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Well, the Charleston SC area (there are several towns on both sides of Charleston) really is a lovely area. Growing ( a little too much in my opinion) but that has also brought new ideas which is greatly needed since it tends to be a little closed minded around here. We have 2 health food stores and are getting a Whole Foods. 2 public Montessori schools, several yoga centers, gorgeous beaches,etc...And it really is still affordable. For 250-350K you can get a very nice house, but probably in a newer neighborhood with covenants and restrictions ( I don't like those strict type of n'hoods, but that's me.)
We also have a lot of "country" areas where you might could get a few acres but it would be maybe 20-25 min to town. Of course, every town has it's drawbacks as well. Traffic is becoming bad, but not compared to NJ where I am from. I'll stop rambling now....Don't want too many people moving here LOL!
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Originally Posted by Erin Pavlina
So what I really want to know (and sorry for ranting) is where could we go and spend about $200 to $300k and get a REALLY nice home. We need something large, at least 5 bedrooms because we need two home offices. And please be specific as to city and state. Since we both run internet businesses we can actually live anywhere in the country and still run our businesses. I'm ready to move someplace that hasn't lost it's real estate mind!
Alpharetta, Georgia comes to mind. It's just north of Atlanta and beautiful. You can get an amazing house on a decent amount of land for $225K-250K. Also check out Nashville, TN and nearby Franklin County. Beautiful and CHEAP.
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Up here(I'm in ND) you can get a fixer-upper for 10k-30k. It would be in one of the many small towns, but it is possible.

Generally, new twinhomes are going for about 100k, single family new homes in the 175-200k range(and those are huge, with triple garages and about 2000sq ft)

For a used home, 75-90k is the norm.

Erin, it should be very easy to find the house you're looking for up here in ND. You can go to http://www.edinarealty.com, search for ND, and then either the Fargo or Grand Forks area.
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In my neighborhoud (Montréal), you can get a duplex for 450 000 CDN$ (around 325 US$) and a cottage for 599 000 CDN$. We are lucky we bought our house before prices got so high (the value of our property doubled in 2 years).
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Originally Posted by Erin Pavlina

We're living in Las Vegas now and the home prices skyrocket it seems every week. We went looking for a house on April 15 and the ones we were looking at cost $350 to $415k. A WEEK later I took hubby to see them and now they cost between $575 and $650k! In ONE WEEK! So I asked the guy what happened and he said they released 10 more homes for sale and there were 300 people on the priority waiting list who had already given them an earnest deposit of $3k. Only 10 of those 300 will get a home there. I asked what would happen to the other poor schlubs and he shrugged and said, "In a few weeks we'll release another 10 homes and the price will be even higher."
My Aunt lives in Vagas and is visiting us right now- she was telling us the very same thing- It so unreal! How can people even afford that- I stress over 100K- lol....

You should check out this site- http://www.pasty.com/cam/2003/jul.html This is of Northern Michigan- it is cold so that is nothing like Vegas- but it is soooooo petty! And houses are beyond cheap-
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It is interesting to read about housing prices in different areas.

Our home cost us $87k last year. We have 3 nice sized bedrooms and a den, almost 2 acres and a detached workshop/garage. We are in PA, about 2 1/2 hours from both Philly and NYC. It is a fixer upper. So far we have had a new roof put on and made several cosmetic changes. There are some other upgrades that need to be done, but the house is certainly livable
In our area $200 to $300k would buy you a big house on a very nice property.... a little closer to the bigger cities it would buy you a huge McMansion on a 1/2 acre lot. The closest small city to us offers a lot of very big (4+ bedrooms) old row homes for very reasonable prices.

