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I haven't bought anything for Royce for Easter, we will be spending the weekend with my Mom and that side of the family. I wanted to put together a basket for Royce but I just can't think of anything for it (that he actually needs rather than just stuff). Maybe I'll find something this week.

As for 'No'. Royce will sometimes listen, but it depends on his mood. And it depends on how serious it is (and therefore how serious I am with my 'NO'). Sometimes he just laughs and keeps going other times he will start to cry (and sometimes it's a fake cry for just a second before he finds something else to get into ). He has recently learned to shake his head for no which is really handy! I am also trying to rephrase things so I'm not saying 'no' all the time

We have no signing or talking here! He points to things and can communicate his needs for the most part. But I wish he would start to sign!

Royce can definitely be clingy. He likes to be held and carried. At playgroup he stays by me for quite a while before he will venture off and then he will have to check back in with me all the time. But he isn't really shy, he loves to smile at people and meet new people - just all from the safety of my arms
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We're sort of using signing as a bridge to talking, I think. Aubs doesn't say much, so it's either read her mind or wait for her to have a meltdown. So "food" and "more" and "boobies" and "up" have become a way for us to teach her that she can show us what she wants instead of losing it. Talking would be much better though!

ETA: easter basket will have new spoons it. That's all that I've gotten so far.
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yes, we've dealt with biting here though we seem to be over it for now. I very firmly said no biting, put her down and walked away. One day I was so frustrated that I cried. She hasn't bit since then. DH pointed out how sad she made me and she came up to give me hugs and kisses. So far so good since then though I'm still a bit on guard since then. It seems to come with intense teething and she has her canines coming soon so we'll see how it goes.

Fiona cries with corrections and "no" also. It's like her heart is broken when we tell her she can't play with the outlet. Poor girl. I too try to rephrase to the positive as much as possible.

She wants to walk around a lot. I tried to take her to church yesterday. She spent the entire mass trying to run up to the alter. Not much praying happening for me so I just left. We are having fun tromping around the yard and "hiking" on the trails. She starts out walking and then ends up in the ergo. We are loving that!

We are doing a pretty good mix of signing and talking. She's starting to put words together like more turkey and nu-nu please. Sometimes its a sign and a word or just words.

Her Easter basket will have a few egg shakers, a board book about spring, and a wooden cell phone.
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easter baskets ... I'm hoping to find some play silks (if not, then I'll hit the thrift store for some old scarves, which she loves). And maybe I'll put my old bunny dish in there from when I was a babe. It's at my mom's. We're having dinner at our house, so that should be fun for her.
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starling You can check this site out. http://www.dharmatrading.com/
You can buy undyed silks for really cheap and find all kinds of ways to dye them online. A friend of mine dyed some for us with Kool-Aid and they came out gorgeous. May not be able to do it by Easter, but could be a fun project in the future.
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easter baskets- spring baskets anyways. My older girls are getting chocolate bunnies and peeps and malt eggs, Junes is just getting a small chcolate bunny.
Then i need/want to get them each a small toy. There isn't time to ship what i wanted to get them, but dh thinks we shouldn't celebrate spring b/c it's a hallmark holiday so he was dragging his feet on getting the money to me. which i am annoyed about b/c i wanted to expose Christmas and he wouldn't let me. I plan on heading to the craft store and getting the oldest a crochet book w/ needles, the 4 year old an easy sewing book and supplies, and for the baby?? I have no freaking clue.

so Junie has decided sheis big enough to climb the ladder that curves at the playground. I am going to bring a friend to video it for me. it's insane. fearless kids are exhausting and I have 3 of them.

for those of you w/ kids that laugh at no, that is my oldest, have fun w/ it. I just remind myself that these personality traits while hard to parent will serve them well as adults. Therefor you don't want to crush the behavior just help them learn to work w/ it and w/ other people
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Originally Posted by Thursday Girl View Post
for those of you w/ kids that laugh at no, that is my oldest, have fun w/ it. I just remind myself that these personality traits while hard to parent will serve them well as adults. Therefor you don't want to crush the behavior just help them learn to work w/ it and w/ other people
This is great and so true! Thanks!

So Starling... can you share a 101 of what you are doing with EC/potty learning. I just don't know where to begin but would love to get a potty, introduce it, etc...
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Originally Posted by AKislandgirl View Post
This is great and so true! Thanks!

