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You guys ready for sticker shock? The average housing price in OC is ....$440,000. Yes, that's correct. Almost a freaking 1/2 million dollars. And these are NOT mansions. Most of them need a least a little bit of work. You would be SHOCKED what qualifies as a million dollar home out here.

I live in a 1600 sq foot 3 bed 3 bath house with basically a patio sized yard. We got in for $240K because and only because this is a University housing suburb. If you don't work at the University, you can't live here. We lucked out bigtime. We spent about a month looking around, and for our budget ($300K and under) we could afford a 2 bedroom townhouse with no yard. I'm sorry, it is PATHETIC. People moving out here should have sizable savings because there are waiting lists for available houses.

Coming from Oklahoma, where $100K will buy a mansion basically, it was really hard for me to adjust...

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Oh, and dh and I combined make $70K a year...so no salaries don't keep up with housing prices...
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One of the reasons we moved out of southern Ca. I really don't know how anyone can make it on one income. And my mom keeps trying that "but the incomes are higher here" sorry don't buy it. Dh makes literall more than 2x what he ever did in CA and our cost of living is 50% less.

I didn't think there was anywhere left that you could buy a house (that isn't a completely falling down shack on a postage stamp lot) for 30K.

Where I am now, houses run about 140 for an average home. You can get a 2500 sq ft on a half acre for 200K.
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we're outside of dc in fairfax va and avg houses are around $400,000 as well. we bought our townhouse (no garage, 1500 sq ft) in 2001 for $195 and it is now worth $315. we just bought a new townhouse that is being built and is $480, 2700 sq ft.
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lurking.....still broken finger (rebroke...long story)


VERY VERY VERY interesting section on local papers site about home prices in the Tampa Bay Area. worth the read for ppl ANYWHERE!
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your too funny, you really love it in Tampa don't you!

thanks for the link though, I was in St Pete Beach about a year ago and love it!
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i've been around the world, literally...born in south of ussr (i'm tatar/russian) and i've been a lot of places. i LOVE TAMPA. weather is AWESOME (below 75% humidity is too dry )! cost of living is AWESOME! no state tax is AWESOME! i grew up here fully immersed in the arts and with lots of different cultures all around me (I grew up in a primarily mexican area here and it was wonderful! there were also lots of other russians down the way in bradenton/sarasota) with all the canadians here, though (yes, this is little toronto - you should see the forum when we play the leafs!!!!) i just wish we'd secede and join canada (flame me now!).

once again - excuse typing...finger....i better stop before I break it off
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sorry to go OT, but first you all have to oust that Gov Bush you have in office!! (no flames here for the seceding comment) I'd be there in a heartbeat if you guys were Canadian

(actually dh wants to move to the Tampa area) he misses saltwater fishing.
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not all places in sv are that cheap... 30,000 here would buy you a 2 bedroom mobile home- if you already have your own land to putit on....
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200,000 for a house?? That is amazingly GOOD! Here in our small town in the San Francisco Bay Area a typical 3/4 bedroom is in the 800,000 to 900,000 range--and we are not talking fancy houses! To get a decked out house it would easily be over a million.
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Originally posted by Arduinna
sorry to go OT, but first you all have to oust that Gov Bush you have in office!! (no flames here for the seceding comment) I'd be there in a heartbeat if you guys were Canadian

T but I agree 100%

I'm really going now
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In my neighborhood, the houses run from 150K-275K. I bought my house for around 170K and was told this was a bargain.

I could have bought for less, but the area wasnt that great, and the schools werent good either, so i had to pay $$ to get the decent neighborhood and decent schools.

My sil lives in MA, and the houses there are 450K. My brothers small house in Boca, Fl is 225K.
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Ditto on what the other california moms have indicated.

a dumpy 2 bedroom that needs a lot of work in our area starts around 500,000 ..and by the way, it is not very big.

sigh. That's why we rent.


a few weeks ago I was watching bill moyers on PBS.. and he had an author on who has written a book about the myths's of the two income family...very, very interesting....

we spend more on property whether it is rent or mortgage than families in the 60's and earlier... and yes it is adjusted for inflation....

the author is a Harvard Prof. She was a very compelling interview


this was eye opening....

Two-income families today make 75% more in inflation-adjusted dollars, but have less money to spend than one-income families did 30 years ago.

Two-income families today spend: 21% less on clothing, 22% less on food, and 44% less on appliances compared to one-income families a generation ago.

Every 15 seconds an American family files for bankruptcy.

This year, more kids will live through their parents' bankruptcy, than through their parents' divorce.

1.6 million families will file for bankruptcy this year, 9 million more are already in credit counseling.