I almost passed out from shock over real estate prices when I was in CA this past summer. My cousin bought a home in Orange. It is a modest 3 bedroom on MAYBE 1/4 acre at most. Cost? $550,000! In the bay area where the rest of my family lives it is almost as bad. My Aunts paid $150k for a teeny tiny condo, and $240k for a little rancher.
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I live in Flagstaff, AZ and we officially have the highest cost of living in the state, and the LOWEST wages in the state. The average cost of a lower-middle end house is $200-250,000 , half of the homes here in town cost close to $1 mil. Literally. And land? You can 1 acre in town or just out of town, no ground water for a well or anything, no utilities run to it yet, and you will pay $30-75,000 per acre

makes me sick. Especially when we are struggling with $800 rent..ugh! My bf lives near Boston with her dh and kids and it's outrageous out there!
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We live in Arizona too, but in Chandler, which is the suburbs of Phoenix.
Prices vary greatly, you can get a house for $150K into the million.

We just finished building our house, it cost us $415K, with a pool and a larger than usual lot. Houses in my neighborhood have already appreciated, they're going for about $150/$170 per sq ft.
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Erin, for $200-$300,000 you could get an OK house in a suburb of Seattle. Climate is pretty good. Traffic is very bad.
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This is an amazing thread! I cannot imagine a house under $100K, I am a CA native and have always lived here. Currently the house across the street from our place 2 bed 1 bath sold for $540,000 in less than 2 weeks. We bought ours 7 years ago so we must have some great equity built up.... but we can't afford to move - property taxes would kill us! I wouldn't want to move any way. I love our house
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Eight years ago we bought this place--a small house and 2 acres--for about $135,000. Not bad, comparatively!!

Some houses around here are more, though.
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Originally Posted by Journey
HOLY CRAP!!! (excuse my language here)

You guys pay over $200,000 for a house?! Around here you can buy a 6 bedroom Victorian house in a gated community for $100,000!!!

If you're paying over $200,000 here, it's a friggin' mansion newly built!

And, where, exactly, can I find you and these houses??
Oh, never mind, just found ya'!
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Originally Posted by Tracy


Two-income families today spend: 21% less on clothing, 22% less on food, and 44% less on appliances compared to one-income families a generation ago.

Interesting stats. PART of the reason we spend less on clothing, though, is that clothing is now made in third-world countries by people making virtually nothing. So, Sprawlmart, et al., sell it for less (still making a profit off of it, of course.)
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In Portland, OR there are still homes to be had in the mid-100's.
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thanks for the suggestions everyone! I should probably mention that me and any kind of snow just don't go together. I forgot there are states where it snows.

My husband says, "You can't control the housing prices. So don't worry about those. Let's concentrate our energy on increasing our income, which is actually under our control, and then these insane house prices won't be an issue anymore." For some reason, that calmed me down. I guess that worrying about the skyrocketing price of homes does nothing to solve our problem.
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getting your wish!

Originally Posted by KaiandAidensMama
I live in SC too...i'd love some MDC mams to move here though......
i sent you a PM last night about some of your charleston posts as we're moving next week and i'm real anxious to meet people!! i hope you got the PM!! i would love to hear from you. check out my weblog, it's listed in my sigline.
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Um, lets just say I pay over $1000 a month for an apartment(average-mind you, not fancy mind you) in downtown Palo Alto, CA.
You can *MAYBE* buy a dumpy trailer home for $200 grand.
I guess it depends on where youreally want to live though. We really want to settle here and get a house someday soon. So to live in a great area seems worth it.
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We are in Mass too - on the Cape - and yes prices are crazy. We are lucky because I bought my house in 1997 before there was a huge boom - we are currently selling and the house is on the market for roughly 5 times what I paid for it. We are just moving to another part of the Cape though so we won't make a profit. For $250,000 you could MAYBE get a two-three bedroom ranch in a crappy part of town - that is if you can find one. Average would be $450-550.

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Originally Posted by Journey View Post

HOLY CRAP!!! (excuse my language here)

You guys pay over $200,000 for a house?! Around here you can buy a 6 bedroom Victorian house in a gated community for $100,000!!!

If you're paying over $200,000 here, it's a friggin' mansion newly built!

Where do you live?

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My two bedroom one bath home with little closet space 854 square feet under the south runway of the airport is worth $593,000.


I bought it in 1978 for $64,000.


I cannot afford to move.

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