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we moved to the panhandle of florida in oct. 2002. we were debating between the 3 bd/2 ba 1700 sq ft ranch for 159,000, with almost NO backyard, and the 4 bd/ 2 ba 2400 sq ft 2 story for 178,000, with a huge backyard.

we bought the smaller............

now, we CAN'T afford a 4 bd in this area. the prices have literally skyrocketed since then. our neighbors house just sold for 215,000 and it is the same floor plan as ours. the 4 bd in our development went for 245,000........ these homes sold within matters of hours and without for sale signs.

my dad bought a house in the burbs of chicago when i was 6 for 300,000. he sold it when i was 26 for 1.8 million. i think real estate has just gone crazy!!!!!!!!! everywhere..............
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Urban dwellers here.

The warehouse down the block from us ... which up until last year had an enormous replica of the Statue of Liberty on its roof ... was just turned into condominium apartments.

The one-bedroom apartments start at $1.5 million. Or some such.

The penthouse supposedly sold for $13.5 million.

For an apartment.

Amazing, ain't it.

If they really wanted to throw their money away like that, they could've just given it to me.

Just in case anyone was thinking of moving to the Big Apple ...
bite the Big Apple ... don't mind the maggots ...
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Wow, thanks for all of your responses.

Journey, your town sounds like it is wonderful. But I have to say I had a friend that lived in upstate New York I think the town was called London. The area was georgeous. On the drive up there I went though winding roads and saw the most amazing thunder and lightening show ever! But I think I know why there is such a high depression/drug rate. It rains all of the time!!! It must have rained 6 out of 7 days that I was there. A couple of years later I went through there on my way to Canada and guess what?...rained the whole time. It's too bad because other than I would really consider going there

Ahh Ms. Sisko, now you've got us talking about Florida, AGAIN. I love being hot all of the time and now that we're going through the end of the winter blahs it sounds so nice!! It's only an hour or so plane ride from here so we could still see our parents often if we went there. Also, my husband works in HVAC (heating and air conditioning) and I'm pretty sure he'd have no problem finding work there....

Now, if we only had the guts to make such a big move.....
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Sorry - I didn't get a chance to read all the posts...but this topic has me so frustrated I just had to post...if just to vent a little. We live in a nice, middle-of-the-road not super famous area of los angeles. There is a lovely little housing area near us...small 2-bedroom 1 bath type homes with a little yard front and back. Maybe a 1 car garage...all built 1920-40's. Granted, the neighborhood has gentrified a bit (nice trees etc.) and has mostly been taken care of - but its just a normal little neighborhood. When we moved into our apartment the average house price was around 250k. We thought it was way out of our price range and wondered who the &*%@# these people were that lived in them and what they did for a living. Now - a mere 5 1/2 yrs later those same houses are going for at least 450K. Its enough to make you weep.

AND - my husband doesn't want to move cause he thinks his income will go down and put us in the same category in another state. I disagree...but there you have it. It is unbelieveable to me...but land and single family homes are at a premium in SoCal. We've thought about moving east(inland empire). Seems like homes out there are quite a bit less. But so far we are weighing quality of life (little to no commute) against buying a home. I think we'll be in this little apartment for quite a while yet.


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Feeling the need to add to my previous post ...

One of the good things about NYC/Manhattan in particular is that you'll have these multimillionaire condos right next door to housing projects. Granted, some neighborhoods are weighted more to one side of the spectrum than the other, but everyone's kind of smushed together ...
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I live in a part of southern CA where housing is still relatively reasonable. There's a whole range of prices, but we have approx 3000 sf and bought the house for around 230K, and the values have rocketed. We have a lot of perks-mountain views, HOA w/1500 acres of nature trails & parks, all types of recreation. We're within walking distance of the elementary school.

DH was mowing the grass this weekend-a real estate agent pulled up and asked if we were interested in selling-he had a client willing to pay $410K. I don't think we could get that much, but word is that our homes are now going for mid-300's. Oh, property taxes are about 4 grand a year.

We used to live in NYC and Putnam County NY-I don't even want to think what this house would cost there.
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Around here, houses that used to be small summer cottages (so 1-2 bedrooms, very small kitchens, bathrroms, and living areas), and are in need of repairs, start at about $200,000.

I once saw a house with a caving in roof advertised for $230,000.

Most houses are well over $300,000, and frequently closer to $400, 000.
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Don't have time to read through everything, so my area may have been done, but....

In my neighborhood (DC 'burb on the Virginia side with very good schools), the norm is 450K-500K for an updated 1950s era 3-bedroom on about 1/4 acre. You could probably find a single family home (though most likely on the other side of town) between 300K and 400K, but it would be a fixer-upper. New construction will suck you dry. There's a new house one street over, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, finished basement, almost no yard going for 1.4 million.

