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Living in a trailer (mobile home) long-term if it means a route to homesteading? - Page 2

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What is wrong with living in a trailer?

If you're talking homesteading, having a trailer is living large


and yes, I grew up in a trailer, how a child would remember their youth has little to do with what kind of house mom and dad had, it has to do with what kind of home their family made together . 

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I think it is a great opportunity for you. I would jump on it but I would definitely get something in writing, just to be safe.

I live in a trailer on an acre of land. I love it, and and my girls (11 & 6) love it. I went through a divorce 2+ years ago, and my options were to buy a trailer, or rent (apartment or house). If I rented, I knew I needed to find a full time job right away (I had been a SAHM for 11 years so wanted to transition back into the workforce slowly). A trailer was not my first choice, but it was a blessing in disguise. An older trailer (1984) with an elder couple being the only occupants. They took great care of it. It is only 2 bedrooms, so we sleep in one room (bunk beds with full on bottom and twin on top. I cosleep with youngest and oldest sleeps on top. The other room is a play room. I paid cash, so no mortgage. This allows me to work part-time and spend as much time as possible with my girls. I look at this trailer as temporary because of the size, but I would not be opposed to buying another trailer if it was 3 bedroom and putting it here on our land.

Living in a trailer doesn't bother us at all. I guess it could be a problem for the girls someday, but so far, they couldn't care less and are just happy I can spend so much time with them.
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Hi Jeanine,


I think you might be trying to respond to my post. I'm sorry for not responding earlier. I tend to wander in and out of the mothering forums based on my baby fever and whatnot. I lived in a trailer with my parents and my younger brother and younger sister. We moved there when I was four and I finally moved out when I was 25. I went away to college for four years and came back for a little over a year. I think it was because, oddly enough, I felt safe there. In retrospect, I should have left for good at eighteen, but I was stupid back then and naive and had no clue about how to do things. 


A trailer isn't necessarily a bad place to live in. I've seen some really nice trailers that have been kept up. My parents' house, on the other hand, is a totally different story. It was built in the 70's. They bought it in the mid-eighties. We weren't made to do chores and were kind of oblivious to them and we didn't do anything to help our mom out (dad was away all week for work). Both parents also had a substance abuse problem and other problems and housework just didn't get done. The pipes busted in the kitchen one winter and were never fixed. There was no central heat, but we did have a woodstove. The house was a mess and I never felt comfortable anyone over because I was ashamed of where we lived. I shared a bedroom with my brother and sister and slept on the couch in high school to get some privacy. 


Now, on the edge of 31, I regret not moving out sooner. I've also come to see that I like the location of where my parents live, but not the house itself and all the bad memories that happened there (lots of family tension). 


What kind of trailer are you planning on moving into? Does it have enough space for you and your daughters? Can they help decorate the house (specifically, their rooms or sides of a room they can share)? It might take some time for everyone to adjust to a new place. Also, depending on the seasons where you are, can you make more of an outside living area where you can spend time outside of the small living area?


Good luck with everything.

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I am trying to reply to a certain post but don't really understand this site yet so, here's hoping it works! U said u grew up in a trailer with I think UR 2 sisters was wondering until WHAT AGE u were before u moved out? How BAD do u rememember it being REAALLY? I mean, my 12 yr old, her 3 yr old sister n I MIGHT end up moving into a trailer permanently then building additions on it etc, keeping it as TINY HOUSE as humanly possible with 2 kids single mom...? I MENTIONED it to 12 yr old in passing n she just screams: STOP! I'm thinking it's the 'dying from embarassment' havin no personal space so she thinks, and the worry about others, that has her seemingly so 'outraged at THIS moment' I cannot help but wonder if I push thru that with her n she grows to love it!?!?!!! She always loves web we go away to trailers small cottages saying she loves the small space, we ALL GET ALLNG HAPPIER wen were closer together and truth b told I cannot afford 2100sq ft of my own or ANYONE ELSE'S ANYMORE SO it's probably GOING to happen wether she likes it or not!. Ways around this attitude? Help!?
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We are moving into a double wide.  We did it before- on government land (dh works for the state).  This time it will be better because it will be our home, our land.  We are starting a mini farm and couldn't be happier about it.  It is a 3 bed 2 bath and situated on 5 acres with a national forest in the back.  We plan on building on a bedroom or two as we are in the middle of getting licensed to foster kids and plan on one more bio kid.  We are building bunk beds for the rooms so the kids will have their own "space".  I am excited.


Good luck

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