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Originally posted by mom2tig99Nroo03
not all places in sv are that cheap... 30,000 here would buy you a 2 bedroom mobile home- if you already have your own land to putit on....
you mean SC right?

& your right.. I live in a SMALL town.
45 mins from here is a larger town & prices are a good bit higher ..

we are pretty far from any sc cities
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Come to Sioux Falls. The area is pretty, jobs are plentiful (pay seems low but cost of living is low) and a 3 bedroom house in my neighborhood cost between $75k and $115k depending on location, condition and size. Intrest rates are low and we bought wihtout a down payment. If you build new, my friends just built a very nice 2500 square foot place, top noch construction everything was the best of the best and paid about $170k I think and it appraised for $250k thier payments are $1000 a month with lots of perks for building and when they sell they will make a killing. We bought a 95 year old duplex, sturdy and big (our side has 4 floors with over 2000 sq ft and a double garage (a rarity in this neighborhood) for $114k and the other side (3 floors with 1500 sq ft.) is currently renting for $550 a month but has gotten $690. Our payment is $900.
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It's about $70K to $1 million + depending on where and what around here. Our house has two bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 bath, 50X150 lot, new hardwood floors, and is a block away from a farmers market, the library, and the park. We bought it for $135,000 3 days after it went on the market and right before 5 other people put in an offer. Most people send their kids to private school around here so the school system really doesn't matter that much.

It's funny though- if I could move my house about 1 mile south it would double (at least)in price. I desperately want to move back to upstate NY- but I love my house!
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Originally posted by kate42
Journey, by any chance do you live in the Chatauqua Lake area?
Yeppers. You know the area?
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We bought our house right before housing skyrocketed in San Diego. We paid $221,000 for a 2000 sq home on roughly 1/2 acre.

The houses on are street and now being listed for $559,000 without the 1/2 acre. We got super lucky with our property, it is really unusual for the area I live in.

If you want to pay under $200,000 you will be living in the ghetto with a 500-800 sq shack so close to your neighbor you could hear them snore at night.

If you want 1/2 acre or more than you need to go east and will pay $775 and higher. If you want to be by the beach you will pay roughly the same $775,000 and higher.

On top of that you can expect to pay $200-$300 a month for your gas and electric bill.
Plus on top of that you are going to pay $2.30- $2.70 per gallon for gas.
Our county is not public transportation friendly, especially if you live outside of the downtown area.

And on top of everything the cost of living does NOT keep up with the cost of living
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I live in San Diego where the median home price is $485,000.To rent a 3 bedroom you are looking at $2000-2500.I live in an apt in my MIL's 5000sq ft home.We pay rent which is pretty high but not as high as her mortgage.We will inherit the house one day and currently it is valued at 1.2million and she bought it for $120,000 in 1985.It is not even a million dollar home.It is huge with a lot of property which gives it the value.But we are moving back to WA next year so we can buy an affordable house.There house run around $120-150,000 for something decent.
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Condos, yes CONDOS go for about $350,000 here on the Central Coast of California. The median home price (for single family houses) in our county is well over $400,000 with nothing in our actual city to be found for that price. So bring your millions and move to paradise. Sigh. Thank goodness we bought when we did. If we had to buy our house today it would be over $700,000 and there's no way in the universe we could do it.
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We just bought our first house. (we move in 2 weeks!) It is a cute cape cod, with an awesome yard and in a great part of town for $215. We felt like it was a deal.

Housing prices seem pretty high here- especially considering it gets to below zero in the winter. It's a college town, though.
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An average single family house sells for 300 - 400 K here.
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I went to college in Fredonia , and have a friend who works at Chatuaqua Lake
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I would lobby for you to move to the upper midwest where I am but housing is pricey for the income level of most folks. If the initial price of the house doesn't get you, the taxes will. I pay 4000 on my 210,000 home. It's worse in the city (pop. 250,000) where demand has outpaced supply so my same house would have been over 300 for sure.
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Interesting thread!

Here in San Miguel you can find houses anywhere from $70K and a bit under to $3 million or more. But, it is reasonable to expect that you can find a nice 2-3 bedroom house within walking distance to the center for around $200K (USD, not pesos).
The benefits are that the cost of living can be almost as low as you care to make it (or as high of course), the weather is always nice so no heating or cooling bills to speak of, taxes are extremely reasonable. The drawbacks are that you have to make your own business (which can be a great thing if your idea works out), you have to deal with the beauracracy of being an ex-pat and it helps to speak spanish.

But I'd love some more MDCers to come down!!
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Originally posted by Journey
Yeppers. You know the area?
Yep. I used to travel to Erie a lot for work, so I drove right by there every other week. I would love to live there, there's so much creativity abounding.
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I really love Chautauqua County. We have Chautauqua Institution (which is so filled with cultural activities!), Lily Dale (spiritualist community which is so pretty and you meet wonderfully interesting people who thank you for wearing your baby in a sling and are intensely interested in AP practices), coffee shops where you can read poetry and stories, free concerts in the wood park downtown, trees everywhere, sculptures popping out throughout town... it really is inspiring at times! You can start a small business downtown rather cheaply. A storefront in the busy section will cost about $250 a month to rent.

