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Cindy that's such good news!!!!

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Hi all ... I dropped the MDC ball there for a while, sorry. 

Wonderful news, Cindy!  I'm so thrilled that your little babe looks good and happy in there. 

Kate, I did see that thread ... thanks for the link to remind me to look at it every now and again.  It's true, labouring for so long and then having  c-section does stick with you in a unique way.  I'd get rid of the Barbie. 

Mal, congrats on the school!

Erin ... Has K forgotten his deluge of shots already?  I hope so.

Vax ... We do the traditional schedule here, with much inner conflict on my behalf.  I think it's one of the biggest going concerns as a parent. 

Ever ... We're waiting for swim lesson sign-up too!  Fun!  E swims all the time, but recently has not wanted to go under water anymore, for some unknown reason (nothing traumatic happened).  I kind of wonder if that's going to hold her back with lessons?

Courtney ... How's your wee C-girl?  Rolling and shoving and pushing?

Nilla ... I hope your family all feels better soon! 

Sue ... When is the allergy appointment?  Hope it goes as well as it can! 


I'll try to keep up from here.  Our computer is not aging gracefully, and I end up reading on my phone, but I don't like to post from it.

I turned 37 last week, with a lovely GF-pizza party with family and friends.  H started rolling.  We're all sick with cold #47, or so it feels. 

We've been trucking around to Science World, the aquarium, homelearners playgroups, parks, errands, etc.  Feels like I'm back in the groove after my H babymoon!  That means it's probably time to start writing again.  And going to the gym.  Got to get on that!  I don't fit into any of my spring or summer clothes!  It's rather depressing. 

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Good to hear from you Starling, sounds like things are going well! 


Cindy, Great, great news!! And I hope all goes well with M.


Owyn's birthday is this Thursday. Leap Day is getting in the way of my reminiscing! Today is the day my water broke with her, but I have this pesky non-day in between today and her birthday. We should just celebrate her for two days, right? She isn't feeling well today. Last night she complained of her ear hurting. DH was with her while I was at book club with Greta, so he gave her some Tylenol and she went to bed fine, slept all night with no complaint. This morning, she woke up crabby and very quickly started running a fever. Normally, I'd wait it out for today and see if it just runs its course, but DH's vacation time is gone and I have to work tomorrow,  plus her birthday is this week so I really don't want her to be sick on her birthday. So, I went ahead and made her a doc appt for this afternoon. Poor girl has been laying around on the couch all day. She's sleeping a lot and asking for Wonder Pets when she's awake. She won't eat, so I've hesitated to give her anymore medicine. Her fever is hovering around 101.5, so as long as it doesn't get too high I'm okay with not giving her anything... Hopefully she's better by morning, we can't afford anymore time off! DH gets more vacation time next month, so we just have to make it until then.


If she's feeling better on her birthday, I had planned to make a trip into the city to get some last minute things for her party and let her pick a treat for her day. I was going to take her into a girly store and let her pick out some new hair stuff. She loooooves hair stuff-- bows, headbands, frilly ponytail holders, all of it. She is still asking for earrings, so yesterday we had a talk about that. I explained to her that it would be like getting a shot and they would put needles in her ears to make holes for the earrings. I told her it would hurt for a second and we looked at a youtube video. She still insisted she wanted to do it! I thought for sure that would steer her away. So, the store I was going to take her to does ear piercings. I'll see what she thinks about it once we're there and if she's still up for we'll do it. If not, we'll just do my original plan with the hair stuff and maybe get some stick on earrings.

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Cindy - Yay!  I'm so glad everything's going well.  That is a lot of shots!  So much work already for that tiny peanut of a babe.  :)


Mal - hope Owyn's feeling better for her birthday.  How do you think your parents would be to live with?  We have dh's mom as a next-door-neighbor, and my mom sometimes comes up and stays in her "grandma yurt" for months at a time.  And it's super awesome.  They're very easy-going people, and sharing childcare is wonderful.  We wouldn't have been able to afford to get all set up here w/o a loan if we hadn't bought in on my mother-in-law's land (she has 3 acres).  But I'm so glad it worked out this way, and now we never want to move.