And if the price of the house alone doesn't kill you, the outrageous property taxes most certainly will.

I'm pretty sure I'll never be buying a house here.
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We currently live in a north Dallas suburb and we built our house in 1999. 2200 sq ft, great neighborhood, $138,000 which runs us $1500 a month. We hate the cookie cutter houses though. And our taxes are now $3800.

We're getting ready to move to Colorado, around Monument or Springs and we're looking at houses around $240,000 that were built in 1970!! ACK! We don't mind an older house, I think they have more character, and the land is sooooo worth it, around 1-2 acres for each. Taxes are around $750!!! Holy cow!
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I live in Brooklyn, NY and we are getting ready to put our 2 BR co-op apr on the market. We bought it in 1998 for $117k and are putting it on the market for $450k

I feel almost guilty, but that's what the market is like these days here and the money will let us buy a house in CT outright (no mortgage) and allow me to stay home with DS! YEAH!!! I just don't know how anyone can afford to live in the city these days!
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That's fabulous, Andrea. I dream of being mortgage-free. We're saving and chipping away at it. Good for you!
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Um...holy cow!! I only read the first page and was astounded! If we ever want to own a house we'll have to move to where some of you folks are. In the town where I live ( 4 hours north of San Francisco ) you can't find anything even worth living in for under $200,000.00 and even then it's a fixer. Heck...you can't get raw land for under $100,000.000.
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We live in the Capital District area of NY. You can buy small houses in the suburbs for around $100K. You could get a fixer-upper house in the city for less. We have a 4 br, 2 1/2 bath house in a very good school district that I think we could probably get around $190K for now. I love it here.

It seems like all the new construction is for very large houses that sell for over $250K. I'm not sure where all these wealthy people are coming from!

I don't know how (or why) people would chose to live in places like So. Cal.
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Northwest suburbs of DC...in a Muffy and Biff style colonial, built in the 60's and in medium-ish repair....$450K,

Brand new condos - comparable
Brand new single family homes...$550K, easily.

It's insane here.
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i live in socal, inland, housing prices have jumped here too. we couldn't afford to buy the house we have. we paid 187k for it almost 3 years ago. today it's worth 330k. (our taxes are based on purchase price and are about $3k a year) we are both temped to cash out and live mortgage free somewhere else, but worry that we could never return to socal if we wanted to.
what keeps us here is a set of grandparents and the ability to garden year-round and still get to snow or the ocean within an hour's drive. what makes us want to leave is traffic, 100 degree dry-as-a-bone summers, unbridled development, mall culture and the general socio-political tone. (most of socal is very conservative and we are not.)
eta: our house is 4/2 1700 sf on about 8000 sf lot with (an absolute miracle in socal) a creek and an acre of oaks and grasslands outside our back gate. it really is a slice of heaven in that way. the kids catch frogs, pick blackberries and swing on a rope swing. i think we would have moved already if we didn't have this little haven to step into...)
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I don't know how (or why) people would chose to live in places like So. Cal.

Umm, I've lived in NY and feel the same way! :LOL

For those who hate the cold, So Cal is wonderful.
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I live in Central Bucks Co PA & my Lordy!!! The price of a house!!
I liv in a little house with one bathroom that literally needs to be gutted & redone & it was recently appraised at a little over 300,000!!!
Most people here pay about a half million. I live here casue I grew up here & our family is here. We barely make it!
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I an in a small suburb in Chicgaoland and the house prices in this neighborhood are $225-250,000. This is not one of the nicer suburbs, it is very safe though. Actually, I love this suburb b/c it is like a small town but is right outside the city. People have lived here their entire lives. One women I know lives in the house she grew up in and she is in her 70's. This is not unusual! No one ever leaves and everyone knows everyone else. The village jobs, like director of public works, are handed down from father to son. It is like Mayberry in the middle of a huge metropolis. We would love to settle down here (buy a house), but we cannot afford to yet.
BTW-250,000 is cheap for Chicagoland.

Journey-I grew up in Buffalo and my family had a cabin right on Chatauqua lake. I loved it there. I still dream of going back (parents sold the cabin). It was always so peaceful and happy.

'(sigh) I need to convince DH we need to move to upstate NY!
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To expensive for us! Dh will have to make some major raises before we can get a house unfortunately.
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Coming in late to this thread. All I can do is echo an earlier poster's phrase, "Holy CRAP!!!"

I'm looking at the housing prices listed in other parts of the country and I'm shocked. We live just north of San Francisco. Median housing price is . . . .(drumroll, please) $674,000!!!

These numbers just bounce off me because none of it seems real.
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