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cradle cap

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DD is almost 4 months old and has had cradle cap for 2 months now. I have tried a few ways to get rid of it, but it always comes back a day or two later. Is there any reason that it needs to be dealt with, or can I just wait for it to go away on its own? Will it go away on its own?
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I don't know of reasons you HAVE to deal with it - maybe another poster will. But we had good success with olive oil and a tooth brush when DS was really young.
It came back about 2months ago. And we nixed it with Tate's "Miracle Conditioner". btw, can I just say this stuff is awesome! Just cleared up a big case of sensitive skin on his back as well.
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I don't think it will hurt anything. Fwiw, we had success with olive oil and a very fine comb to clear away the softened dead skin.
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organic baby oil and a rigorous massage worked for us.
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Burt's Bees Baby Oil. Miracle oil. Cold pressed apricot kernal with vitamin e, it will cure any bump, scratch, or scrape. I gave some to my friend who's babe had the worst case of cradle cap I'd ever seen irl and it was gone a few days later. And unlike olive oil, it will absorb completely. And smell a little better.
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Probiotics. If you exclusively nurse, just wet your nipple a little and dust it with the probiotic powder. After a few weeks of this, you shouldn't ever see it again.

ETA: Also try to get in more greens if you're nursing, to keep your acidity down.
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the previous posters all have great suggestions but it will go away on it's own.

my sil never does anything with her kids' cradle caps. i think it's kinda gross but it does go away.
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7 mo pinching and scratching.

sorry, wrong message
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We have had great success with using coconut oil (a generous amount) rubbed in to the scalp and letting it sit all day. Then using a comb or brush to loosen the deposits, then shampooing.

Used sesame and olive oils with DD and hers kept coming back; coconut oil is anti-fungal and I think this is why it's worked better and DS has not had it recur.
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I tired different oils and methods of massaging and I always thought it was gone. Then the next day the light would hit it differently and I'd see it was all still there. Now we're at 8 months and I hardly notice it, but if I look close, the flakes still abound. If it doesn't bother him and now it's not bothering me, why bother to fight it? One day I guess it'll just go away.
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