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mckittre - Royce was quite picky for the longest time as well, only in the last week or so has his hunger hit him, I think it's probably a growth spurt. So, no tips, sorry, I think he will eat when he's hungry

And I wanted say that I said 'weaning' in my pp, but I meant 'nightweaning'. I am definitely NOT thinking about weaning in general
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Originally Posted by Gillian28 View Post
mckittre - Royce was quite picky for the longest time as well, only in the last week or so has his hunger hit him, I think it's probably a growth spurt. So, no tips, sorry, I think he will eat when he's hungry

And I wanted say that I said 'weaning' in my pp, but I meant 'nightweaning'. I am definitely NOT thinking about weaning in general
Gillian, a friend of mine recently nightweaned her LO. I think she was 15 months old at the time. She got a night light that has a timer. She set the light to come on at bedtime (around 8-8:30) and turn off at around 4:30 in the morning. And she was able to teach her daughter that she could nurse when the night light turned off. Seems to be working for her, she was eventually able to make that connection. So, now they're getting quite a long stretch of sleep before she wakes up to nurse. Might be worth looking into.

Owyn and I are going to visit a Waldorf school today. They are having their May Day Music Festival, so it should be a good time. We're going with a friend of mine who is pregnant. She's buying a stroller from one of the teachers there. This is the first time I'll get to see their house, which they built out of hay bails! Should be pretty cool, I'm looking forward to it!

A good friend of mine is due in just 2 weeks! I think she is so ready for him to get here and I can't wait to snuggle that new little baby boy! Send some labor vibes her way these next couple weeks, she could use it! DH thinks I'm a loon because I keep saying how I just want to sniff his head and smell that new baby smell. I miss that so much with Owyn!
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Tylenol and motrin for babies has been recalled. I think it's almost all of their product, regardless of batch. Both bottles of tylenol and the bottle of motrin that we have were all on the list - despite the fact that they were purchased at different times and in different states.

Not sure what else to use? Generic maybe? Makenna has 5 teeth coming in so you better believe DH is off to the store to buy something else ASAP...can't make it through a night without pain relief right now!

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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post
Not sure what else to use? Generic maybe? Makenna has 5 teeth coming in so you better believe DH is off to the store to buy something else ASAP...can't make it through a night without pain relief right now!

Esmé has a wicked fever today, of all days ... I think she's finally working on teeth 3 & 4. I got the 'equate' brand of aceteminophen (Tylenol) at Walmart. The guy there was so dense. They hadn't removed anything off their shelves, and nor had they checked it! I went in on my shift, dressed in my paramedic uniform, with my radio sqawking on my belt and my ambulance parked outside, with a big, beefy partner who rolled his eyes dramatically when the pharmacist said they hadn't checked yet (this was at 6pm tonight after it'd been on the news ALL day ...), so hopefully we put the fear of liability into him. Yeesh.
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Yikes! Of course there's a recall, I've given Royce nothing but homeopathic treatments, until just a few weeks ago I caved and bought some tylenol But, I'm wondering if there is a different recall list for Canada, I should go look. My bottle doesn't have an NDC number, it has a DIN number, which doesn't match any of the numbers listed there. So I'm a bit confused. I guess I should still throw it out? Maybe I can find a list for Canada.

Cindy - I have had good luck with hylands, although maybe Royce is just a good teether. He also wears an amber necklace.

Mal - Thanks for the tip! I actually tried to not nurse Royce for about 6 hours after we went to bed. We went to bed at the same time last night (9pm) and I decided I would avoid nursing until 3am. He only woke up once around midnight and easily went back to sleep with just a back rub. BUT, then this morning from about 3am until 7am (when we finally got up) he was awake and wanting to nurse AT LEAST every hour, sometimes every 30 minutes. Sooooo, I'm not sure how to get him to sleep for a bigger chunk in those early morning hours.

And I also have a friend who's due the end of the month and I am SOOO excited. She has asked me to come to the birth so I'm really excited about that! It is a hospital birth though so it will be a new experience for me. But I can't wait!
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Gillian: It's not the batch number printed on the bottle - it's the NDC number on the main label - I think it is above where it says Tylenol on the front. I should try the amber necklace! My MIL tried to buy Makenna one for her birthday but ordered one that was WAY too big and couldn't exchange it so that was the end of that. She was SO crabby yesterday - bummer bc we took a trip into the city to walk around and have a picnic in a park and she was a fussy pants the whole time. And now at night she is waking up 15-30 minutes after I just nursed her to sleep and demaning more na-nas - night weaning isn't going to be pretty!
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Nightweaning ...
How are you supposed to nightwean when as soon as something goes awry (teething, injury, travel, new insecurities) send our babes right back to their bestest place of comfort?
We'd been doing well with not nursing from 12-6am (kind of a la Jay Gordon) but then her feverish teething fest last night lead to her being latched on pretty much all night.
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Cindy - The number above the 'Tylenol' name is the DIN number, there is no NDC number. I can't figure it out . I read that the only recalled product that was exported here to Canada was the Motrin stuff, so maybe I'm okay.

