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my daughter Annelise is born!

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I know this group values natural birth and so I feel a little uncomfortable about my planned cesarian, but nevertheless my girl is here. 7lbs 10oz, with apgars of 9 and 10 and a thick head of dark hair. She's a ferociously good feeder, and now that my 2 year old has discovered that someone has turned the milk supply back on I'm going to just give up on shirts and wear babies...somebody is at the breast almost constantly!

The hospital stay was a disaster though. It terrifies me to put my daughter's welfare in the hands of such total bumblers as I found there. It was the most stressful hospital experience of my life, including the ten weeks I once spent in traction! I had disagreements or outright arguments with 6 midwives, 2 pediatricians, and a photographer by the time I got out of there last night I am sooo stressed!

But anyway, my long-awaited girl is here, and we're home, oh so glad to be home!
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Sorry about such an annoying hospital stay, but glad you're enjoying your wonderful new girl. Yea! Congrats!
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Glad you are home and away from the hospital! Congrats and I REALLY love that name-in fact all the sudden I'm like- "Hmmmm...Annelise..."
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hooray for you! glad your baby is doing well despite your stressful hospital stay. welcome home and happy babymoon!
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Congrats on your baby girl and glad you are HOME!

I think the novelty of the milk coming back does fade a bit...but it may take a little while.

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Congratulations on her arrival!!! Sorry the hospital stay was rough, but I hope that you are doing well recovering now that you are at home.

So happy for you!!!
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Congratulations! Sorry to hear about that rough experience in hospital. I am glad you are home, and both of you are doing well. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
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It is a strange oxymoron that the hospital really isn't a restful healing place - I'm sorry your experience was so stressful.

Enjoy your little one at home - CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Congratulations! I'm sorry you had a bad hospital stay, but the main thing is that you got a healthy baby.
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COngrats on her arrival, I'm so sorry you didn't get the peacful stay you so deserved!
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Conrats! I hope you have lots of help at home so you can get some peaceful rest.
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Congrats and welcome Annelise! And from one uber crunchy planned c-section birthing mama to another; try to be kind to yourself. Your birth is every bit as valid and should not be apologized for anymore than you would apologize for doing your best to work within the parameters of any physical challenge with respect to your parenting practices. We've all gotta play the cards that we're dealt. Ignorance is one thing, but having awareness coupled with genuine physical limitations is another (IMO). Now go nurse those babies!
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Congratulations on your sweet baby girl!! Enjoy your babymoon and get some rest now that you're at home sweet home
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Congratulations!!!! I love her name! And I'm glad you are back home where you are more comfortable.
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Congratulations! And good for you for putting your foot down. I'm having a scheduled c-section too - it's just as valid a birth as any other. You've gotta play the cards you are dealt.

Glad you and your little girl are home, and I hope your recovery is smooth and easy.
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Congrats! Sorry about the disastrous hospital stay though.
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Congrats! I love her name (it is on our short list)! I'm so sorry about your hospital stay. I totally understand what you are talking about. After the really horrible blunders that happened with ds2, I can never relax in the hospital when I have a baby. It is truely scary!
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Thanks everybody

We've decided on Annelise Elena (had some trouble with the middle name), Annelise meaning "graceful light" and Elena "light-bearer, shining one." I love her name

I feel bad about the cesarian because although I definitely have physical reasons for it, I allowed myself to be pushed into it with my first baby...if I had it to do over again with the assertiveness I didn't have ten years ago, I'd do it differently.

Carrie I wondered what your hospital botched with your ds? It really is scary. In my dd's chart they wrote down her weight wrong twice, making it seem she'd lost over 30% of her body weight in 3 days...I know that's not a huge deal as far as errors go but if they're careless with numbers what if they "oops" a prescription dose? Carelessness is so dangerous.
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You should never feel bad about having a C-section, though natural birth is great healthy mamas and healthy babies are the best. Birth is an amazing and powerful moment regardless of how and where it happens. So glad you are home now where you can relax and enjoy.
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