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February 09 mamas - they're not babies anymore!

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Taking the plunge and moving us over to toddlers!

Katmai just had his first visit to the zoo today - great fun, and he loved the animals, but I think he found the strollers that other kids were being pushed in almost as interesting.

He still won't take more than a step or two, but will stand all day. He has always refused to walk with a hand held - it's by himself or nothing.
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Well here we are in toddler-land, I guess it's official!

After my last post Royce seemed a bit better (I got him to eat something and play for a while). But now he's sleepy and fussy and fevering again I've given him some homepathic cold medicine for babies, but I'm wondering if maybe he needs something stronger. I feel so bad for him, he's so sad

McKittre - Oh I'm jealous of your zoo trip! This past weekend I was visiting my mom and there is a zoo in her town, but it rained all weekend so we didn't go. I'll be back there for Easter so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

This week I'm getting my bike out of storage and going to get a bike seat for Royce! I am sooo excited. I had planned on getting a trailer but I'm living in an apartment and realized my bike+trailer wouldn't fit in the elevator or in my storage closet. So I think I'll be getting the weeride seat, as long as it will work with my bike. I really really can't wait
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subbing in
Gillian I hope Royce is better soon. Delia has a wicked cough and rattly breathing and a mild fever on and off. She's so cranky and I'm giving her tylenol before bed because she just keeps waking up crying. I've also been feeding her raw garlic which she actually doesn't mind. I hate working when she's sick it sucks!
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no way. nope. not a toddler here. nuh-uh. toddlers are big. much older than our babies.

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Joining to gang here from babeland.

Miles just turned one and is one mischievious little monkey! His latest thing is hiding things like his shoes in places I swear is the black hole because I can't ever find them again. A former bath-liker now thinks he's being tortured in the tub. Hope this is a real short phase!
He's a full time walker now and its a lot of fun and he comes up with so many ways to keep me on my toes. A late crawler (10.5 mos) I thought he'd crawl for a while before walking but here's another way our little ones will do what they will when they will.

Hope all the sickie little ones feel better soon!

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Wow, I'm kind of amazed to be over here in toddler-land. It's so strange how she's gotten so big and I still see her as that newborn baby in my mind. Will it always be that way?

We just got back from a 4-day trip visiting friends. We took the Amtrak, it was about a 3.5 hour ride. She was so funny when the train first took off. She was looking around like she didn't know what was going on, then I pointed out the window for her and she just squealed and screamed and jumped up and down in her seat. She thought that was the coolest thing ever. Almost all the way to our destination, she'd point out the window and jabber away like she was telling me about everything she saw. Too funny!

We went swimming this weekend, which was another thing she thought was the coolest thing ever. We haven't gone since last summer, so I wondered what she would think of it. She loved it! She even put her own head under the water several times, she loves it! Our ride home wasn't quite as successful. With the time change this weekend, she was thrown off and super tired by the time we got on the train, but too distracted to fall asleep. She finally passed out about an hour from our stop.

She's working on getting some molars right now. Her back gums are super swollen, they're getting really close. Surprisingly, she's handled it really well. I was expecting the molars to be toughies for us, but she hasn't seemed to notice them so far.

ETA: I hear you on the hiding of things. Owyn's new favorite thing to do is throw things in the trash can. Shoes, socks, toys. You name it, they go into the trash! I've been trying to give her actual trash to throw away so she learns what belongs in there. We'll see if it works.
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Junes loves the zoo, we got a pass for the one down the street..ooh my friend is here, bbl
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Well here we are! This really makes me want another baby now! lol

Miss Fiona is in a biting phase. A biting Mama phase I should say. My nipple, my shoulder, my leg... but mostly my nipple. It sucks so bad. She did this when she first got her teeth at 4 months but we've had a resurgance of it. I just pop her off the boob, yell no, that hurts Mama and set her down and walk away. It may be working because yesterday we had no biting. DH tells her gentle to Mama, gentle to NuNu. You made Mama sad. She'll sign gentle back to him, come find me and give me kisses. I just hope that this is over soon. I really was crying the other day... more from frustration but I think that may have helped the situation actually. I'd like to blame teething on this but who knows...

Oooh the zoo! I have a trip planned to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle when we are in the area this summer. I'll be down there for 3 weeks following a week in Ohio. My mom is pretty excited to bring her and see what she thinks. Should be a blast!
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Thursday - you have a zoo down the street!!! Now THAT I am jealous of!

AK - I remember somebody saying once that babies often bite their mamas because they have so much love for them that it's overwhelming and they don't know how to express it other than to bite. Because they love you and they want you and they just have to have you right now. But I'm sure it must be frustrating! Royce bites a bit but just when he's overtired. I hope you are able to show Fiona some gentler ways of showing her love

Mal - glad your trip went well! I would love to take Royce for a train trip, I think it would be fun. Maybe when he's a bit older though.

