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The housing market where I live has gone wild. The only new building that is going on is for townhouses which start in the low 100,000's and houses that start at 1/2 million. Because of this all existing home prices have gone through the roof. And they don't last long on the market. We have lost out on several homes because we didn't move fast enough. The last house just was on the market one day and it sold before we had a chance to go through it. So the appraisals on all of these houses is also way out of control. Hopefully we find something soon because we have run out of space where we are currently renting.
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We're in the mountains of AZ, and houses here are about 100k for a new 3/2; if you want slightly older, in the 80's and 90's; if you want a mobile home on land (what we have) you can get a 4/2 on an acre for about 99K. Prices are going up, though. We got our place, a 3/2 mobile home on 1/2acre in the pine trees that back to city forest, for 78K back in August; now, similar houses a few blocks over on tiny lots are going for 90K! Lucky we bought when we did.

Arduinna, my family in SoCal always tells me we can move back there, because salaries are higher. They can't do math, lol! Yes, dh would make more, about 50K instead of 30K. But, that 20K won't make us able to afford a 400K house! We can barely afford our 78K house (though we do have a 15 year as opposed to a 30 year mortgage). It does make me sad that we can't ever move back; unless we go way up north to Shasta County- we can afford it there

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In my area, 2B,1B crackerbox homes sell for $350,000.00. NOt even worth it. Most deeds have titles that read like a petition.
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Grab your barf bag before reading!

Just checking out the real estate section in today's paper. A house down the street: Remodeled older home, 1 bed, 1 bath, approx. 800 sq.ft on 50X100 lot. $507,000. There was also a thrashed 3/2 old house needing lots of work, but "room in attic to expand" $729,000. And, umm, we just expanded our own attic. To do so in this area, to meet earthquake standards and pay the outrageous fees to the city, etc., cost about $85k.
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Here in Western Arkansas, the cookie cutter houses 3bed/2bath on about 1/4 acre are running about 100K.

But I don't really know for sure - we were extremely blessed when it came for our home purchase here.

We went from renting a 3 bed/2bath no yard in the city for $350/month to buying 2 acres in the country on a dead end road, complete with utilities and mobile home for only $178/month.

Raw land runs about 5K per acre. We attempted a raw land buy at first, but with renting and all city utilities, we couldn't afford to build anything - our total land payment for both the rent house and the raw land was about $500 per month.

So when we lucked out and got this land we currently live on (a friend through a friend through a friend deal) we immediatly snatched it up, although both DH and I were not too happy about living in a mobile home here in tornado alley.

Now here's something that will make your jaw drop. We took the savings of about $300 per month and started saving it to build our own house. We did 90% of it ourselves. Dh is an ex-construction worker and current electrician, so that helped!

We used concrete for the outer walls and the one inner room to be used as storage and a safe room (tornadoes, ya know). Rebar in all the blocks, and poured concrete for more support. Regular wooden roof (Yeah, the roof will probably go during a tornado! However, the safe room has a very secure concrete rebar ceiling). All other inner walls are sheet rocked. Within a year of do it ourselves, we moved in to a very bare home. However, paying as we went, our home is completely paid for and we only have the $178 land payment still. I still have no doors on many rooms and eventually we are going to brick the outside instead of the concrete look. And now for the real jaw dropper - we have only spent $20,000-25,000. It would have been about 3K less, but we had to get a concrete truck out here to pour the concrete for us and there was about a week's worth of lost wages when DH took off to do the roof. Oh yeah, the house itself is one story, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage, eat in kitchen, and approximately 2400 sq. ft.

I'll admit, it has NOT been easy and we are still working on the interior every day. A lot of my walls are still plain sheet rock, and like I said I have no doors on many rooms. The 2nd bath for the kiddos is not in use yet, I have a piece of plywood for a huge doorway in my kitchen where the sliding glass door will eventually go. One bedroom is used for storage and is unfinished as well, since the youngest two are still sharing a room. The back door just had cheaply stacked concrete blocks for steps, as we plan to add a deck there in a few years. Our appliciances are older than dirt (taken out from the mobile home). But it is so worth it to us to not have the outrageous mortgage - and our home owner's insurance is pretty low, as we are very tornado safe.
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mommymushbrain, that is awesome!
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That is VERY awesome! I would love to live mortgage free. It would save us $1200/month. I'm not willing to move away for that to happen though. Not yet, anyway. We have about $60,000. equity in our home right now and it'll only go up from here. My dh has a wonderful job and it's only 4 miles away from here. We are very blessed by that.
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Originally posted by Brayg
My dh has a wonderful job and it's only 4 miles away from here. We are very blessed by that.
Wahhh... see my DH works an hour and 15 minutes away!!!
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This is amazing. Having lived in So. CA my entire life, I can't believe you could ever buy a decent house for *less* than $150!