And, I agree about the nightweaning. Part of me feels that I shouldn't really bother until his molars are in. Or at least not really push it, which I wouldn't do anyway. He has 2 molars that have broke through, and 2 more are about to push through. And really other than some extra nursing at night he seems to be handling it really well. So maybe I should just be happy with that and not push my luck!

In other news, Royce has learned that his finger can fit perfectly into his nostril (and that is a completely sarcastic jump for joy). So far I have just been ignoring it as though it is nothing interesting. I figure if I try and get him to stop it will just encourage him to do it more.
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ARRRRGGGH Both my kids have had tylenol and motrin in the last week because of fevers and aching bodies and pneumonia.
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Threw away my tylenol too, though Katmai's only had it once in his life at about 9 months old. He seems to have his parents' good immune system.

However, I am getting worried about how small he is. I'll probably post this as a more general question as well. He last went to the doctor at around 11 months, and he was 19lb 7oz, and 29.25 inches then. I tried to weigh him myself a couple weeks ago and only got 19lb 13oz. I tried to get a rough measure of his height today by standing him against the wall. He was too wiggly to get anything very accurate, but it seemed about the same as before - a little more than 29 inches. Otherwise he's super healthy, happy, developing fine. Should I take him to the doctor? Not sure what they could really tell me, anyway. I do try and feed him as much as he wants, but even when he's super excited about a food, he won't eat much of it. Any thoughts?
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erin, if it was me, I wouldn't tak ehim to the doctor as long as he is healthy and doing just fine. Babies come in all sizes. What is a normal size baby right now? My Junes is only 20-21 pounds. As for size she is my middlest sized baby. Jewel was always a size up in clothing, josie a size under in clothign, and Junes is alway right on. (ex 12 months in 12 month clothes. I guess she should be getting up to 18 month clothes soon)

thanks for the tylenol recall info. I checked but it turns out we have the walgreens brand. I googled to see if that was recalled and the only thing i could find was a discussion about it, saying that if the brand wasn't listed it wasn't recalled. One lady said the hospital she works at buys the generic kinds b/c there is generally less recalls on those.

for teething we use boiron chamomilla 6 c for teething pain with irritability homeopathic teething tablets & an amber necklace. the two combined seem to work. She was pretty freaking miserable as she has two molars coming in and we were out of the tablets. Finally i made my husband go and buy some.

Just kate, I'd say trust yourself. Some of the things on my list my kids did, but not all of it and I didn;t have any feelings.

Camping was a lot of fun. (although my sister is now here doing laundry and complaining we bought too many groceries and it was too expensive. We went in together...and then I cooked all the food. GRR) It was pretty hot but floating down the river on blow up rafts was awesome. The baby didn't like it the first time, the second time she was a little cooler with it, and the third time she loved it. It was nice b/c my big girls are big enough to sort of go off on their own now. The 7 year old really did, and the 4 year old stuck a little closer to camp. It's on our friends property and everyone camping there is cool so you didn't have to worry about your kids getting snatched or anything. I wish someone had gotten a pictre of us all floating down the river. (Kind of like when I take photos of my husband and the kids canoeing, but no such luck when you are the one taking pictures./ The only picture of me I took myself.)
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Courtney, I'm so jealous! I can't wait to get out and start camping this season! We've been talking about going just outside of town the last few weekends, but it keeps raining and we have been so busy on the weekends. We're going to a weekend-long camping music festival over Memorial Day weekend and I can't wait! How did Junes do? We took Owyn a couple of times last summer, but she was so little I didn't really have to do anything different. It'll be interesting taking a toddler camping, that's for sure!

I swear, every day, Owyn is less and less of a baby. I'm having trouble fighting this itch for another baby. I'm hoping it helps when my friends have their babies this summer, I'll have noobs to snuggle! I just want to enjoy this summer with Owyn and doing things with her as an only that she can actually enjoy now that she's older. Then, after the summer is over, we'll start trying. I can't wait to experience pregnancy again!

Question about the recall. I checked the NDC number, and the number on our bottle doesn't match. So, are we good? We just bought this bottle right before the recall came out, I hate to waste the money.
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Originally Posted by justKate View Post
As for Aubrey, I'm about at wit's end. The meltdowns over nothing, the weird NEEDS, the intensity. I'm ready to wean her from all of this, so I posted here in BFing beyond Infancy about it, but I really don't want to yet.

Here are the "oddities" that together are making me think she might have some sensory processing difficulties, specifically she seems to be constantly seeking stimulation and almost needing it to get through her day. I bolded the stuff that bothers me most.