So Starling... can you share a 101 of what you are doing with EC/potty learning. I just don't know where to begin but would love to get a potty, introduce it, etc...
We're super low key about it ... before we took the potty out, we would let her know when she was peeing, or pooping whenever we 'caught' her at it (whenever she was nakey bum for pee, or when she was obviously pooping) and gave her words for it. (We also do a 'cue' for pee ... kind of a "Sssss" sound.)
After a while, she started to tell us when she was doing either. Poop, fairly consistently, pee only when she was nakey bum.
So then we took out the potty and placed it in front of the loo and would model for her. That might not suit everyone, but it works for us.
The first day, she put the potty on her head, stuck her foot in it, tucked her socks in there, all of which I ignored. When she sat on it, I made a big deal of it.
Then at diaper changes, I'd ask if she wanted to go potty. She'd sit on it, but not for long, so we introduced books.
Now she sits for a few minutes while we read a story book, and I invite her to pee or poo, and sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't.
About fifty-fifty right now.
I'd like to put her in training pants when we're home, but I don't know where to get little ones. I don't want to let her go nakey bum all the time being that we do have some carpet.
We're in NO hurry whatsoever, but it's nice to get started. I figure we'll be in diapers for a looooong while still.

For those of you who CD ... we're going to Costa Rica for two weeks in May. Have any of you travelled with CD? We'll be staying at my Auntie and Uncles and they have laundry, but we will be doing a few overnights away while we're there. Not sure if we should do CD while we're away or go 'sposie.
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Starling: 2 weeks in costa rica? Awesome! I have only ever done sposies when traveling. Mostly it's a space issue. You have to haul so much stuff for a baby as it is, I couldn't imagine bringing my whole stash. Plus it ends up being nice to have a break from the extra laundry. You may consider just bringing some diapers for a night since those stay on the longest. That is what my SIL does.

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Thanks for that info Starling! I'm thinking of getting al little potty now. Trying to decide between the big and little versions of the baby bjorn. I'm guessing if you searched around on hyena cart you could find some small trainers. Also if you post on diaper swappers you could probably get a lot of suggestions for WAHM trainers.

As for traveling with diapers. I've done it. While we were camping I used sposies and hated them but have used our cloth for trips with handy laundry. It can be a bit bulky in the carryon for sure though. Now that we are out of the runny poop phase the sposies might not be so bad but when we used them before they didn't hold a single poop. I would hate to deal with that on a plane. For me its worth it to travel with cloth.
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We've always used sposies when we travel. I wouldn't mind the space issue or washing on vacation, but I feel weird putting diapers in someone else's washing machine. I'd ask the people you're staying with how they feel about it. Some people are squicked out by it.

We're going to a weekend long camping music festival over Memorial Day weekend. Camping, sposies seems like the obvious choice (no place to wash them). But it's a place where people are big on recycling and being friendly to our environment so I feel like we should do something more friendly than regular sposies. I'm trying to find something that is biodegradable for that trip.

Owyn went pee on the potty for the first time yesterday! She woke up dry so I went for it. I put her on the potty and turned on the sink (to stimulate that need to pee). And she went!! I sat her on it again this morning, but she was wet when she woke up so I don't think she needed to go. I think I'm going to buy a potty and start putting her on it at diaper change time. I'm not looking for any huge steps, but it'd be a good start. I went to a talk on EC one time and a lot of mamas said they started at one year because they noticed their babies were on a more regular schedule. If we could at least get rid of poopy diapers, that would be awesome!
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Go Owyn!

Thanks for the opinions on travelling with cloth. We'd probably bring Seventh Generations sposies from home, so the space in the suitcase is the same. Her poops are nice and solid, so not too messy. Still debating it.
Good point to ask the rellies if they'd mind the laundry! Thanks!
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I've travelled with both cloth and sposies and g diapers. If I have handy access to a laundry machine I go with the cloth every time. It's easier for me since it means no rash issues or blowouts or garbage. We are taking another trip to Banff this year. It's 10 days and there is laundry but it's not very easily accessible. I think I will just bring covers and the g diaper inserts. I just rinsed the covers in the sink at the hotel.

I've been bitten a few times if she's very eager or done. She always cries when I say ouch! gentle to Mama. She also always cries when I say No. It breaks her heart each and every time. Yesterday was deafening with both my son and Delia wailing at the top of their lungs. I had to get some ear plugs out.

I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend on Easter Sunday. I want to throw the shower but didn't exactly want to do it on that day. Her mom called and said "I waited and nobody stepped up to the plate so I'm calling you now to see if you'll help me with the shower". Meaning that I should have planned it earlier. I love my bf but not her family. I am working fulltime and the baby was in the hospital for a week with jaundice. So yeah there really hasn't been any time. But the next available weekend for me is May 8th. So I'm going to be very busy this weekend. I work Friday and Saturday so my dh has to do most of the cleaning, house and yard prep. I am freezing cupcakes today and will ice them on Sunday. I have to go out tonight to get Easter bunny stuff for my kids so I will pick up plates and napkins and a table cloth and an It's a boy banner. I hate buying disposable stuff like that but it's a necessary I guess. I bought stuff to decorate onesies and I have lots of scrapbooking stuff so I thought everyone could decorate a page and write a little message. I don't want to do many games but I'm going to use some stuffed animals and have races to put cloth dipes on.
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I have travelled with cloth, but all the places I've travelled to I had access to a washer/dryer. And I've always travelled in my own vehicle, so no need to pack light!

