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What happened to my BFP??

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Well, one week after spotting, and no AF showing, and feeling pretty bloated, I did a POAS this afternoon. I could not use first morning urine because we only returned from a trip this afternoon. Anyway....it was a EPT and it turned up BFP! !!! I did three tests, and all of them were BFPs, although really, really faint. The first one is nice and clear, just a thin blue line, the second and third are fainter but definitely there.

Then I tested again with a FRER late in the day and got a BFN. HUH?? Am I NOT pregnant? Or do you think that it is because the HcG levels are highest early in the day and drop towards evening, in early pregnancy?

What if the BFPs were wrong? Now I'm all worried that maybe I'm actually NOT pregnant, and I'm so confused. Well, tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I'll test again.

Does anyone think EPT is more sensitive than FRER? And does anyone think I just am totally mental?? I must be. Based on my previous pregnancies, I take a long time to get a BFP, it takes forever for my HcG to rise. I'm just hoping against hope that the first tests were right, and not just teasing me.

Has anyone else tested and got a BFP early in the day and a BFN later on?

Edited to add: I'm not saying a word to anyone including DH until I know what's going on.
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it could be that your pee was more diluted wih the FRER, or that the FRER has a different sensitivity than the others. I've also seen ladies that have FRERs show up later for them than others. I don't really get it, but I say test again tomorrow. I hope you get your big clear fat positive!
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My problem with EPT is they are blue dye and have been known to give false positives (even convincing ones... even multiple ones)

That isn't to say yours were... just I think you are smart not to tell anyone until its confirmed by a better test.
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So EPT is not reliable? Who knew? Well, I'm glad I went out and bought some FRER this afternoon then. I'll use one tomorrow (and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday...) morning.

Thanks ladies.
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Aww I hate those blue dye tests, they should be banned Lots of women get false positives on them and it's widely known in the TTC community that they are totally unreliable. I am so sorry that you didn't know.
That said, if you usually take a while to show up positive and you had spotting with no AF you might still get a BFP on a real test soon I hope you do! Keep us updated and good luck.
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Everybody said what I was going to say but I hope to hear a happy update!!
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Well, no more EPTs! This morning I did a FRER and got a BFN. No surprise there. Well, I guess I should be happy that at least hormonally, something is going on. Usually it takes me 21 months to have cycles again. Maybe we can have a last babe that is really close in age to his big brother. That would be fun!

I'll test again in two days. But I'm not feeling very hopeful. Thanks for clueing me in on those $^%^#& EPTs.
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ARG...I hate it for anyone that has ever had a false positive...or been teased by a test! (((((((hugs))))))))

Sending you some baby dust!
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Thanks for the baby dust! I guess we'll need it.

THREE positives, .

And then a BFN. I just can't stand it. Time to go to the beach.
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How many DPO are you? Maybe the baby dust can be a really quick shipment for NOW!!
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I think I'm about a million DPO at this point.....seriously, I don't know when I ovulated, but I spotted on the 6th.
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Originally Posted by freestyler View Post
I think I'm about a million DPO at this point.....seriously, I don't know when I ovulated, but I spotted on the 6th.
When was your last AF?

for you mama.
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bfn's stink. I hope it turns into a positive in the next days!
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I got + on dollar store tests WAY early on (6 or 7 DPO) and negative FRER until about 8 or 9 DPO.
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I've never gotten a positive on a FRER...and always use blue dye tests and they've always been accurate (I have 4 kids) so there is hope.
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Crashing to add, that even now at 22 weeks pregnant with twins I still get a super faint line on FRERs ... super thick awesome pretty lines on dollar store tests...

And yes I realize how pathetic I am to still be peeing on sticks at this point.. but they are just sitting there.
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Mama2toomany----ROFLMAO about your comment---"they are just sitting there." !!! Thanks for making me smile, hon!

Update: Just more BFNs for me. I'm almost for sure not preggo. Better luck next time!!
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