Home mortgage foreclosures are up more than three-fold over the last generation and car foreclosures have hit record levels.

More than 62% of families say that they worry about making ends meet.

The average family spends 69% more in inflation-adjusted dollars on their home mortgage than their parents spent a generation ago.

The average family spends 61% more on health insurance, than their parents spent a generation ago.

Credit card default rates are at a record high.
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Were I live (BC interior, Canada) a house will start at about $120,000 CDN for a 2 bedroom in a good part of town.
My condo is currently for sale for $114,000.
Fingers crossed, we will be moving to a different part of the interior in June, where houses are even more affordable. Fixer-uppers start at about $30,000 for a 3 bedroom, and for $200,000 you can get a palace. A typical 5 bedroom, 2 bath house that was built in the 60's or 70's with all upgrading done will run about $150,000. If you look really hard, you may also get an acreage for that.

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We live in a hundred-year old, 3 bedroom rowhouse in a nicely integrated urban neighborhood. We have a big deck and a huge elm tree in a yard the size of a postage stamp. We're around the corner from a nice green space with a swingset, one block from a fabulous Saturday-morning farmers' market, and within a couple of blocks of our neighborhood branch of the public library and two shopping areas. We paid $75,000 for the house 9 years ago.

A few years ago, people started paying in the 90's for houses on our block, and we were that anyone could be that foolish. Then people started paying in the $110,000's and we were . Now when a house goes up for sale (which isn't often,) it sells in a matter of days for in the $170,000's if it's fixed up or the $130,000's if it needs a ton of work. Needless to say we're and very glad that we bought when we did.

Although I'm glad the investment in the house has paid off so well, I'm disturbed because we couldn't afford to buy a house in our own neighborhood now, and I'm worried that the very sorts of people who originally drew us to this neighborhood aren't going to be able to buy (or even rent) here any more either.
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In our subdivision, 3-4 bedroom/2.5 bath houses with big yard and basements sell between $160,000 and $300,000. We got a great deal on a 4 bedroom house for $150,000. Hopefully we'll get to sell it in a few months for a profit.

The community that we would hopefully move to is much more diverse. We would have to spend much more to get a comparable house in a good neighborhood. I've been camping out at realtor.com looking for our dream home. No sighting yet!
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I live in western NY state. Our city is one of the top 20 small art communities in the country. Several celebrities hail from this small town of about 32,000. We have several community theaters, a National Hockey League Sanctioned Size skating rink (and a hockey team!), a baseball team, a nature center, a library that was voted one of the top ranked public libraries in the nation for our population, we are a Tree City, and there's TONS of resources for parents here.

There's a large population of Amish right outside the city, and neighborhoods rich with Puerto Rican, Italian, and Swedish culture. There's Greek festivals, Polish festivals, food festivals, and other excuses to celebrate throughout the year. We have classic car drives throughout the summer, and bike night (motorcycles) downtown every Friday.

Our crime rate is low. Our education system is great. They spend more per pupil, have less students per teacher, 2 2-year colleges, and a 4 year college nearby. We have a higher air quality index.

The downfalls? Average snowfall is 83.6". 134 days a year are below freezing level. We average one day a year above 90 degrees. Our utilities are high. The unemployment rate is 5.4%.

There's a high amount of production workers, teachers, and food service workers.

The average income is $35,124.

There's plenty of organic produce available if you look for it... but it can be pricey. There's not a single legally practicing midwife in the county (but there are lay midwives who practice among the Amish... you just have to know the right people).

There's a lake with plenty of beaches, lots of hiking areas (there's a hiking club in town!), and tons of playgrounds and parks.

In the last election it was about 28% Republican, 26% Democrat, and 2.5% other (the rest didn't vote).

There's a large amount of Catholics in the area (35%), plenty of Baptists, Episcopals, Lutherans, Methodists, Mormons, and Presbyterians. There's hardly any Muslims, and there's a growing amount of "other" (Buddhist, Wiccan, Pagan, goddess worshipping beliefs 10%).

I love it here. Some people complain that the area is depressed. But, my feeling is it's depressed because a lot of people don't try to make it better. I'm one of those people who see potential in this town, and want to make a difference.

If you want to know more, private message me.
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We bought our house 2 years ago. It's a three bedroom ranch style with a family room, 2 1/2 baths, a two car garage, 1780 sq feet. We paid 230K! The market is even tighter now. We could sell this house today for 250K. Land is scarce and prices high in Juneau, Alaska.
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We live in a little lake town in upstate NY where housing goes anywhere from $70k - $1 million, depending on how close you are to the lakeshore.

Guess which end of the price range we got in on? :LOL
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Journey, by any chance do you live in the Chatauqua Lake area?
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