Starling - Happy birthday!  Sounds like you guys have been busy.  Science world and the aquarium sound like fun.  I'm a little jealous - I bet Katmai would love to see something like that. 


Sometimes I wonder about what effect (if any) all our very different lives will have on the kids.  Spending hours in the woods  vs. going to an aquarium, meeting new people all the time vs. rarely running across anyone who doesn't already know who you are, etc...  I don't think any of those ways is bad - I just wonder how it will shape the people they eventually grow up to be.


School - I'm torn about the whole idea of school, really.  Conceptually, I hate the standardization, busywork, mind-numbing aspects that I remember from school.  And I have no interest in giving up our expeditions or making them fit the school calendar.  But with 50 kids (total K-12), the school here will notice (funding wise and playmate wise) if my 2 kids go or not, and the smallness makes it much more personalized.  And it's a pillar of the community I'd like to support.  K is loving headstart right now, which he can do for 2 years after this, then it would be straight into a K-5 classroom.  I think we'll just play it by ear.


Speaking of school, I'm looking at the wind and snow outside and debating whether I should pick K up by bike today (much faster and more convenient, but biking uphill in fresh snow with 2 kids in the trailer can be nearly impossible if the plow doesn't get there before me), or walk in and pull a sled (which I can do in any conditions, but it's slower, and K might complain about the wind).  It's great exercise either way, but sometimes being car-free in the winter can be a bit inconvenient!

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Erin: Ahhh I feel so lazy after reading your post! :-) I need to get off my butt more lately. LOL.


Starling: Happy birthday! A pizza party sounds so fun. Happy to see you back.


Mal: I'm sorry Owyn is sick. I hope she's better in time for her birthday! This was the 1st yr M wasn't sick on her birthday. That is funny about the extra day in between. LOL. I'm surprised O still wants her ears pierced after your description - she must really want it done!


I forgot to mention that my crazy chicken is laying again. We're getting 4 eggs/day some days (we have 4 hens). I'm glad she is laying again - her eggs are super jumbo - way bigger than the rest. But now we have more eggs than we know what to do with! Time to start trading them for things from people's gardens.



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Hi guys! We are back from Anchorage. Fiona did awesome at the allergy appointment. She did cry a bit but it was over fast. Then we just had to distract her to keep her from trying to scratch her back. Turns out she is allergic to garlic and rye! Garlic is in so many things! So that was really interesting and not something I would have ever thought to take out of her diet on our own. Rye she hasn't had in years since going gluten free. Because of her symptoms and the fact that we have seen improvement in taking wheat out (and other gluten) and she's had reactions when I've eaten it while she was breastfeeding a lot he wants us to do a test for Celiac's as well. The plan is to see how she does garlic free for a few weeks and then introduce wheat back in. She needs to have it as part of her diet for a few weeks for us to get an accurate result from the Celiac test. We'll do a blood draw for that. Overall I feel good about having figured some things out but I'm still nervous about the Celiac thing. Honestly, I've suspected Celiac's for a very long time though.


Our friends were there staying at the same place as us which was awesome. They had there new baby Friday night and we arrived Sunday. This was her second VBAC- an hour and a half labor. The Dr didn't make it to the room and her DH caught the baby. Pretty cool! They are doing great. There older boys are 2.5 and 5 and F loved playing with them. She called them "my boys." We went to a carnival- nothing like riding carney rides int he snow! She loved the ferris wheel! She'd never done rides before. We also went to a bouncy house with them and it was a hit.


Unfortunely, she woke up with a fever this morning and threw up all over the couch and me and herself. Yuck. Poor baby. She's dozing on the couch now. Hoping this passes quickly and that M doesn't get it.


I've read to catch up on everyone. Hope you are all well! Cindy, so glad the 2nd U/S went well and you are almost done with shots!



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Sue - That's good you have some answers!  Garlic is such an odd allergy, kind of a pain too..  Maybe it's something she will grow out of as she gets older?  I hope she is feeling better!


Cindy - I'm glad everything is progressing as it should!  Yay!!  It will be nice to be done those shots I'm sure!


