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Would you call the toy store? (picture)

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Dh and I got this Melissa and Doug toy for DS (10mo) a little while ago but just recently (like a month ago) opened it up and gave it to DS to play with. DH noticed that it looked a little bit of the paint was chipping off of the front, so he went to peel it and (as you can see) some of the "wood" broke and splintered off the front of it.


I know Melissa and Doug toys are not that fab, but really???? I purchased it at a local Mom and Pop toy store and know I paid more for it than I would have elsewhere. Should I call them and tell them that I am dissatisfied, should I try and e mail Melissa and Doug directly (which will probably get me nowhere) , or should I just toss it and forget about it? I am totally not one to EVER call and complain about anything lol which is why I am asking for advice!
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I say send them the pic, can't hurt, the worst they can say is that they can't replace it. I think they need to replace it for you, that looks like a total misfunction!
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Call the store!!! If they won't replace it then write to Melissa And Doug headquarters and DEMAND they replace it...If they ignore you, send a letter on a legal firm's letter head.

That's awful, and dangerous! What if that shard had come off in your child's hand? That could have been a nasty splinter!
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Wow, I'd return it and let Melissa and Doug know as well!!!
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whats the return policy for the store with defective items? That would be the deciding factor on what gets done. If you are outside of the return policy nothing you really can do outside of writing headquarters and complaining to them in hopes they do something
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DS received a M&D puzzle for his birthday and one of the puzzle pieces was less than perfect. I called M&D customer service, and about 3 days later had a brand new puzzle on my doorstep. Now we have lots of extra pieces in case one gets lost! Their products may not be the best, but they're not bad and their customer service is great. I doubt they would have any problem replacing the whole toy for you.
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Thanks Mamas, I called the toy store and they said they can look it up in the computer to make sure I got it there (I did) and we can pick a new toy to replace it. We are defiantly done w/ M&D toys though!
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i would bypass the store and contact M&D directly.
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Melissa & Doug are fabulous at replacing anything that is even remotely questionable. One of the best customer service company's I've come across in a long time.
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We had a M&D toy that broke after a month with normal use. I called the company directly and they mailed me a replacement. While their toys aren't the highest quality, they stand behind their products.
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I own a "mom and Pop" toy store. I would want to know if toys that I were selling were defective. But please don't be super upset or get angry with the store owner....they didn't make the toy. I would approach them as an "I wanted you to know about this so that more customers were not affected" point of view. Explain what happened and let them know you would like to contact Melissa and Doug. I bet they will offer to replace it and help in complaining to Melissa and Doug. They won't like this any more than you did. They make their income selling toys and if they have unhappy customers due to defective toys, they will want to know so that they can correct the problem at the source...atleast I would anyway.
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ironically (or perhaps not so much) - we have a M&D stacking ring toy - and the paint on almost all the rings started chipping off immediately. i'm all about 'organic' - but having your toys begin to fall apart after a few days use is a too organic for me. lol.

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One of the many good things about shopping a small locally owned places is how good their customer service usually is. That's part of what makes shopping at those places worth the extra expense for me. And they'll be able to deal directly with M&D to take care of a replacement on their end.
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Call M&D. Their customer service is fantastic and they've always replaced things for me that have broken.
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