We bought our house about 7 years ago in a nice neighborhood for $200. Decent yard, safe area. The house is only 1200sf, two bed and one tiny bath. We just sold it last week for $475. And it was on the market for 6 days.

Like andreac, we feel guilty and shocked. A young woman bought the house - she and her fiance want a dog and a family with a safe neighborhood. But the equity we will get will pay our mortgage on our new house so that both DH and I will be home with our young girls (and maybe a new baby in another year or two) for about five years. So it's worth it to us.

Here's the real shocker. Our new house is 3800sf, five beds, 3.5 bath, right next to the state forest - everything we've wanted. We paid $390. More than triple what we have now, and we paid *less* for it.

We're definitely not coming back to So CA. No more smog, unbearable dry heat, or snobby, materialistic people!
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That is amazing, Alis. I'm glad the appreciation gave you options to move to a dream location!

The prices are so high everywere in our region that even though we have a lot of equity in our house (and a mortgage yet), everything else has also appreciated at an equal or greater rate, so we really can't ever afford to move in this area!
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I have lived all over- in fact I have moved 4 times in just this year! We have owned a home in Northern Michigan and we got it 10 years ago for 12,500 and it is worth about 36k now. The problem is that jobs are hard to find- but with a mortgage payment of 380 is it really that big of a deal??? LOL! We almost got a home that was overlooking the water and had 3 floors- all hardwood and 4 bedroom so very very nice- asking price 99k Now, we have moved to WA state and to use houses seem so much here- I think avg price here is over 200k and my sister and her partner are going to have a baby and she already has a son so they are looking to buy a house and they cant find anything and they make 50k a year- it is just to much money for them to spend. It is very sad. I like my little northern michigan best!
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Near Charlotte (next county) the houses go for around $350,000.

Mine appraised for around $300,000 with about 3000 sq ft. 1 acre lot

Of course the nice section of town (few miles away) the 1 acre lot is going to $75,000 - $85,000. That's just for the LOT!

Let's not even talk about the $750,000 house!
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In our subdivision, the smallish 17 year old townhomes are going for about $400K, up from $170K five years ago (and roughly $250K last year). The brand-new townhomes across the street start at about $800K. Yes, TOWNHOMES.

Single family homes in our neighborhood are in the $900K-$1M range at this point, and that's up from $750K just last year. The market is insane here. We'd love to move into a bigger home, but to find one similarly priced to our townhome we'd have to commute for hours. No thanks.

Edited to add: We're in Fairfax County outside DC.
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Originally Posted by carrietorgc
we're outside of dc in fairfax va and avg houses are around $400,000 as well. we bought our townhouse (no garage, 1500 sq ft) in 2001 for $195 and it is now worth $315. we just bought a new townhouse that is being built and is $480, 2700 sq ft.
I'm in the same boat as you...suburban Long Island, NY. We bought our house in 2001 for $210,000 and they just reassessed us for tax purposes at $320,000. At first I thought the assessor was nuts, but now I've been noticing the local sale prices, and we're right on target for that, plus we're a walk to the train station and a 35 minute ride to NYC, so it's prime commuters property.

I'd say the average around here is probably $400,000 in Nassau County. If we hadn't bought the house in 2001, I don't know where we'd be living. The only good thing is that our net worth just jumped by $100,000 in instant equity...
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Originally Posted by stacey31
I live in Central Bucks Co PA & my Lordy!!! The price of a house!!
I liv in a little house with one bathroom that literally needs to be gutted & redone & it was recently appraised at a little over 300,000!!!
Most people here pay about a half million. I live here casue I grew up here & our family is here. We barely make it!
We live near stacey, but in montgomery county...4 years ago we bought our house for $150 (4 bedrooms, 1600 square feet)...smaller houses w/less bedrooms on our block are now selling for $250-300. Property taxes are $4500, but we wanted a good public school, so we don't mind at all. We were thinking about moving, but don't want to go through the trouble unless it's our "dream" house. 4 years ago houses we loved were selling for $250 - now we haven't seen anything worth the trouble of moving for under $400.

