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Woo Hoo I can't wait to read about Bree from Bree's perspective!!!!!! Thank you Stephenie Meyer. Maybe we could hope that when she sees how excited and thankful everyone is to read this, maybe oh maybe she'll be interested in thinking about, oh I don't know Midnight Sun again?????? I won't be greedy, I'll just be thankful for Bree's story! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Only 91 more days and getting tired of waiting.
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i just watched new moon...too cheap for the theater (and 7 kids!). it was way better than twilight, but i still prefer the books. i did tell dh that visiting forks is now on my bucket list LOL
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My name is Trinitty... I am 32 years old... and I read the entire series in about five days.



I hope it is okay to raise Breaking Dawn on this thread....

My very important question is:

Since the "birth" scene in Breaking Dawn is ANYTHING but PG-13, and since the scene is pivotal to the story and should be included in the film, does this mean that we will actually get to see a lovemaking scene on the honeymoon night??

I was astounded, and frankly ticked off, by the dog-catching-the-frisbee bit in that book.... after waiting through three and a half volumes, reading every word of this breathless and painful romance, we get this cheap cut-away. I was very disappointed. Why is it okay to describe the blood, pain and anguish of Renesme's birth, but not a lovemaking scene? This is so bizarre.

I realise that young women are reading this... and I realise that Ms. Meyer is a devout Christian, something I deeply respect... BUT, they DID IT RIGHT! They are MARRIED. Their physical union is something that is long anticpated and should be celebrated. They are each other's one and only, this is very special. Give me some tastful and moving description of just how wonderful it is to finally be one with Edward. This is easily done. Her KISSING scenes in the earlier books are more descriptive, for goodness sake. I'm tempted to write it myself. But, that's just out there, right?

I can't believe I am bothered by this.

I am sure there are entire threads dedicated to this issue.... but, I just finished the series and this is the first Twilight thread I found.

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I have to run get ds#2 from school, but yes there are other Twilight threads. Do a search in this forum.

If I have a moment ( and I remember later) I will hunt down the link for the big one for you. It's a fun read.

I would love to go to Forks! Glad you had a great time, liberal_chick!
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there definitely wont be any more sex scene in the movie than there was in the book. Stephenie Meyer is LDS. She'd never approve it. Even if they are married and of course, its a perfectly acceptable thing for a married couple to do, her religion wouldn't allow for SHOWING it. As for the birth scene, thats acceptable because its not bloody gore violence for the sake of bloody gore violence. Its, well..life saving surgery! I'm guessing it will be mellowed down with creative camera angles (like focusing on facial reactions)

I have pictures of me playing at first beach as a toddler
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Here you go. Within this thread are links to at least two other Twilight threads here at MDC.


Aw, you should post your pic of you when you were little at First Beach!
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