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Amazing nausea cure!

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My friend cam over today and had bought for me some Sea Bands. I put them on at about 2pm and it is now 5pm and my evening nausea HAS NOT kicked in yet!

Magic!! Such a difference from the last couple of days!

I've had two friends tell me that this was the only thing that worked for them, one of who is preg with twins. But, I have another friend who suffers from HG and they do nothing for her.
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I've been fortunate to not have terrible morning sickness but I used Sea Bands for the worst period of time, 6-7 weeks, and they worked really well for me. I keep them with me at all times for the occasional bad day.

I'm glad they're working for you!!
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I think I need to look for these...
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where do you get the sea bands?
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Pharmacy's sell them over here
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I bought mine at the pharmacy too.
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It didn't work for me but I have been wearing them for 5 weeks just in case
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I just found mine, and I think they may be helping.

ETA: I'd say that they reduced my nausea by about 75% today, which also went a good ways towards improving my energy levels, which will hopefully also help with my sleep tonight, since I didn't nap all day. So... very glad I found them!
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I used them for a few of my pregnancies and they worked for several weeks. I need to get them this week.
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ive been wearing mine for weeks. studies show they really work. (its not a placebo effect--which my dh said lol). CVS has them for $9. Look at any pharmacy near the dramamine, gas-x, etc. Life.sa.ver.s!
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I got mine today. I think they are helping. I got mine at Wal-Mart for about $7.
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