Erin - Wow!  You are one busy mama!  I also understand your concerns about school.  I have them too.  R will have to go to regular old public school but I will be one of those annoying moms complaining about too much homework to the teachers :P  I just feel that school work should be done at school and after school is time for family and other important life lessons :)  


Mal - I hope Owyn is feeling better so she can have an awesome day tomorrow :) 


Starling - Happy Belated Birthday!!!  Sounds like you're getting out and doing lots of fun stuff with the little ones!  I wish we had an aquarium somewhere, that would be fun!


AFM - 2 midterms tomorrow and then I'm done.  Can't wait!  And tonight I'm taking R and my cousin's 3 year old to see BUSYTOWN!  It's at our theatre here tonight.  Front row tickets!  I hope the two of them enjoy it and don't want to leave half way through..  It's just me taking the 2 of them so I'm a bit anxious about how it will go.  But it should be fun :)

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Sue-- So glad you got some answers! Garlic will be an interesting one, it really is in a ton of things! Sounds like you guys made a fun trip out of it too. Hope F is feeling better very soon. When Owyn got sick, I was so worried about Greta getting it. She was *knock on wood* the only one in the house that stayed healthy though!


Owyn seems to be feeling better today. Last night was rough, but mostly because she slept so much during the day. She just wasn't that tired. I found her sleeping on her little Dora couch in her room this morning. I have no idea when that happened! DH has no more paid time off until next month and I have none, so her baby sitter was okay with taking her today. Lucky my kids are the only ones she has. I hated leaving her though and was prepared to leave work early if she was having a bad day. She hasn't had a fever anymore though and her sitter says she's been in good spirits all day. So excited she's feeling better so we can have a good day for her birthday! We have party shopping to do and when we get home I have to get treats ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday with my preschoolers. We're making Lorax cupcakes and reading "Are You My Mother" then cutting out magazine pictures of mothers and their babies to make a collage.


Someone remind me that infant sleep does get better... This 4 month sleep regression is kicking my butt. I ordered a woombie for Greta yesterday and I'm really hoping it helps. Swaddling is useless anymore!

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Cindy, jumpers.gif  Yay for a healthy babe!  Are you anxious about stopping the progesterone?  I love to think that this will become a regular old pregnancy for you shortly!  And good news about your hen, too!  As for M, do you think they would try occupational therapy first?  Just thinking it might help, in addition to the stretches, in case its just a sort of habit for her.  So good that you have a pedi that you like.

Sue, glad the trip went well.  Who would have thought of garlic?!  I really hope that's all it is.  And I hope the two weeks back on gluten aren't too awful for either of you.  Love the VBAC story, too.  I want one exactly like that!

Mal, that would be weird to have an extra day thrown in there!  I hope Owyn has a wonderful birthday, and that all of the yuckiness disappears tonight.  I agree about the fever, she's probably fine without medicine.  Any time Aubs has a fever, DH wants to give her Tylenol right away.  If she's below 101ish I'd rather let her body do its own thing....but he doesn't like to see anyone "suffer."  So we usually compromise by waiting until later in the evening, so that the Tylenol will help her sleep better. 


Ever and Erin, I've got a bit of school anxiety too.  It seems like everyone in my life lately home schools, but I really don't think I'm up to it alone.  I don't know what we're going to do, because I will definitely have to go back to work for at least a few more years, and Aubs LOVES "school" right now, so I would hate to take her out of that setting entirely.  For now, I'm happy enough with the daycare she's in (convenience, price, care, flexibility) but I think we'll make a change if/when she goes full time when I go back to work.  Sometimes I'm not sure that there's really a "right" decision--we just do our best to choose among the options we have.


Re. vaxes, Aubs is definitely behind.  And not even in an orderly scheduled way anymore. I haven't gotten her any since I've been pg because I'm afraid of shedding and its a good excuse not to deal with it.  She had a couple DTap, an IPV, and one MMR, but it's been nearly a year since she's had anything.  I worried a lot that it would aggravate some of her weird behaviors at the time, but now I've just been lazy.  Erin, don't feel bad.  K won't remember it. 

Starling, glad you had a good birthday.  Sounds like you're having lots of adventures with the littles!  I wish we were more adventurous. We definitely don't get out enough.


