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Slightly weird bahavior from DS...or is it?

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DS will be 10 months on the 20th. I've noticed a few "odd" things popping up in the last week or so and just want to see if it means anything or are they with in the range of normal. FWIW, DS also had an allergic reaction to eggs on Wednesday, but the one behavior began before that.

#1 - DS takes his hand, and it seems to always be his right hand and he runs it along what ever surface he is crawling on. Picture it as if he had a toy truck in his hand that he was pushing as he crawled, except there is no truck. He does do it with some toys or a bowl or book, but now he is doing it with his bare hand. I had to remove a splinter this morning because of it.

#2 - This just started yesterday at dinner time. Just randomly shaking his head, like he is saying no. He did it at dinner last night a few times, than he did it tonight while we were out at Outback for dinner. Then he started having a bit of a flip-out, was really agitated, jumping around in my arms, arching his back, crying, etc. He wouldn't eat, threw everything on the floor. He than did the head shaking thing again at bedtime tonight. I rocked him like I always do, he was falling asleep, when he started shaking his head back and forth with his eyes closed. He would stop, seem to fall asleep, than do it again. This went on for about 5-6 minutes until he finally fell asleep for good.

So, do either of these seem strange or with in the range of normal?
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Not sure about #1 but #2 seems normal to me. DS (also 10 months) shakes his head "no" now. He does it in context and also at random times and sometimes accompanied by screaming about something that he doesn't like.
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Probably just a developmental stage he's going through, sensory-seeking to learn more about his environment, but I would want to talk to his doctor about it at the next available date.

At the very least, that's going to establish some baseline with the doctor, and he/she may have some suggestions for you. Then at future well-baby visits, you'll be able to follow up on what his latest changes are. Probably it will be a couple months down the road and you'll have a hard time remembering that you were ever concerned about it.
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Both sounds very normal to me. Both sound like sensory experiences...
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#2 for sure is normal - may also be teething, the nerve runs through teh jaw by the ear and can cause tingling and odd sensations he may be reacting to that. dd does the head shaking thing all the time.
i'd guess #1 is normal but i haven't seen dd do it yet....
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ok, thanks. He has a well baby visit Wednesday, so I'll mention it just to have it "on record".
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#1 DD did all he time. She was never a fast crawler because she spent so much time patting/ rubbing the floor. She started walking at 9 months, I think crawling was just too distracting for her. #2, DD did that as well. At first she did it because we did it to her and she thoguht it was funny, but then it happened whenever she didn't want to do something and now she'll run around shaking her head rapidly and yelling "no no no NOOOOOOO."
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