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Good workout DVD for people with knee problems?

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I just attempted to do the 30 day shred, but it has done terrible things to my knees. I need to find a good work out dvd that isn't full of jumping and things that might further damage my knees. Any recommendations? I'm interested in yoga and pilates, I've never really done either but I'm not sure how much of a workout they are? I'm new to this fitness thing
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I tossed the 30 day shred for that very reason. Instead I pulled out my old MTV yoga video & I really have fun doing that one. On the days I don't do that, I ride my recumbent bike & do some crunches & push ups.
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I'm doing Pilates for Dummies, and finding I'm able to do it every other day. I live in a second floor condo, so quite sure my downstairs neighbors wouldn't enjoy me doing a 30-day shred. Reading your post, I'm glad I am not doing it as my knees are not the greatest either. For the Pilates, it's best if you've done a course in real life before, so you can remember the small details of what the instructor is trying to get you to do.

Good luck!!
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What kind of knee problems do you have? I just posted about mine in the 30 day shred thread. I have Chondromalacia Patella, have had it for 15 years. My knees were always weak and achy. Couldn't squat, couldn't run, couldn't even bike without getting an inflamation / pain.

Over the years I heard all kinds of opinions on that from different doctors. From "you can do nothing about it, start swimming", to some exercises suggestions. I was under impression that this can never "heal" and I did the exercises quite regularly, to maintain my sore state of affairs and not get worse, but without any hope to actually be pain free.

Two weeks ago I googled my condition again (the above article) and it said that it can be "healed" and I chose to believe it. The 30 day shred was already ordered, so I wanted to give it a try. I started with very specific exercises that strengthen quads--front, inner and outer thighs. Way more than my therapist suggested. As well as regular quad stretches throughout the day. I started feeling stronger.

I started the Shred 5 days ago, very cautiously and not very optimistically (re my knees). But now I'm happy to report that my quads are only getting stronger, and my knees are still feeling supported. I'm able to sqaute deeper. I feel the quads working, and my knees are not straining. This is actually quite amazing! I never thought I would be able to do this!

So if anyone has the same knee issue, regular quad strengthening can lead to a much better situation! And not all doctors know about the patellofemoral syndrom (Another name for chondromalacia patella). I was undiagnosed for years by my family doctor. But it is a very common condition, especially in childhood athlets who overworked their knees.
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I have sensitive, but not bad, knees. I used 30 day shred, but I use a small $15 trampoline for jumping jacks, etc. Works for me.

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