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So who is having their last baby..sigh

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This is definitly it for us. It is baby #3 and my 5th pregnancy in 6 years. DH is 42 this year, I wil be 35 in April and we decided 3 is it..
I feel happy to know that I will be moving on to the "next chapter" type of thing but I cant help but feel alittle sad that i wil never have a growing baby inside me after this one. or that Im getting "older" LOL

Anyone else know they are DONE?? How are you feeling this pregnancy about that?
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This baby is my last. I know because my house can't stretch for more than seven people (think about when they're all bigger!). And we're 34 and have lots of hopes and plans for travel, work, etc when our kids are older. And it just feels right for my body, for my marriage, for financial reasons. I hadn't felt right about saying the other ones were "last" ones, but this time I do.

I'm a bit sad my daughter won't have a sister when she's older (I didn't appreciate mine til adulthood), but lots of people don't have sisters.

And yes, it does make me feel old and it's wierd to have waited in expectation for so long looking forward to having a family and it's like, "oh, now I'm done with that phase of life of childbearing." Not really yet though so I'm trying to enjoy every bump and wiggle!
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This is our last... I'm sad but thankful I got to have the number I'd always wanted. I'm savoring each and every bump thump and pain since I'll never ever get to feel it again.
I'm a little bummed but happy because on both sides of the family the boys are the only grandkids, so while we are done everyone else will just be starting...I keep telling myself that I'll get to enjoy their babies.
I'm 27 and DH is 31, right now I'm thankful we started young because we'll still have a few years of "us" time before we get to start spoiling our grandkids!
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This is it for me. Of course I said I was done after number 2, but I always felt in my heart though that I would have three kids. I feel complete now. I knew I didn't want any more kids with my ex-husband, but I also wasn't sure we would ever split up. When that happened I kind of opened my mind to the possibility of another child. I think this one was hanging out for awhile waiting for the right time to make her appearance. This has been a really emotional pregnancy and there is a lot of healing happening. I am excited for the birth. I think it will be really cool to bring this little one into the world.
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this is it for us too, sad to think about really. But 3 feels right and I know dh is ready to start with the next chapter thing too. I am sad for sure that the page is turning.
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We're done at 2. I've always wanted a boy and a girl and I am getting that. DH was happy with just DS but I felt he needed a sibling.

I had ms with this one so the thought of having that again with 2 kids to chase around doesn't appeal to me AT ALL.

I'm feeling great about it, just happy to get my 2
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I'm pretty sure we're done. For a while, I thought we'd be done at one even though I had always wanted two (DD has the spirit/energy/personality of at least two kids). This will be girl number 2 for us, which I feel like puts us in a special category. I had one brother and while growing up, "normal" moms had at least one girl and one boy. All girl or all boy moms seemed like special cases. Now I get to be special

And besides, we had to undergo fertility treatments (IUI) for both babies, so I don't at all dread putting that behind me. It makes a surprise baby quite a long shot, too.
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This is it for us too. Sounds so practical and defeatist but it's just not realistic to have a big family and continue to travel with Dh's career and for me to keep my sanity!
I can foresee flying alone to the UK or Spain to see the in-laws with 2 children if DH can't come. Anymore than 2...I just don't have the 'zen' for
My Aunt has 4 children and I love being around big families and their unique dynamics. After losing a parent, I wished that it wasn't *just* me and my Sister to hold each other up.
Moreover, I am sad that this will be my last pregnancy (unless we have a big oops). I also feel under a little pressure from my inner earth mama to have a perfect birth because this'll be the last one.
Eeek, don't want to jinx anything!
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We're probably done. I never envisioned having more than one or two--even before I married the first time and had no idea I'd eventually end up with a stepkid, or first starting "my own" family in my mid-30s. (I married my first husband when I was 22, and I'd assumed I'd be done having kids by 30. We never had any.)

I've also not been a huge fan of actually being pregnant. There have been many moments of "people go through this ON PURPOSE MULTIPLE TIMES?!" I'm 34 (avoided AMA by 2 months) and don't see this being any easier if I did it again in a couple of years.
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I'm pretty sure we're done after this one. Two is a great number for us. I'm a little sad though about this being the last time for each stage of pregnancy. We're not completely shutting the door with permanent b/c though, but we are both feeling pretty "done."
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I have always said you should never have more children then you have arms or adults because all they have to do to outwit you is run in opposite directions...well, here I am with four, in a itsy bitsy home (with 3 acres thankfully), no more kiddos for me. In fact you've just inspired a thread. Now that your done, how to make sure...
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This will be our last, too. We wavered about a second but are really excited!! Two is a great number for us!
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We're pretty sure we're done. We had planned on having this one plus one more, but now we're thinking not so much! In addition to how tough her medical needs are going to be, this pregnancy has been hell. I don't want to do it again, and dh says he doesn't want to put me through it again, especially since we'll have a medically fragile youngster. We're not at the point of actually scheduling the vasectomy, but we're one step below that.
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Unless we somehow have a shockingly no/low complication pregnancy this is it. I get prego WAAAY to easy these days, and have a history of loss including 2 second tri losses last year (complete with hemorrhages and blood transfusions)
I am sad, but content/happy to be moving on to the next phase of life, where I can focus all of my attentions and energies on my boys.
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I think this might be our last............we always planned on 3 but pregnancy is really hard on me and in turn dh because he has to take on a lot more and deal with my mood swings. I'm trying to cherish what I can in this pregnancy because it might be the last time I'm pregnant. I'll be sad if we're done because I don't feel like this chapter should be done yet. We'll see what happens...........I guess I shouldn't make any decisions in the midst of a bad pregnancy.
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I'm positive this is it for us, and I feel really good about that decision so that makes me even more sure. I have the feeling that I need to savor the wiggles and bumps because I'm not doing this again, but I'm not sad. I'm 34, will be 35 in May, and this is our third child. I don't want to be raising kids until I'm 60, and this pregnancy has been MUCH harder on my body than my pregnancies at ages 20 and 30, so my body is also apparently saying "hey! I'm done here!" LOL.

I'm sure I will have sad little wistful moments here and there, but overall I'm at peace with the decision.
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These are not my babies and hopefully (barring no complications). I will have two more pregnancies, but only if it is safe.

I want one more for us, then I want to do another surrogacy after that.

It could all be wishful thinking, my dh had a vasectomy 5 years ago, But I can still hope!
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DH, I *think* is done. This is #2 for him but #4 for me. I have savored #2, #3, & this one as lasts so if it is the last, I suppose I will be ok. I will be 34 end of June so *if* we had another, I would be the dreaded advanced maternal age

5 kids sounds like a nice number, but we will see what this little one "says", and 4 is nice too
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I am SO done. Really. I'll be so happy when this lo is out and I don't have to deal with pregnancy related crap anymore ever again!
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We're done too. Although, we've said that before, and here we are! When we had two, I was always wanting another. I was happy with two but always had this little longing for another. And now he's coming! DS and DD (5 and 7) have been out of the high physical needs phase for a while now, so it's going to be hard to go back to that. But it will also be easier in some ways--we're experienced, and we've had a nice break.
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