As for me, everything is mostly the same. I have an OB appt tomorrow (my first with an OB this pregnancy) to get official "approval" for my VBAC.  I'm somewhere around 34/35 weeks I think...I can't keep track because my "real" EDD and my EDD according to the health care providers are a few days apart.  Starting to nest hard and hoping that the energy will stick with me for the next few weeks.  This weekend we're going up near my parents for my cousin's kid's first birthday.  They live near my parents, so i should get a little free time.  The next weekend is free, the weekend after that is another trip up north for a friend's baby shower, and then I'm going to sit on my rear and wait for this baby to arrive.  Courtney, Nilla, Erin, Sue, Mal, Starling--were your second pregnancies about the same length as your first?  I don't want an early baby, but I can't help but think that 39 weeks instead of 40 would be fine!



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Kate: My pregnancies were very different from each other in general. But no, I went 4 days overdue with Owyn and Greta came 4 days before my due date. I was totally not expecting her to come before 40 weeks hit.


Well, I spoke too soon. Right after my last message, Owyn's fever spiked back up and she passed out for the night at 7:15, unheard of! Her sleep last night was really crappy so I know she was really tired today. I'm hoping passing out early and getting a good, long night of sleep will have her back to herself in the morning. When I changed her into her PJs (after falling asleep), I did manage to get some Tylenol in her just to help her get some good sleep. Here's hoping she's well by morning, I hate seeing her feel so crappy!

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Mal ... Has she got all her molars?  E has one coming in right now, and it's given her a fever and made an ordinary cold a Very Big Deal.  She keeps coughing until she barfs, poor thing.  I hope O feels better for her birthday! 


Kate ... E came two weeks early, and H came a week early (although thinking back on it, I don't think he was ready and when the MW stripped my membranes, I think that lead to the c-section, but that's a whole 'nother story).  I hope you don't end up waaaaay pregnant!  I think 38 sounds good. 


Sue ... GARLIC!  Ack, no!  A life without GARLIC?  What a sad, sad thing.  But I'm glad that the testing went well and that you all had a good time with friends!  Good luck with re-introducing gluten! 


Erin, Ever and Kate ... I think public schools need more mama bears like yourselves!  That way, perhaps there will be some change for all the kids, and not just your children, who are so blessed to have such powerful advocates at home. 

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Kate: I was 10 days over with my first and 7 days over with my second. Both were cesareans but the second was a (quickly) planned cesarean due to baby distress. I went in and out of false labour for weeks. I think I would have gone earlier if she wasn't distressed. 


Mal My fingers are crossed Owyn wakes up with no fever and feels fabulous for her birthday. I hope the woombie helps you get some sleep. 


Ever I hope busytown was fun. 


Erin your life sounds amazing.


Kate - Everything's crossed for you to have a lovely healing VBAC. 

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Kate - I'll be the odd one out here.  K came 4 days late, then L came 15 days late!  I was expecting that the second one would be earlier too, and those last 11 days were awful.  I hope you're luckier, but I think it's better to let go of expectations.  My second labor was also longer, and in many ways harder (though pushing was faster), and the baby was over 2.5 pounds heavier.


Mal - hope Owyn feels better soon


Sue - I hope garlic is all it is.  I'd hate to give up garlic, though!  (though K hates it, so I use less than I used to)


As for school, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who worries about it.  But these kids are still so young.  I should probably just be happy he loves Headstart and not try to get too far ahead of myself.

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You're definitely not the only one, Erin. I have major concerns about putting Owyn into the public school system. There are good public schools out there but I know my local one is not one of them. I see what goes on over there and it's clear there are very few teachers who actually care about the students. It's a sad thing really. I know why it is... a small school system that can't afford to pay good teachers what they deserve so they end up leaving to teach in better school districts. I also think the way the public school system is set up it caters to kids who are competitive by nature. If you have a kid that's interested in learning but doesn't have a competitive drive to get the best grades, they'll likely get lost in the system. I've been watching my nephew this year, a 4h grader. A smart kid with no drive and he's just falling through the cracks. 