We have been doing very very part time EC pretty much since birth. I don't worry about it when I travel, but at home I can catch almost all the poops. I don't do well at all at catching pees. Oh, I did actually catch a pee out in public once. We were out for the day and I went to change his diaper and it was dry, so I held him over the toilet and he peed! Very cool! I think I caught his first pee when he was about a week old, that was also very cool We use the Ikea potty, I really recommend it.
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cd and travel when we camp for a weekend we use cloth.
when we fly and stay at my IL's we use cloth while there (we asked if we could wash it at their house) but we use sposies on the plane.
when we fly to visit my sister we use sposies as she doesn't want us washing the dipes in her machine.
when we went on a road trip and only stayed in hotels we used sposies. I liek the g-siaper idea for that though.

we went to busch gardens today and saw a live sesame street performance. Junie LOVED the characters, afterwords we got to meet them. She was so so excited to say hello, especially to abby cadabby. She has never seen the show but we have read a few of the sesame street books to her. I want to read some more to her now. Maybe I'll start w/ elmo and prairie dawns "no more diapers" LOL. I have been thinking about introducing the potty, i like these EC tips.

oh and i wanted to share a climbing photo w/ you all. This happens often. I am almost to the point where I am just going to lay the chairs down.
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Courtney, I love that picture! What a little dare devil you have. I'm so glad that Fiona isn't a climber. I remember that I'd go to my sisters place and all of the chairs would be on the table so my nephew couldn't climb them!

So it's looking like Fiona has a dairy allergy. At least we think that's what it is. She's had problems with constipation for several months now that we are pretty certain is connected to eating dairy so we backed off quite a bit on giving her anything. Now she has a rash on her face that has been there for nearly 3 weeks. I talked to our Dr yesterday (babysat for her actually) and she said its leaning toward the allergy. So starting today Fiona and I are both off of dairy for a few weeks to see how she does. We'll test it after that. I have soy milk in my coffee this morning...its just not cutting it! I'm a dairy lovin' Mama! AGH! I do hope that it is dairy though because then we'll know and it is fairly easy to eliminate from our diets. She said if the dairy is not it the next thing to try would be gluten. Yikes, that is in so many things! Anyone else dealing with allergies?
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AKislandgirl: soy milk in coffee is blech! But soy creamer is yummy! Much thicker. There are also coconut milk creamers on the market. I like Trader Joe's soy creamer. I feel for you giving up the dairy. I used to be vegan until pregnancy and I have not been able to go back 100%.

Makenna has tooth #5 coming in - and is sooo clingy and not sleeping well. She just napped for only 20 minutes! Poor baby!

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Courtney, such a cute pic. I find Owyn in the same places pretty frequently, looks like we both have daredevils! Owyn is just not afraid of anything and it takes several falls to learn her lesson. She learned the hard way a few times with stairs and is finally more cautious with them. She still won't scoot down on her bottom, but she will find something to hold onto so she can go down.

We haven't had any allergies here that I know of. She will occasionally break out with a flaming red diaper rash that leaves sores on her bottom (not yeast, but little blister type sores). It's very infrequent, but I'm trying to pay attention to what she eats that may be causing that... Not sure yet... I don't think I could live without dairy, so we've been very lucky on that front.

My MIL just showed up with two big shopping bags full of spring clothes she bought for Owyn! She overheard DH and I talking about how we needed to look at the budget because we don't have hardly any spring/summer clothes for her, so she picked up a bunch of things for her. How great is that?!
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I'm glad Katmai's not a climber yet. Of course, if he does find himself in a high place he doesn't know how to get down either. He is finally a toddler though! Walking more than crawling now.

More so than walking, he's working on using his hands, slowly perfecting his overhand throw.

We use gDiapers all the time, and they're pretty handy for traveling too. Haven't tried any potty stuff yet, but he does keep his diaper dry for much longer these days and I usually know when he's pooping, so maybe worth a try.

Katmai's still picking up a new sign every day or so, and a few words as well. It's amazing to see what a difference a few weeks makes. A month ago I worried he wouldn't ever talk or sign back.
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We woke up buried in snow! Well about 6-7 inches at least. Happy Spring! Good Grief.

This morning we are heading to a playdate/coffee time at a friends house. I think that there might be 3-4 moms coming. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this! I certainly need to do it more often.

I found soy creamer! Still not loving it but much better then soy milk. Thanks for that tip Cindy! Easter is going to be challenging. I guess I'll just have to eat more bacon!
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