-overreacts to everything. Laughs and cries louder and more forcefully than other babies. To the point that strangers have commented on such a loud laugh coming from such a small girl.
-texture adverse with foods, especially fruits.
-daredevil--always running in to things and falling down on purpose. Loves loud, rough play. The rougher the better.
-pinches herself, bites herself, pulls her hair, bangs her head on things, especially if fighting sleep
-gets upset if I touch her hands or bare feet for any reason; gets hysterical about having face/hands washed
-loves a good hard massage and seems to crave any type of pressure on her body (carseat straps, my limbs over her when I'm trying to get her to sleep).
-loves baths, water play, dirt.
-hits things instead of touching them (bushes, grass, new toys, food)
-seems to need to pinch, kick, and hit me while breastfeeding. Becomes hysterical if popped off the boob for this reason or if I try to restrain her arms/legs.
-will not let me comfort her by holding or cuddling when she's upset. Consistently throws herself out of my arms and runs away from me when she is mad about anything.
-never crawled normally. She crawled on one foot, one knee, one open palm, and one fist. Cute, but weird.
-seems to want to read books but can't stay still long enough to get through more than 3-4 words (2 pages?). Brings me books and walks away; rummages purposelessly through her toys.
-doesn't seem to need sleep.
-cries at least 4 hours/day despite needs being met: not hungry, not hot/cold, mama physically and emotionally present, clean diaper. Usually because she's angry about something (refilled her sippy with milk instead of water?) or doesn't want to be asleep despite being obviously tired.
-doesn't seem to recognize that she should hold on to me when being picked up/carried. Is only affectionate if biting or hitting, like she can't distinguish biting and hitting from kissing and touching. The harder the better, in her mind.
Let us know what you find out Justkate since the ones I bolded are the same things I have found a little 'off' with my dd. I was thinking she was just high needs and very spirited. My son is also very 'touchy' and 'fiddly' drives me bonkers. I'd be very interested to learn what you find out.

Originally Posted by Gillian28 View Post

Royce is also eating tons of food. And he is always 'asking' for food (pointing to the kitchen or going into the kitchen and pointing at the cupboards, while making a little 'ahh??' sound. I need to keep my fridge stocked!

As for weaning, I'm still thinking about it. I want to, but I don't know how to go about it, just thinking about going through the process of weaning exhausts me. And, Royce is not nursing very often throughout the day, and I don't want to risk weaning him altogether. I don't know. I need to think about it some more...
When I nightweaned dd increased her daytime nursing by at least 2 sessions. She also started eating a lot more.

McKittre I'd say just increase the calories and good nutrition in the amount he does eat. If he's tiny he probably has a tiny tummy.

Cindy - so sorry to hear about Makenna. Hope her hand is healing well.

Thursday's Girl - so jealous of the camping!

We are home!!! Yay! Cordelia's made a full recovery and I'm very glad I didn't give her the antibiotics although I waffled on that decision a couple times. She is back to her loud boisterous self and eating again which is fabulous. Our trip was good but tiring. We really missed home and my son had too much soy so he's itchy and cranky and Delia ended up getting some dairy which caused screaming poops. But other than that we are in one piece and will be back to life as normal tommorow.
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just catching up reading after being away from the computer for a few days. DH is out of town again and I've been super busy. I threw out my back over the weekend and am in so much pain. It is slowly getting better but its hard to keep up with the kids and the house and not having any break at all with DH gone. He'll be home Friday and I can't wait! He'll be coming home to a disaster of a house though.

I seriously need to get in a routine of doing back/ab exercises EVERY DAY!!! I'm also going to see a Rolfer who is going to be coming to town soon. Ughh! I hate back problems.

We have had gorgeous weather this week though which has been such a nice change. Yesterday was sunny and 60! Love it! A good friend dropped off dinner for me yesterday too since he knew DH is out of town. So nice!

Glad I read about the tylenol recall. Fiona has been teething with these same 4 teeth for over a month now. 3 ofthe 4 have just broken through the skin but she's a cranky pants. She does well with the chamomillia too but we are out and I have to order some. Regular hylands teething tablets don't help quite as well.
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hold your babies close ...

We were at a local cafe this morning and I saw a mama friend that I know from the neighbourhood. Our kids play together a lot. I asked where her little ones were, and she said her daughter was playing in the toy area. "And your little guy?"

She told me that he passed away on Sunday. Twenty months old.

He and Esmé were just playing together in the sand box last week! He'd been ill with cancer when he was smaller, but was thought to be in remission. He fell sick quite suddenly and they found that it had spread all over his brain. He died in his mama's arms, with his big sister and papa at his side.

Rest in peace, mister muddy pants.

Today I am celebrating the sleepless nights, the teething troubles, the nipple bites, the tantrums, the aches and pains of parenting this little girl who I love so very, very much. Hold onto your babies extra tight today, mamas, and give them a big heart hug on behalf of Esmé's little buddy.
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Wow Starling! That brought tears to my eyes. I am so so sorry to hear about the poor darling. Your post really puts everything into persepctive!! Thank you. I'm not going to stress so much about the not going to sleep or waking up or crankiness - I'm just going to be thankful to be experiencing any of it!

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Thanks for the reminder that I have two healthy loving wonderful amazing kiddos...even when they make me crazy...your friends family is in my thoughts.
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Oh Starling, how incredibly sad. I can't even imagine... I will definitely be holding my boy close tonight. And, yes, thank you for the reminder of how wonderful it is to have a healthy baby. I will be thinking of that poor little boy and his family tonight
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Oh that just made me cry. I'm holding my girl close and thanking God for a healthy baby. I can't even imagine the pain they must be going through. My prayers are with your friends.
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