Royce is doing much better today, his nose is still really snotty, and it's really red and sore from me constantly cleaning it up But his mood is improved, he's happy and playing again!
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Originally Posted by Gillian28 View Post
I remember somebody saying once that babies often bite their mamas because they have so much love for them that it's overwhelming and they don't know how to express it other than to bite. Because they love you and they want you and they just have to have you right now. But I'm sure it must be frustrating! Royce bites a bit but just when he's overtired. I hope you are able to show Fiona some gentler ways of showing her love
That makes sense. I baby sit my nephew (18 months old). He's a biter/pincher/hitter. But you can tell it's out of excitement and sometimes love. He gives hugs, but gets too excited and starts pinching while giving a hug. Same with kisses turning into bites. Hard to be upset with him when it's obvious he just wants to show some love but doesn't quite understand what's appropriate, ya know.

Owyn has bitten me while nursing and sometimes on the shoulder when she's overtired. I did much the same as you, AK. I put her down and said, very firmly, "No no, that hurts Mommy." If she really wanted to nurse, she'd get upset and cry for me. If she was done (because she'd often do it when she was either done and just playing or was falling asleep at the breast), then she'd just go on to something else. Luckily, she learned pretty quick and doesn't really bite anymore.
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Makenna took a big poop in the tub tonight! Ewww! It was bad too!! LOL!

Makenna's top teeth are just now growing in. Or 1 is. The other has barely popped through. She was bititng a little yesterday when she was sleeping and slipping off. I'm afraid of a full on bite! Sounds awful!

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Hi everyone!

So here we are in toddlerland ... wow.

Esmé just popped her first tooth! We were at an orientation meeting for another co-op, and she was nursing and popped off, giving me a view of her upper gums, and there it was, a wedge of upper front tooth! She's not going to need dentures after all (kidding ... kidding ...)!

I'm working more, and it's going okay for Esmé. I think I miss her more than she misses me. I hand express whenever I can, and nurse as soon as I walk in the door. She spent the day with grandma yesterday and they both had a great time. I'm glad she's attached to a few other people, as well as me. She's always happy to go to her auntie and her grandma, and both DP and I.

Esmé starts her SECOND set of swim lessons next month! She did the first set when she was 5 months old, so this is the next level. She's a fish! She loves the water, and can blow bubbles, jump in off the side, and dunk her head with glee.

I had to say no to a book tour (one of my book was nominated for an award) because I wasn't able to take Esmé with me, nor my mom to look after her while I did the author presentations (did I mention that I'm an author as well as paramedic? If not ... I'm dishin' the scoop now). I'm disappointed about that, but am not prepared to leave her for a week. No way, no chance. I hope it doesn't hurt my chances of winning, though! Just the thought of even one night away from Esmé makes my heart wince!

Best wishes and healing vibes to all the sickies!
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Hooray for Esme's first tooth!!! And a top one at that! I hope your book can still win Starling. I could never leave my baby for a week!!! What a horrible thought. My friend went to Mexico and left her 4 month old for 3 nights..I couldn't believe it! She weaned before she went. I felt so bad for the baby - though I hear she did pretty well.

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Starling, that's too bad they wouldn't let you take Esme! (I say as I'm dragging my kid and husband around on book tour right now). I hope you win anyway!

Katmai just got his 5th tooth, and is drooling enough that #6 should not be far behind.

Mary - Katmai suddenly turned afraid of the water as well. Used to like baths, used to like the pool, now wants nothing to do with it. All that taking him to the pool to get him used to the water didn't pay off at all... Hope it's a short phase.
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Woohoo for new teeth! In my experience biting hasn't been too bad. It mainly just startles me, and then I unlatch and say 'no biting' or 'biting means all done with nursing'. He doesn't do it too often anymore, well he never was too bad with it. And it happens when he's overtired or fussy or at the end of nursing when he is all done anyway.

I also can't imagine leaving Royce overnight. I have never left him for more then about 3 hours My dad was telling me about one of his employees who went away for a weekend with his wife and left the baby (7-8 months old, I think?) and how nice it was for them, and I should do something for myself. That does not sound like a fun weekend for me, I wouldn't enjoy myself at all. But I am starting to leave him more and more for a few hours at a time. It's nice to get out...and then come home and sleep cuddled with my baby

Starling - I knew you were also an author so you must have mentioned it at some point! I hope you book wins Are you a children's author? Or am I just making that up?

Cindy - Oh my gosh! Royce hasn't pooped in the tub since he was maybe a couple months old. And then it was just breastmilk poop so it could go down the drain. If he pooped now it would need to be scooped out - yuck!! But he has pretty noticeable signs for his poops so I doubt I would miss that happening for him!

We are having GORGEOUS weather here and it has been wonderful!! Today we get the bike set up and go for Royce's first bike ride! I am so so so excited
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Happy St Patrick's Day!

