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I'll have to take a pic. I have one on my phone but can't figure out how to load it on here from my phone. I'll take one with my camera when I get home later today. She does look really cute with them in! She woke up crying this morning and when I got to her room I asked her what was wrong. She said "My flowers fell out!" Her earrings are flowers and she really thought they fell out and were on the floor. She kept peeking over the edge of the bed trying to find them. I had to take her hands and make her feel her ears to realize they were still in. Weird. I think it was a dream because she wasn't totally awake during all this.


Sue-- How exciting to be talking about moving so soon! I'd love to put our house on the market this spring, but realistically we will have a better chance of selling it for what we want if we wait and get these projects done. That's our goal for this summer. I'm hoping to put it on the market this fall before it gets too cold. DH says he'd like one more Christmas in our house, so we'll see. For sure by the end of the year, it's going up for sale. Then, it's just a matter of waiting until it sells. Hopefully that won't take too long, but you never know in this market. Our house is a small bungalow style which seems to be selling pretty well in our area. They're cheap and ours is well taken care of. DH and I just worked out a schedule of him getting regular time in the garage to get these things done. Hopefully that will make these projects go by faster. Although, this week didn't really work out with Owyn getting sick and her birthday being yesterday and her party this weekend... Starting next week!


I'd love to take Owyn to see The Lorax. If it were playing in town I might this weekend. Not sure if it is. I read The Lorax to my preschoolers today and brought in cupcakes that looked like Truffala trees. They had a lot of fun celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday today!

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Oh and one last thing - M has slept in her own bed, in her own room for the last few nights. She doesn't ask to sleep in our bed. She does wake up like 3x/night and one of us goes in there and lays with her for a bit, I ask her if she wants to come into my bed and she says she wants to stay in her bed like a grown up! LOL. My back has felt so much better, having space to move around. It's wierd though bc we didn't push it or even really try to get her to. Not sure why she started sleeping in there all the sudden?

That's exciting, even if she doesn't stay 100% of the time!  We told Aubs that once she was 3 she would sleep in her big girl bed (in our room) and if she wakes up she can say "mommy I need cuddles" and I'd go to her.  So after 3 weeks of trying to cram my big self into her toddler bed, we decided it would be better if she stayed in her bed until the sun comes up, and then she wakes mommy.  She feels very grown up waiting for the sun to come up.  Can't wait for the time to change so that I get an extra hour of darkness every morning!


Still no name for baby to be.  I think I'm going to make a list of 5 or 6 and let DH pick.  Forgot the library might have name books, so I'm going to check that out next week too.  My appt with the OB went surprisingly well--told me that they were cool with intermittent fetal monitoring in labor rather than continuous, which is better even than I expected.  Also commented that I haven't gained any weight for 4 weeks, but I think that's wrong--according to my scale it's been a pretty stead increase of ~1lb./week like they suggest.  So maybe their scales are just off.  Whatever, I'm eating, which is what matters.


Nilla, I somehow forgot you had a c-section.  Not that i would wish it on anyone, but it is good to be reminded that I wasn't the only one, if that makes sense.


The OB did mention that they weren't comfortable inducing a VBAC, but would do it.  She said I need to decide how overdue I would be comfortable going before doing "something" as these things need to be "scheduled" in the hospital.  I'm going to avoid thinking about that until 40 weeks, I think.    I can see doing a mild induction at 41+ if my cervix is favorable, but maybe planning a c-section for 42 weeks if its completely unfavorable.... I can always cancel, of course.  But I really am not going to think about that until I hit 40!


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Kate-- So glad to hear your plans for a VBAC are going well! 


I think Owyn is the last in the group to turn 3, right? Does this really mean we move onto the childhood years? That's just nuts! Although, I look at my big 3 year old and she is turning into a real kid right before my eyes!


Her bowling party is today and I should be making my grocery list to get stuff for her cakes and get to baking, but I'm procrastinating. I'm trying a new recipe and beginning to think I should have practiced it before today. Oh well, if it doesn't turn out I always have cupcakes to fall back on! 

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February '09 Mamas ~ Childhood Chat :)  


Our new thread is at the link below!  Woohoo!!





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Catching up is overwhelming, I'm about 30 posts behind, but I am going to try.

Starling- Coraline is doing well, I had my mother blessing yesterday and they henna'd my belly and she just loved all the attention, she was rolling and kicking and just in general making the henna process a bit herder for those decorating my belly. LOL




as for old computers, do they ever die gracefully?   I simply love seeing th pics you post of E and H. And Happy Birthday to you, sounds like a nice day.

Erin- i read my husband the debate of bike over walking in the snow and he once again reiterated why he likes Florida so much. As for school, I struggle with this question often.  Florida has some of the worst public schools in the nation. There are a few decent options you can possibly get into via lottery but none of them are even close to as good as the private school we have them in. It does make it tough because we trade work for their schooling and Hubs often doesn't make it home for dinner with us because of that. Every once in a while we tour a public school and we are reminded why it is worth it. The kids are so far beyond what they are doing in public school and we don't think they would properly accomadate them, their private school has different teachers for each class, their is a lot of outside time and they teach them to learn not to take some test. It's like homeschooling in a very small school environment.  Your public school sounds pretty nice though and if we lived somehwere else I might be more willing to consider public school.


Cindy- so happy for a nice healthy babe and for laying chickens!! Your movie theater sounds awesome.  I have hear dpeopel say the Lorax is good but I have hated the other dr.suess books made into full length movies, although I almost want to go anyway because of the repubs saying it's a brainwashing movie put out by liberals. Haha, alas we can not afford to go to the movies.



Sue _ I saw the garlic thing on facebook, totally a strange allergy. as for moving my dream is the pacific northwest, too bad that my husband will probably stay in florida forever,





Everr- yeah for midterms finished!!





Mal sorry she's feeling crappy..and yes sleeps get better!! Oh and happy birthday to owyn, very cool she did so well with the ear piercing.


Kate- My kids vax schedules are all crazy too.

as for baby timing-

Jewel-40 w 2 days

Josie-41 w 3 days

Junie-40 w 1 day




(okay now to respond to the next page of stuff.)


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Courtney: So close!! Your tummy turned out absolutely beautiful! :-) How fun! 

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