I mean, it is possible for kids to thrive in that system. It's just hard to know if your kid is one of them until they're there. As of now, I intend to enroll Owyn in public school but if I see her struggling I will do something about it. Still trying to figure out how to afford keeping her in Montessori! As of now, she could go there through middle school. I sure hope they expand even more...

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Mal: Happy birthday Owyn!! I hope she wakes up feeling better.


Sue: I'm glad you have some answers and a plan. Good luck with the changes! Have you noticed any sensitivities in M?


Kate: It's odd but a ton of my friends from M's playgroup have had 2nd babies over the last yr. And every single one of them went WAY overdue. Like at least a week late. And most of them were NOT that late with their 1st. I had always thought 2nd babies came earlier. M was 2 weeks early so I will have no idea what to expect this time around. 


RE: public schools. The schools are pretty decent where we are. That was important when we bought our house. They are definitely great through elementary and middle. The highschool has mixxed test scores, but that is bc it is the biggest in the state (4,000 kids!!!) and has a very diverse population. We pay insanely high property taxes in our community and a lot of that goes to funding any state/county budget shortfalls for our schools. So the class sizes are kept smaller and the schools offer tons of fantastic programs. So you can be wildly successful at the high school or  get in tons of trouble. We may move before highschool. Or I'll likely be working then so we could afford private school. 


I took M to a kids drop in art lab yesterday. There was an older girl there (7) who told me how she is home schooled. She went on and on about how it's the best school ever and she loves it. But then she told me she can't read yet and that she should probably be able to by her age - like she felt bad about it. And I felt bad for her too. I know some parents who homeschool/unschool don't push the reading - but it sounded like she really wanted to be able to - and I thought that was the cue to work on it? 


Anyway, I still toss around the homeschool idea. But mostly I think I might like to go back to work at least part time when the kids are both school age. For my sanity and so that we can afford to retire. We live in a very high cost area of the country and we are scraping by on 1 income - but not putting anything away. I used to make more than DH - not sure that would be the case after being out of the work force for so long. 


Can I just say - M nearly drove me insane yesterday! I was beyond tired and she just would not listen to anything I asked her to do/not do. UGH! I so hope today is a better day!


Oh and one last thing - M has slept in her own bed, in her own room for the last few nights. She doesn't ask to sleep in our bed. She does wake up like 3x/night and one of us goes in there and lays with her for a bit, I ask her if she wants to come into my bed and she says she wants to stay in her bed like a grown up! LOL. My back has felt so much better, having space to move around. It's wierd though bc we didn't push it or even really try to get her to. Not sure why she started sleeping in there all the sudden? 



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Kate: F was born the day before her due date and M was born 3 days before.


School: We are facing some major budget cuts for our schools here. They are either going to close one of the elementary schools which will crowd the others even more or cut specialty programs like art, math specialists, reading specialists. It does not look good and we don't plan to send the girls here. We still talk about homeschooling a lot but sometimes I do wonder if F and I would benefit from some time away from each other. She said she wants to go to school so she can pack a lunch! She wants me to come with her... :) If we move somewhere with better schools we will think about it. I do think that F would thrive in a Montessori setting and there are a lot of things about Waldorf that really appeal to me. Some parts of both bug me though.


Mal: Happy Birthday to Owyn! Sure hope she is feeling better today. I hate sick babies! Fiona had a pretty high fever yesterday for most of the day. (103.5) It would come down for a bit with tylenol and then creep back up a couple of hours later. She still feels sick this morning though her fever is quite a bit lower.


Starling: Sounds like you guys are up to lots of fun! Happy belated birthday to you! I'm really ready for Spring and getting back to 2 cars so that getting out of the house to kid events are less of a juggle. Snowing hard right now so it won't be any time soon!


Cindy: Awesome about M sleeping in her own bed! Maybe someday... F won't have anything to do with DH at bedtime or if she wakes in the night though so it would be all me getting up to deal with wake ups. Its so much easier with her in our room. I do look forward to the day we have our room back though!




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Happy Birthday to Owyn!!!


Mal - I hope she's feeling better today, poor girl!  I agree with your thoughts on public schools.  I really don't like all the grading and rewarding.  


AK - That's too bad your schools are having all those cuts.  It's not fair for the kids :(  Do you still have your plan to move south?


