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UT - Education/Homeschool stores, other places to visit?

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We will be in UT late April/early May and I have preschoolers. I'm starting a collection of Homeschool resource books/workbooks. Are there any good resources or people I can talk to about getting started? Has anyone checked out the LDS homeschools in Pleasant Grove and Orem? We will be traveling from SLC to Provo and possibly to St. George.

Any other places we should visit, other things to do for fun? I have Thanksgiving Point and This is the Place on the list for sure, then we are going to visit the Xlear/Spry factory in Orem for a tour, but I need suggestions! Oh, and Ikea, since we don't have any in HI. Too bad you don't have a Trader Joe's, but we're going to Whole Foods, too, I hope. Are there any other stores or restaurants that will give us a guided tour/presentation?
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I think you were the one I just responded to on lodging, but we homeschool ( and have in Cedar City too) and there is plenty to do. The homeschoolers in both areas are great. Thxgiving point is a must see/do - it can keep you busy for days, This is the Place is fun as well as Hoogle Zoo. There is Lagoon, but it's pricey. We go to IKEA on Monday nights sometimes because it's all you can eat organic pasta night, plus the paly land is loads of fun for my kids. I hear pleasant grove has a good sized group there, but we are in South Jordan/Riverton/herriman area, so we stay closer to there. The BYU campus is a treasure trove of activities. We go to the art museum there often. You'll want to hit Good Earth health food store in Provo or Orem or SLC, and there is Real Foods in Orem as well as the Herb Shoppe in Orem. There are quite a few museums to visit. The Gale Center is free and one of our favorites, and there's also Clark Planetarium and The Gateway Mall is fun just to window shoppe in. If you can go to Heber there's the train ride up there, and also in Provo is 7 Peaks. In Draper there's Cowabunga Bay and also Trolley Square in SLC. Temple Square has a bunch of free stuff. The museum has a kids area and there a bunch of historical sites and you can tour the new and old tabernacle. Fun pieces of history. Red Butte Gardens is fun and Gardener Village is cute. The hiking and trails are great and going to Sundance to see Nature and stuff is really fun. I got engaged at Bridal Veil falls and that's really pretty. If you want info on Cedar City/St George attractions let me know.
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As far as restaurants and tours - not sure, maybe winder dairy and Great Harvest Bread Co., but Mazza is a fantastic SLC rest. and McCool's by me in South Jordan is great.
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There is a cute store in Salem that has homeschool stuff. My aunt works there, and I love to go look around but I'm only got one baby so I haven't really paid too much attention to that kind of thing. I think this is the website http://www.lovetolearn.net/
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I'm going to Love to Learn! I'm really excited to see what they have. I also saw that they have Liahona Academy in Pleasant Grove and Maeser Academy so I was hoping to stop by to see what kind of curriculum they use there.

Ikea on Monday nights, we will definitely have to go there.

Do you think we can make it in SLC without a car? We'll be there 5 nights and want to hit the zoo, This is the Place, and the rest of the time we'll probably be doing Temple Square stuff. I think we'll be staying in the free ride zone for Trax, hmmm . . . . better check to be sure.
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If you relied on the TRAX, it might work, but you'd have to forego IKEA and Love to Learn, etc.
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