Some people bring others down. They see the area as being depressed. The people are depressed. Drug addiction and alcohol abuse is a big thing, as is domestic disputes. The big drugs in the area are pot and Cocaine. Chautauqua County is one of the "stops" along the drug runs. People don't realize how much culture is available if they just stop and notice, ykwim? It has way more culture than is available in even some larger cities.

I can tell you one thing, though... I can walk anywhere in town, at any time of the day or night, and not worry about getting jumped. I feel completely safe walking down the tree lined brick streets.

I love NY state, too, btw. If anybody is interested in bettering your life, come to NY state. After living in NY state, what is it 6 months or a year (?), you can go to college pretty much for free if you're low income!!! All your books are paid for and then some! See, there are opportunities people don't take advantage of. If you're poor, but have hope and want to make things better, I'm telling you, this is the place to be!

It's VERY kid friendly here. There are home schooling groups (that meet at the local roller skating rink for "social interaction" once a week), breastfeeding support groups (though I wouldn't suggest one in particular!), and tons of Early Intervention programs where they'll come to your house for free if you have a child with special needs! Medical care is free for kids in this state. I see a WONDERFUL doctor who respects my decision not to vaccinate. Although there aren't a whole lot of AP'ers I've come across, when you meet them, they are definately passionate! I've heard from a friend of mine that there's a doctor in a nearby town who encourages parents to delay vaccinations, and I know there's another doctor in a nearby town who pretty much refuses to circumcise babies routinely.

There's yoga classes, drumming circles, music festivals, and environmental groups.

This town is rich with subcultures of all kinds.

If anybody's looking for a place to move to, feel free to check out Chautauqua County, NY, and private message me!

BTW, I didn't grow up in this area. I grew up in a large city, and the positive culture here is sooooo much more abundant than where I grew up. I chose this area as my home, and I've dedicated myself to making it an even better place. I hope more people choose to do the same, here and elsewhere.
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A 2 bedroom starter home, a decent one, nothing fancy but not gross, will cost you at least $600,000 where I live.
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This is why we left the north east for a small town in the NC mountains. In our town (Boone, NC) we bought a 2000 sq ft home for $180,000. It has 4 bedrooms and a extra room we use as a playroom. You can do much better than that though if you are willing to move further from town (we are 5 min). Our property taxes are $700 per year. Since its a growing area, dh's business has done pretty well. Probably better than we could in a more populated area due to competition. Boone is a great town with a university and strong hollistic community.

In NJ it is about $300,000-$350,000 for just a normal ranch 3 bedroom house in a decent neighborhood. Plus taxes would probably run you $5000 a year. Anytime I miss NJ (which isn't often) I think about this and how I would be working instead of SAHM to ds.

Another good place to go if you are looking for affordable housing is Asheville, NC. Its a cool town and has a job job market and the houses are even less expensive than here.
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My God, this thread floors me!

600,000$ for a starter home with 2 bedrooms? Are you kidding me?

I am not joking when I say you could get a decent 2 bedroom home here for $50,000.

Most homes in my area go for around 80,000-120,000. That would be a brick or brick/siding home on approx 1/2 acre with 3+ bedrooms and 2 baths and a garage.

The upper end homes in our area are HUGE (like 6000+) sq ft, brick with large lawns and go for about $500,000-$750,000.

My sister and her dh rent a great brand new townhouse here for $600 a month.

I guess we have pretty decent real estate prices here.

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Our 4 bedroom 2 bath 2000 sq. ft. home just appraised at $215,000 in October. Our realtor said he wouldn't sell it for less than about $230,000. right now. Our house is only 4 years old and is in a great neighborhood (1/4 acre lot), but sheesh! I wouldn't pay that much for my house (not that it's not nice--it's just that's a lot of money!). We bought it new 4 years ago for $130,000, but we finished the lower level and put a deck on the back. We've taken some equity out but still only owe about $160,000. Our property taxes are about $2400/year.
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The median price of a single familly home where I live in Santa Barbara, CA is over $900,000! A couple months ago I heard it was officially the least affordable place to live in the country because salaries are generally low here too. The least expensive house to come on the market last week was in the mid $500's and it was basically a shack. Two bedroom condos cost over $500,000 too. According to the folks at UCSB who keep demographics, the houses here are all being purchased by wealthy baby boomers who are moving here to retire. Most have at least 4 million in assets.

We could have purchased a house here 3 years ago, but we are now priced out of the market (ah, hindsite!). Luckily, we have a nice little rental and a great landlord. No room for a garden, or a yard for my kids to play in, but we have lots of beautiful parks, beaches and mountains to visit. Such is the price of living in paradise I guess.
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Originally posted by TranscendentalMom

Another good place to go if you are looking for affordable housing is Asheville, NC. Its a cool town and has a job job market and the houses are even less expensive than here.
this is where we are looking at moving the next few years
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