We both have decent incomes, and could never afford it.

Where my dh teaches, they've been erecting tons of "starter mansions" - $500-700.
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In my very unscientific study of houses around here, the pattern I've noticed is it's about 100K per bedroom. Of course, you could buy my 3bdrm on a tiny lot in a dumpy town for 260, (taxes are only 6100) or you could buy a 3bdrm in a nice town with a larger yard 15 min. away for 500K.

Forget about buying land. There's none left.

I've been drooling over SC homes at realtor.com lately. If only it wasn't 11hrs from family...sigh.
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Not every area in New Jersey is so expensive though. We bought our place 9 mos. ago for 135$, our taxes only run about 2 grand a year. No way is that as cheap as some areas, but I feel really lucky. We have a 4 bedroom, so hopefully we won't have to move if our family grows. My mom lives in Northern NJ and it's crazy! Her house is so much smaller than mine and will sell for 750,000. *easy*. There is no way we could afford the taxes on her place (Like 12,000 a year!!!)

We moved from NYC, and I just don't understand how people can survive anymore. We sold our mortgage free coop, but we *still* couldn't afford ANYTHING in the city, in any neighborhood. I've watched most of our friends retreat for the 'burbs when they have kids, simply because they simply can't afford to live anywhere bigger than a studio apt.
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I live in SC too, but NOT a small town...a rapidly developing one. It seems proces go up every day, but it is still way cheaper than most of the country. We bought ours for $127K 3 years ago, the same one next door just sold for $165! Taxes are 800.00. We do like it here but it is already getting over populated ....from the North!-----and I am one of em from NJ!
i'd love some MDC mams to move here though......
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Boy, we'd love to find a house under $300k.

My parents bought their house for $40k and today it is worth $900k. They live in a really nice area in Los Angeles. I just can't believe housing prices. It takes my breath away.

We're living in Las Vegas now and the home prices skyrocket it seems every week. We went looking for a house on April 15 and the ones we were looking at cost $350 to $415k. A WEEK later I took hubby to see them and now they cost between $575 and $650k! In ONE WEEK! So I asked the guy what happened and he said they released 10 more homes for sale and there were 300 people on the priority waiting list who had already given them an earnest deposit of $3k. Only 10 of those 300 will get a home there. I asked what would happen to the other poor schlubs and he shrugged and said, "In a few weeks we'll release another 10 homes and the price will be even higher."


So what I really want to know (and sorry for ranting) is where could we go and spend about $200 to $300k and get a REALLY nice home. We need something large, at least 5 bedrooms because we need two home offices. And please be specific as to city and state. Since we both run internet businesses we can actually live anywhere in the country and still run our businesses. I'm ready to move someplace that hasn't lost it's real estate mind!
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We bought our house in a core city neighborhood 6 years ago for $65,000 (was listed for 59,900, but needed work, so we up'ed the price to include a brand new roof, water heater and gas furnace before purchase). It was recently appraised for almost double the price ($105,000-110,000).

We are now looking for a farmhouse w/a couple acres in the sticks and want to pay less than $150,000. We have looked at a couple of real dumps at that price point...we would be paying for the land at that price, as the houses were worthless (major structural and infrastructural issues). We are starting to look at less land, more house and have found a few candidates.

Houses in general range in price from $35,000 (real dump in a bad neighborhood), to $1M in The Preserve, a mansion/McMansion area with 6,000 sq. foot, 5 car garage homes . Average home price in my neighborhood is probably around $80,000. Average home price city and township wide is around $250,000 and that is a really nice house in a good city or township/suburban neighborhood.

One problem our community has is that while there isn't a shortage of housing, there is a shortage of affordable housing. Many people who are able to buy homes are buying the less expensive homes when they could afford something better, thus limiting the pool of homes for people who can afford less and/or jacking up the prices of the affordable homes to meet the means of the people buying.
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