Cindy - Wow, that's a nice change for you!  I wonder if this will be permanent??  (For me I would be so sad if R wanted to sleep in his own bed.. But that's because I'd be left alone in a giant king-size.. And I like the snuggles :P) 

Oh, and R often drives me insane.. He NEVER listens to me :/


Kate - Ooooh it's going to be so SOON!  I hope your appt went well today :D  


AFM - Busytown was lots of fun!  The boys had a great time!  At one point they called for volunteers to go on stage and R wanted to go up so badly but they didn't see us putting our hands up (we were front and centre but they were looking over our heads into the rest of the audience).  R was really upset about that.  But other than that minor set back we had a great time!

AND, I had my last two midterms today so I'm DONE!  Now I just have 3 assignments to finish, and then exams in April.  It's all flying by!

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Well, Owyn woke up feeling much better for her birthday! A little sleepier than normal and she ended up napping which is rare, but no more fever and was in good spirits all day! So, we made our shopping trip and got everything for her party, then I took her out to lunch for pizza. We made it to the ear piercing place and on the way there she decided she didn't want earrings. So, I told her we'd just go pick out some new bows for her hair and she was happy with that. But once we got there, she changed her mind again and decided she did want earrings. She was climbing in the chair waiting for her earrings before I could even discuss it with her. And she was so excited. She sat up there so big and let the girl get her ears ready just giddy with excitement. Once she did it though, she did cry and I felt so bad for her! I could tell it really surprised her how much it hurt. But once it was over, she got a sucker and got to pick out some hair clips and a new necklace and she seemed to get over it pretty quickly. Now she tells me how pretty her earrings are, but she doesn't want to discuss getting them pierced! Now, to get ready for her party tomorrow!!

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Mal: Awww, Owyn was so brave! I'm sure she had no concept of how much it would hurt. But she handled it like a champ! I want pics of her with earrings!! Sounds like a lovely day! :-)


Everr: Yay for midterms being done! This really is flying by! Remind me - is this a 2 or 3 yr program? I'm glad enjoyed the show. I wonder if M would be overwhelmed in one. 


Well I definitely jinxed myself on the bed. Last night she wanted to sleep with us again. She said she only sleeps in her bed on Mondays. LOL! 


I think we may take M to see the Lorax movie this weekend. She has been seeing the huge billboards of the Lorax and getting excited. So I got the book from the library and we've read it a million time. It's actually a great story for talking about why we don't waste paper, etc. So we've had some good chats from it. And thankfully there is this great little independant theater I love that will be playing it. It's smaller and they have couches and tables with normal chairs for half the theater. They also serve food and drinks like pizza, nachos, beer, wine, etc. So we can go to a matinee and sit on a couch together. It's pretty short too - only an hour and 20 minutes. I think she's very excited to go to a movie in a theater.



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Cindy: Mondays are a good start! LOL! Your theater sounds awesome. I wonder if that movie will come here- I'll have to check. It would be fun to take her I think.


Mal: I want pictures too! What a brave girl! I fainted when I got my ears pierced when I was around 8 or 9! When do you guys hope to move?


Courtney and Kate: Can't believe those babies will be here so soon! Kate, do you have a name yet? I am so glad that we picked Maeve but I still think about the name Hazel and think we'll need another little girl so I can use that name!


Fiona is better and we are detoxing from all the TV she watched while lying on the couch for the last 2 days.


Moving: Yes! It's still the plan. DH kept saying he wanted to have some long term projects done here before leaving. His boss is sort of an ass and things have gotten worse so now he really wants to find a job right away!!!! He also doesn't want to spend another winter here. Our new goal is fall and I'm thrilled. We've rally been thinking pacific northwest but I'm trying to be open to other places too. We can probably get more land if we do that but I'm also trying to be realistic with my self. I've always lived near the ocean. We had 2 years in Idaho and Utah and it drove me crazy. I want to be open to new ideas and the adventure of it all though. I'm feeling desperate to get out of here and don't want that to cloud my judgement about where we would be truly happy. Any suggestions on awesome places to live ladies?


I just realized last night we have an entire bed of garlic planted in the garden waiting for the snow to melt to come up. Poor Fiona!



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