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For the last 8 years we have lived in the south and never had stairs in the house. Now on vacation in New England, everyone has stairs... goodness it is a reminder to me of how out of shape I am and how big I am. I get worried on them with baby and my balance. Is anyone who is used to stairs feeling like they are hard about now or is it just me?
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Oh, they're hard. I have to take them on the subway on a regular basis and sometimes I have to stop and breathe on the platforms for a while before tackling the next flight.
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I've lived in New England my whole life... and it never occured to me that people didn't have stairs to deal with.

...and yes, they are horrible. I have to visit double and triple-deckers frequently to see clients for work and it takes me forever to tackle them.
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We have three floors in our house and the stairs have become a workout.

Why is it that stairs are uncommon in the south? I always think of those huge plantation houses when I think of the south, but are most houses ranch style? Is it for air circulation in the heat?
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I have no idea why most places seem to be ranch styles in the south. I know when looking off post we always looked for a two story house but never could find one to rent. On the military posts we have been on they make them one story in the places we have been unless apartment style.
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I joke that in Florida, construction goes out instead of up. There's giant suburban sprawl but not many 2 story buildings. I don't know why. Hurricanes, maybe?

Anyway, last time I was pregnant I lived on the 2nd floor and stairs got progressively harder. This time I have SPD and TG I live in a ranch style house. Even at work I take the elevator. I wish I was in better shape but oh well. I'll save the stairmaster for after the baby is here, lol!
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I live on the second floor of our two family, so have 10 porch steps, then our 12 steps to our apartment, and three flights (winding and circular, ) to do laundry. I get winded now for sure.
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I think it's a heat thing. Wide low construction takes advantage of breezes and reduces passive solar heating. Upper storeys take advantage of heat rising from below, and allow for big south-facing windows.

Plus, acreage is more pricey in NE, so people gotta concentrate!

I live on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and it's not too bad except when I'm carrying my toddler, at which point I'm panting so hard I can't breathe.

Keep taking those stairs! It's excellent conditioning!
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Stairs are my nemesis. The getting winded thing is bad enough but it aggravates my SPD so much. I have to walk up fifteen steps to get into my house and my office is the highest point on campus, on top of a hill, and no elevator. Boooo! As a military brat we only had one one-floor which was in Hawaii BUT we lived off post in Georgia and that was my first experience with a ranch
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