I hope Royce is feeling even better today. I bought the Nose Frida after Fiona's last cold. It's awesome! You all should check it out. She's had a runny nose since that cold and the nosefrida totally worked and she laughed while I used it. The soft landing has a demonstration video...

Well, we have been bite free for two days now. I don't want to jinx myself but I do think that she is starting to understand. I sure hope so anyway.

Congratulations on the award nomination Starling! That is awesome. I would not have left Esmé to go on tour either. I don't blame you one bit! Let us know how it goes with the award!!
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Hey everyone! Eliza is definitely a toddler now. I keep forgetting she is only 12 months old! She's been walking everywhere for a month, and she plays right along with her older brothers (3 and 5.) She even has her own foam sword, now (sword fights are the boys' favorite game!) She has started climbing, too, which I could REALLY do without, seriously!

She also started opening cupboards and drawers and emptying them . . . sigh . . . so we have started installing those door/drawer catches everywhere she can reach. Oh, and the throwing things away? Check! Ugh! Our trash can is usually out in her reach and sometimes I have to set it in the sink to keep it away from her. I do enlist her help in throwing things away for me when it's appropriate, though, and she LOVES that. She also is a big helper for flushing the toilet.

She "talks" a lot, too, and very confidently. Usually it's just baby babble but she throws "real" words in there, too. The other day she said "What's that?" for the first time and it just blew me away.

She LOVEs reading and will just cry when I can't read to her right away, or if we read one of the boys' books first. I am trying not to spoil her anymore than she already is, lol. IE, if I'm reading to the boys I'm not going to stop and read her book just because she's crying! But it does complicate things. Trying to read the book and stopping every page to reassure Eliza that her turn is next . . .
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OMG poop in the tub. Ugh. Thankfully the one time it happened it was just a squirt! That might be something Baba would have to handle if it got any worse.

I TOO LOVE the nose frida. Aubs had constant ear infections and colds from six months on, and since we started using the nose frida she hasn't had one ear infection. Might just be a coincidence, but I'm sold! Love it love it love it. She HATES IT, so I have to hold her down to use it, but 1 minute of torture every night is better than days of pain from an ear infection!

Aubs still bites me, but not while nursing. She bites when she's tired (my shoulders, legs, belly) and when she gives kisses (mouth wide open, coming at my face). We're trying to learn to be gentle but its really not working. Interestingly, she doesn't bite Huz. Not sure what's up with that.

Can you all believe we're in TODDLERS ALREADY!?
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Gillian: I'm in the same boat as you. A couple of hours here or there is all that I have left Fiona. I'm actually more comfortable with it now and I've only left her with DH. A whole weekend (or even day!) does not appeal to me but I have enjoyed having an hour or two here or there. I'm trying to do it a bit more to recharge. Especially before summer when DH will be gone. He'll be fishing (research not commercial) for a month and has to leave town for a few weeks before that. Anyhow...getting some Mama time in while I can!
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I left Owyn with DH for a weekend when she was 8 months old. I thought it would be much harder than it actually was. I didn't sleep well, which sucks because a full night's sleep is what I was looking forward to, but oh well. She did really great for him. It always surprises me when I leave her with someone that she survives. I mean, that other people are able to meet her needs and she lets them do that. I anticipate it being much worse than it ever is. We have no gone on a trip together leaving her with anyone. DH's parents would be the only people I'd trust with that job at this age, and they've said they don't want to do that until she's nightweaned, which I totally get. I don't want to leave her with anyone besides DH until she is at least nightweaned. And my luck, baby #2 will be soon after that, so we'll just start all over.

I have a friend due with a baby in May and she just informed me that she is going to quit her job to be a SAHM (maybe baby sit a kid or two) after the baby is born. I'm super excited for her, plus it may bring about an opportunity for me. I'm going to talk to her tomorrow about her job. She works as a librarian about 15 minutes away from where I live. I'm feeling the itch to do something different. I wish I could just be a SAHM, but I know we can't make that work financially. I'm just burnt out on caring for so many kids all the time and we can't afford for me to cut back right now either. I was hoping to get the business going outside of the home, but the two people that were going to do it with me are both expecting babies right now, so it's on hold for now. So, I'm thinking a job outside the home might be a good thing while I'm waiting to have #2 and waiting for the others to be ready to start our business. And with my friend staying at home, I may have a great place for Owyn to stay. She's very into AP as well and cooks almost all organically, she's super sweet and probably the most patient person I know. So I know she would be so good for Owyn.

I don't know, I just found all this out recently and the idea of the job just came to me today. So, it's nothing serious, just something to consider. I know something needs to change soon though. I was telling DH I feel like I've been in a bad mood since Christmas. My temper is short and I just feel like I'm not doing my best anymore and can't seem to muster the motivation to do better. I thought our long weekend would help, but I'm still feeling burnt out even right after we got home.
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