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Weaning and nausea?!?!

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I recently developed a UTI and I was put on a strong antibiotic because it was a bad infection so I agreed to it. Since it was a strong antibiotic I didn't want my 19 mont. Old getting any of the nasty antibiotics through my breastmilk so I weaned cold turkey. I was so sad but since my 19 month old was already self weaning a little she didn't mind as much as I did. Ever since I weaned her I have been nauseated throughout the day. First I thought it was just the antibiotics but it has continued. I just had a heavy period when I was scheduled to have one so I don't think I'm pregnant.

My question is, has anyone else experienced nausea after weaning and if so how long did it last?
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Could the nausea be caused by lingering UTI issues? Did that clear up completely?

I can't imagine weaning would cause nausea, but I could be wrong.

MAYBE if you are having engorgement issues or have mastitis...you could have some nausea?

Hopefully, someone else will chime in who maybe had the same experience.

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I had nausea for 3 weeks AFTER finishing antibiotics once, turned out i had so little gut flora left i wasn't digesting well at all (tmi, but how is your poop? Do you see semi-recognisable food there?). A course of acidophilus really helped.
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You could unwean and see if you feel better

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I went back for a check up after my antibiotics and there was no more infection/bacteria.

I have taken some antibiotics here and there but I should probably take it a few times a day. I also started a liver detox after the antibiotics to helpflush the chemicals. I was taking chlorella and milk thistle. I read that milk thistle can cause nausea so I stopped it for a few days but am still little nauseous. I'm able to have two bowel movements a day and as far as I can tell everything is digesting.

I have been having several gallbladder attacks ever since I started the antibiotics. I get them after eating. My sister-in-law said she had really bad gallbladder attacks and nausea so she went to a detox specialist and was put on a special liver and gallbladder detox which took away the attacks and nausea. I think I might go see her detox specialist.

I did search the web a little and found that some women experienced nausea after they weaned. Especially after weaning cold turkey. So I have several issues that could be the cause. I guess I'll start with one issue and work my way through them all.

Thanks ladies! I would still love to her everyone's input!
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